We live on a planet that's not merely tilted on an axis, but one that practically operates upside-down. 

In this day-an-age, it's taught that the louder you scream, the more you'll be heard; how much of the spotlight you have, how many hands applaud you--those things are equated to how known and appreciated you are. The number of compliments you receive, the amount of followers you have, how many likes is equivalent to how many hearts you know and in turn, how many hearts know you. We are told time and time again to surf tsunami-sized waves, because swimming simple ripples isn't enough. It's the norm to believe this system of mantras and ideas. 

Yet, there are those, though rare, who are like fish against the current of our culture. People who's soft but strong voices are hidden beneath the millions of megaphoned chants. Those who strive to seek truth and pursue peace; those who are what some might refer to as "contradictions," or the oil and water bunch. 

They are the Gentle Revolutionaries. 

They are those IN the world but not OF it. 

And today, I am so pleased to introduce you all to one.

Her name is Caity. Caity Alice. And she's a history-maker who you won't learn about in your history textbooks. 

She's a writer (or should I say scribbler?) who is both a dreamer and a realist; a kind but fierce soul.

Caity is the author of a recent book titled "Gentle Revolution." And in this interview, we both "sat down" to chat about her story and the story she wrote in response to it. 

I hope you all enjoy this brief glimpse into the life of a Gentle Revolutionary. And I also hope, as does Caity, that you might also become one, too. 

Revolutionize: verb. To change, radically. Synonyms: transform, shake up, turn upside down, restructure.

A harmless yet radical volley from the underrated arsenal of truth...

For those wandering, deceived, or afraid, seeking solutions in a world that has rejected the answer...

From a whimsical, sassy, loving point of view...

I offer you the fieldnotes of my revolution, gently...

So that together we might challenge the culture, as it tries to mandate which freedoms and beliefs are acceptable.

"A revolution not spoken is a revolution in theory only, and can be blown away by the simplest breath of comfort."

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What was your initial inspiration for the book? What sparked you into penning it?

"Short Story" time! 

I truly believe the Lord was writing Gentle Revolution before I ever got on board.

Almost three years ago I was brainstorming with a friend, trying to think up a title for the story they were writing, and these two words popped into my head along with the feeling that they held a personal purpose, though I had no desire or intention to write a book; I didn't share them then...I jotted them down on a scrap of paper...I absent-mindedly lettered them in a notebook...they came to mind often...They wouldn't leave me alone! Shortly after that a friend randomly told me that I needed to write a book, to which I insisted on having nothing worth sharing; but it did get my wheels turning as the idea started weighing on me as more than just an off-hand comment. Eventually I found myself with a purse-full of sticky notes, napkins, and receipt paper, all with thoughts that I had penned as they came to me at work, church, while running or driving or doing anything, all following a similar thought process and it hit me - maybe I AM supposed to write a book! Then came the all-too-common process of push and shove...not wanting to write it, knowing it would be controversial (though much needed), excuses about not having the time...then came the pandemic and all the time in the world. (Sorry y'all. ;)) The Lord had my full attention and I had a learning experience to last a lifetime; when God wants you to do something, He is well aware of your strengths and weaknesses and desires to use you in spite of - or because of - them (besides that, He is fully capable of adjusting both to better equip you, if He chooses to). The key is to not resist or doubt, but humbly surrender and watch in wonder as He does above and beyond what we could ask or think.

In short, the title and a few friends were my initial inspiration; but short answers are boring and backstories are community.

The title, “Gentle Revolution” almost seems contradictory. Most people wouldn’t automatically associate “Gentle” with “Revolution.” Why do you believe the two words are cohesive?

I love this question.

