The Beauty Issue

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past fifteen years of your life, or dwell on an Amish farm out in the hilly countryside, you've probably noticed the way in which the media has a special gift for making girls feel ugly and inadequate. 

Our premier magazine release,
The Beauty Issue, is jam-packed and full of spectacular content! Every article, interview, quiz, and fashion feature revolves around one topic...true beauty. 

Join your Christian sisters and discover what's going on behind-the-scenes in the modeling industry, Hollywood, the media, and cosmetic companies. Including articles and interviews with Jenny Simmons of Addison Road, Sarah Ross from Everlife, Rachel Lee Carter author of Modeling Christ, and Kylie Busitti, a former Victoria's Secret Model, who walked away from her glamorous career to obey God's call and be an example for girls everywhere!  

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Our Mission:
The heartbeat of our ministry is to remind girls where their true beauty and self worth lies, in Christ.
Growing up in a media-saturated culture that demands girls to measure up to a lofty standard of movie-star perfection is damaging to young girls and females of all ages. So many girls feel like they're ugly, and struggle with eating disorders and self harm activities such as cutting themselves. God's heart for His daughters is to bestow a crown of beauty upon them and invite them to see themselves through His eyes; as beautiful, stunning world changers.