A Modest Maiden's Wardrobe:
JamieRose & Co. Edition

Welcome to A Modest Maiden's Wardrobe, the JamieRose and Co. Edition! 

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As a Christian woman, the struggle can be oh-so-real when it comes to finding modest, classy, affordable attire. 

No girl wants to go out and about wearing her Grandma's frocks (I mean, unless your Grandma has a SUPER cute closet, then you might want to borrow some of those retro items! :)), but dressing modestly doesn't mean we have to compromise on the cuteness factor! 

In fact, thanks to shops like Jamie Rose and Co. we can be just as stylish as our favorite, modest maidens. 

Which fabulous maidens might I be referring to? 

None other than the famous Disney darling's themselves: the classic, animated Disney Princesses! 

So what would a Disney Princess wear if she was shopping at Jamie Rose and Co.

Let's find out as we take a look into each of their closets! 


"With a dreamy far off look,
and her nose stuck in a book..."

What would Belle wear?

This Olive Front Button Dress definitely feels like something Belle would wear!
These softer, earthier tones seem like something she'd have hiding in her wardrobe.  
I love how casual the button down style feels.
I can totally envision Belle running errands in her little French town while sporting this fun dress! 


I LOVE the beautiful, ocean vibes coming from this Blue Maxi Dress!

Doesn't it feel like something Ariel would wear once she finally got onshore and got the hang of using her land-legs?

No doubt Prince Eric would enjoy taking his Princess on a long walk down the beach while she sported this darling dress! 

We all know that Ariel has a slight obsession with "thing-a-ma-bobs", so I think we can safely assume she'd grab a few treasures from Etsy to accessorize with! 


"To be safe you lose your chance of ever finding
what's around the river bend..." 

This sweet, knee-length, ruffled swing dress looks comfortable enough to wear on an adventure!  

I can totally envision Pocahontas embarking on a canoe ride, running through the forest, or caring for her wild animal friends in this dress painted with the colors of the wind. This blue grey shade was my personal favorite, but it also comes in plumb, and light mocha! 

Add a pair of feathered earrings, and some native-inspired bangles to complete the look!


You'll be the belle of the ball in this mint,
 Harper Maxi Dress!

One of my favorite things about Cinderella, is that no matter what situation or social environment she finds herself in, she's always kind and classy. 

For me, Cinderella really is the epitome of a modest maiden, and this dress exemplifies all of that so beautifully!  

I'm sure Cinderella's little mice friends would 100% approve of her darling outfit choice!


"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..."

I think I walked with this skirt once upon a dream, because I am absolutely IN LOVE! 

Everything about this pleated skirt is entirely enchanting! I feel like the little twirls that could take place in this beauty are strait out of a fairy-tale!

(And let's be honest, one is never too old for twirling around in her skirt!)  


This soft rose, comfy, oversized top looks like the perfect choice for Rapunzel to wear on her next adventure with Flynn!

Those ruffled sleeves are just darling enough for a Disney Princess, yet the comfortable material brings a dash of casual dress as well. 

I'd say it's highly suitable for a young woman as active as her! Whether she's painting, reading, baking, or fighting off "hooligans and thugs", Rapunzel would be ready to take on the world in this top!

Honorary Princess:
Cowgirl Jessie

Okay, so I know what you're thinking. 

Jessie from Toy Story isn't a Disney Princess.
She's a cowgirl.

But this cactus top was just TOO adorable not to include in the lineup!

So for today and today only, Jessie is officially included as an honorary Disney Princess here at Crown of Beauty! 

Which item do you want in Your closet?

So there you have it my modest maidens! It's time to decide which item you'd like to add to your closet! 

Check out JamieRose & Co. to find your favorites! <3

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