Who am I?

I hope and pray that through crown of beauty I may strengthen my relationship and really come to find out who I am in Jesus. I tend to think i have an idea of who I am but when i really think about it, I find that i am someone who admires Hollywood and wants the glitz and glam. I see a lot of those celebrities who sadly will never experience and know the love of Christ because they all themselves to be dictated by the public. As I allow myself to let others make an assumption of who i am and i just go with that idea of who i am.

Truth is I with out Jesus I am a 24 year old woman who wants to be loved and be called beautiful who has the glitz and glam life. What scares me is who I can be in Jesus Christ.

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Sep 11, 2014
by: Ella

You said you let people make an assumption of who you are and then you go with that. I can. Totally. Relate to that!!!
I'm gonna come out and say it.
I am sooo not athletic. But I love to play community soccer. I feel awkward, and I think people think I'm awkward, so I act awkward. That is NOT how I want them to see me! I want to act like a princess, but somehow I just don't. I just don't. What can I do?

Sep 09, 2014
What is your name my sister in Christ?
by: Anonymous

I one-hundred percent agree with Livy!!!!

-Jessica :)

Sep 09, 2014
by: Livy

Sis, I can deff relate with that feeling. Hollywood has such a sparkly appeal to it. Sadly, there's so much deception in that glittery apple. We need to be praying for those young men and women, who live daily in that industry, modeling, acting, the music industry, etc.
Know that I am praying for you, too, as you continue with us on this journey, and I believe you WILL walk away from this training with a deeper understanding of Christ's love, and will know more about who you are in Him!
There is nothing frightening about who He has called you to be (well, except for to the enemy, it totally freaks him out hahaha) ... you are the apple of God's eye, shine like stars in the universe, more precious than diamonds, a Crown of Beauty in the Lord's hand, the delight of His heart, the light of the world, bold as a lion, fearless, full of love, brave, and free!
The more you step into that reality, the more you will feel at home and at ease. Less self-conscience, and more God-conscience! Because that is who He created you to be, and in your heart of hearts, you will settle right into that! :)

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