the worthlessness camp

Once Upon a Time...there was a dirty little camp, fringing on the outskirts of a dusty town. Muddy tent flaps waved in the stale wind. An intoxicating, damp and musty smell spread through the multitudes that lived in this camp. Those who traveled by the muddy camp could hardly stand such a violent stench. The only people used to this foul odor were the poor souls who dwelt there. {Read More}

We all dream of that one special guy we will spend the rest of our lives with. Someone who will bring you chamomile tea when you have a cold, hug you when you’re hurting, and always be there for you... {Read More!}

Why do we trick ourselves into thinking that the promise itself will fulfill us more than the One who fulfills the promises will? {Read More!

We've been given an incomparable invitation to follow Jesus. So what does it really mean to drop our nets, surrender it all, and follow the Leader? {Read More!}

back to school BOokshelf Picks :)

Autumn is here. Leaves are falling, the seasons are changing, and every store is loading up on pumpkin flavored products! Back to School notebooks are on sale, freshmen are nervously biting their nails, and it's time to get back into the rhythmic comforts of a daily routine... {Read More!}

Dove's Eyes
Has anyone ever called you a dove before? Eh, probably not. You may have been called, "Beautiful", "lovely", or "gorgeous", but never a bird nickname! {Read More!}

Blogging Tips: 5 Ideas to Take Your Blog to the Next Level!

Every great blogger knows that you can never have too many blogging tips! We're always looking for creative ways to grow our audience, pour out some extra love on our readers, and possibly even earn an additional income from our passionate hobby of writing on the web...{Read More!}

For Such a Time As This:
Understanding the Times and the Seasons

Time. As humans, we live within the restraint of deadlines, ticking clocks, and days that woosh by on the calendar. But God lives outside of time. He is eternal. He always was, always is and always will be. He had no beginning, and He has no end...
{Read More!}

The Woman at the Well: Like A Cascading Waterfall
They say that her name was Photina. Of course, it’s only a rumor. Maybe her name was Darcy. Or maybe it was Damaris. The Bible simply describes her as a Samaritan woman. The name Photina means light. But this woman’s past was shrouded with darkness. Wearing the name tag “Samaritan”, meant that she was a total outcast...
{Read More!}

Not Your Typical Magazine For Girls!

If you’ve been searching for a girls' magazine that is just as unique as you are, then you've found it!
Here's a peek at all the girl-power-packed, deliciously fun content that's yours to explore online!

Party Ideas For Your Next Sparkly Shindig!
Learn from a few of my cringe-worthy party mistakes, and make your next bash the best ever!
Party Ideas For Girls is sure to spark some new inspiration...even if you already are the party queen! After checking out these ideas, I'm sure you'll come up with a good reason to throw your next social event and make it spectacular.

Calling All Fashionistas!
If you have a flare for fashion, and love outfit ideas on websites like Pinterest, you'll flip for our Girls Fashion section! Seriously, what girl doesn't love fashion? 

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...
As girls, we spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Do you sometimes struggle to appreciate your beauty and self worth? We all do. Self image is an important topic for girls.

Though most magazines for girls never talk about Inner Beauty, that's what Crown of Beauty Magazine is all about! Every girl is a crown of beauty that sparkles and shines in her own dazzlingly unique way. You glitter from the inside out! So do what you you!

Boy Oh Boy!

Boys can be confusing creatures. Wouldn't some Boy Advice be a lifesaver every now and then? I think yes!

Become The Best Version Of...You!

Being a girl is all about learning to become the very best version of you! No one else has been given the same role as you. So speak your lines with confidence! Building Self Confidence and learning to be fearless is something that every girl should do! Why live your life small, afraid, and in a box?
Break out with those butterfly wings girl!

You can learn to become the very best version of yourself. One way to do that, is with Positive Thinking. It may sound a little chiche, "Change your mind and you change your life," but it's true! Our thoughts control our words, actions, habits, and ultimately our destiny! The amazing thing about our minds, is that you can choose your thoughts, just like you choose every morning what you are going to wear.

Shhh...Do You Wanna Know A Secret?
Did you know that there are undercover Christians in Hollywood? Just like secret agents, they are making huge waves for Christ! Whether you are Christian or not, this is an article that you're not going to want to miss!

prepare to embark on
a royal adventure...

our brand new book:
secrets of royalty
is here!

"Powerful, articulate, and captivating! Secrets of Royalty is a must read for every young woman who has ever felt as though she is worthless, unloved, hopeless, and less than." Read More!

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