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Calling all college girls! Need advice for your new year at school? Meet Lacy from The Chosen Blog. She's here to give is all sorts of practical, helpful advice so that we can make the grade this year, and do our very best for God's glory! Check out her fab advice about spending time in the library &  don't forget to stop by her blog as well.  

You made it! College Bound is now a term you have thrown out the window and its Graduation bound. It’s not the easiest road to hoe or on the other hand the toughest weed to pull either. However, it never hurts to get a little advice on something you’ve never done before. So, here’s a little snippet of advice from someone who’s walked in your shoes.

10 Reasons to be in the Library

  1. It’s obviously a quiet study spot!

  2. Everything you do is tracked. Normally, that sounds awful, but if you are working on a huge project or paper, and it clears, alts, and deletes itself (and it happens, I am a victim to this awful occurrence).  There is documentation that you aren’t just telling your teacher your dog ate your homework and teachers are most always forgiving and can go back and see from your log in on the computer, things you searched, and programs you had open that you were working hard to finish their assignment.

  3. There are always opportunities to help in the Library and if you aren’t doing it just because it’s a place to serve, you also get volunteer hours, which look really good on a resume when you graduate.

  4. There’s usually a Coffee Bar in the Library. I was actually one of the first volunteers at our Community College’s Library Coffee Bar. We even had a name contest and voted on what to call it. I still think my name was the best but I got second place.

  5. There are more resources in the Library than “Google,” “Bing,” or “Wikipedia.” It’s important and useful to familiarize yourself with all the recourses that your school’s Library offers, AND USE THEM!

  6. There are people everywhere! Talk about an open door for building a relationship or sharing with others! This is a great place. Find someone that is in a class with you and become study buddies!

  7. There are almost always study areas or rooms offered for free, usually with reservation, but not always to spend time in. So, Free coffee bar, free study room, people that have the same class as you? Sounds like a recipe for fun, fellowship, and learning! The best part of the study rooms is that there isn’t a rule that says you can’t talk or you have to whisper. Those rooms are made for you to discuss and learn together.

  8. Teachers often post things in the Library or on online platforms. There is almost always free Wi-Fi in the Library with your student ID.

  9. There is always a person around to help with “technical difficulties.” In high school I took for granted that I always had a teacher to ask when my computer had a mind of it’s own or I simply didn’t know how to do something. But in college when you do all your homework at home, it can be daunting when you can’t figure it out. Do yourself a favor, do your homework in the Library and take advantage of the people that get paid to help you. They’re probably board anyway.

  10. Spending time in the Library usually means that your homework is getting done more often than not. This leads to a much more relaxing evening when you get home. This also means that when you leave the campus to go home or to your dorm, you can rest much easier and enjoy the new freedom you have to hangout with friends, or the occasional dorm prank, etc.

Enjoy college, use it to grow close and build relationships with new friends, and rely on the Lord in a new way than you’ve had to before. Make the most of these next few years and give the glory to God! Thank Him for allowing you to go to school, meet new people, and live in the freedom that He gives you! Be blessed today and be a blessing to someone, and you can do that by spending time in the Library (or anywhere else you go).

About The Author:

Lacy Meeker has been the author of Chosen the Blog since 2011. She is currently finishing up her Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Leadership and has recently been awarded her Journalism Diploma. In the last year she has pursued writing for Christ and for encouraging other believers. Her two most popular series are Daily Word and Thankful Thursdays. She doesn’t deserve or desire the credit for anything she writes, only for God to be glorified and lives to be touched and moved by the power that we are given in Jesus Christ.

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