The words form a connection when we first set the stereotype of "revolution" aside -stop thinking soldiers, fighting, and mayhem- and look instead at the meaning, realizing that, by definition, to "revolutionize" is to change, alter, transform; in a radical, significant way. I believe that the greatest difference and most significant change is made when someone is willing to do the small, tedious, non-glorious things; those things that make people stop and take note, simply because someone didn't pass by but was actually willing to do what was needed, whether anyone knew it or not. When you consider that the thing that most impacts us and gets our attention when crazy, chaotic things are going on is that act of kindness done quietly behind the scenes for an individual, when someone speaks calmly and confidently while others yell, fears are rationalized with facts, and when time and talents are sacrificed in a world where self-centeredness is the norm, it is safe to say that the gentle things are the ones that indeed make a difference, (because they work from the inside out, rather than slap a metaphorical bandaid on an internal problem) and, when done consistently and authentically, I believe these can revolutionize our world. It starts out small, maybe just with that one person you spoke an encouraging word to or lovingly corrected when others left them to themselves, and expands in domino effect as others get a fire started within them to also help where help is truly needed: at a soul level; to stand up for and speak truth when confusion and deceit cause chaos and doubt.

When we revolutionize gently, we make much farther reaching waves than when we cannon-ball to make ourselves seen and heard in the biggest, loudest way possible, only to capsize the difference that could otherwise have been made on calmer waters.

In the beginning note of “Gentle Revolution,” you call yourself a scribbler, rather than an author. Why was it important for you to make that distinction for your readers right upfront?

Having already shared that writing a book was not on my radar, and knowing that I don't plan on writing another unless clearly directed and guided by the Lord, I don't consider myself an "author"=someone who writes books, rather someone who has thoughts and perspective to share out of a burdened love for those who are struggling in a culture directly produced by a fallen world; I went into GR wanting anyone who picked it up to feel like they were reading a note or having a conversation with a friend - someone who was dishing up hard truths because they care - full of personal touches (such as my love of french fries), imperfect punctuation, made up words and rambling sentences (although my book is only 162 pages, believe it or not. ;)) It was important to me to introduce myself - especially before sharing about topics that I knew many would have a defensive wall up against - as a relatable human, speaking up- while not claiming to be an expert- with conviction and passion, willing to say what needs to be said.

Being a "scribbler" is down to earth, quirky, and fits me more comfortably than trying to share from a verified author's mind vs the simple, "me to you", heartfelt style I hope is conveyed in the whimsical quips, sass, and real life tone and openness. My hope is that this approach is a gentle motivator that sparks a revolution in someone else who may be sitting on the edge of their seat with a desire to go for things, say things, and make a difference, but who may be held back by the perception that they must wait until they can say it in a way that the world would deem or label as worthy of notice. If you say it anyway, someone will hear it; if you do it anyway, someone will take note of it; and if you care, they will remember it.

You’re very forward about the fact that you hold unpopular opinions, and you do so unashamedly. Have you always been someone who’s held thoughts and ideas that don’t go with the flow of the world, and if so, have you unceasingly been bold about them?

I've always held opinions nurtured by convictions that went against the grain and thought about things in a different way than the world presents them or chooses to think - by the grace of God! I can't imagine looking at life any other way than through a lense and ringer of truth, just because it seems easier to go with the flow - and with that has come shaping and refining, because I certainly don't believe that arguing is the same as "bold"- or that debating is synonymous with exhorting- and the Lord has worked in me over time to find my niche and the most effective way to share these convictions in a way that honours Him and encourages others.

As an introvert, I'm grateful for certain aspects of technology as God has allowed it to be my platform to gently send out truth to a generation that has been brought up to ignore or drown it out when spoken, (though those gifted with saying it out loud and to the masses will certainly get through if that is how the Lord has chosen to use them!) to connect with individuals and tap the dominos in my circle of influence.

If you could narrow it down, what is the sole purpose of your book? What do you want to imprint your readers’ hearts with in the end?

The saying is so true that you won't change the world by acting like it... My hope and purpose in sharing GR is to challenge the culture and offer a solution that is not readily available to those caught up in it since to discover it doesn't aid or support society's agenda; for this reason finding and embracing it is revolutionary. When we throw aside cultural crutches and step into the niche God designed us with to make a difference, we will see not only our own lives filled with purpose and joy, but others start waking up to truth and leaving the world behind as we band together to spread the reality of God's love, grace, and forgiveness, at the same time debunking the fantasy that we can find lasting peace anywhere else.


Caity is a follower of Jesus Christ, an avid reader, and an INFJ. She has a passion for creative writing and for the truth that sets men free, and her desire is to use the one to further the other, lovingly sharing timeless truth with today's culture. She loves pasta, flea markets, and almost any type of coffee. Favourite animal: buffalo.

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