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-Idea #1: Hollywood Screenwriter

-Idea #3: Publish Your Story

-Idea #4: Start a Website or Blog
-Idea #14: Ecommerce 
-Idea #15: Market Your Freelance Service
-Idea #17: Beauty Influencer
-Idea #18: Mega Megaphone - Build Your Platform
-Idea #19: Health and Wellness
-Idea #21: Become a Funnel Hacker 
-Idea #22 - Affiliate Marketing

#1 Book Recommended for Aspiring Screenwriters
(and storytellers of all kinds): 
The Moral Premise

The cover is a little outdated, but this is hands down the BEST book I've read about screenwriting, and storytelling in general! 

Grab it on Amazon!

Looking for some inspiration? 
Check out my debut novel
The Coronation

Story-telling Must Reads:
How to Write a Novel Using
the Snowflake Method 

getting into Character:
7 Secrets A Novelist Can
Learn From Actors

No Plot? No Problem

Which Platform Should I Use for my Website or Blog?

Let's explore the Pros and Cons of each!

1. and

Word Press is one of the most popular, if not the most popular website and blog builder! Many people choose Word Press when they venture out to start a website. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to working with Word Press.

Like any good website or blog builder, Word Press has tons of web templates to choose from, some of them are free, and others can be purchased.

Some important questions to ask yourself when considering using Word Press:

"Am I doing this to build and promote my business? Or is this going to be more of a hobby and something I do in my free time?"

"Do I want to spend money and invest in it, or do I want to build as much as I can for free?"

When I first hopped into the web-building world, I played around with Word Press. Here are a few things I like about it:

  • A lot of cute designs and templates to choose from.

  • Even MORE, ultra adorable themes, available for purchase, and very simple to install.

  • Nifty "plugins" with cool features such as having a comments section, simple ways to add polls, and other fun ways to connect with your email subscribers.

  • Word Press is extremely popular, which means that if you run into puzzling questions while setting up or editing your site, help is never hard to find! There are many helpful forums and people on the internet who can solve our problems, who are only a Google search away.

  • There’s a great community of people to connect with via WordPress. Friendly folks who are eager to comment on one another’s posts, have link up parties, and promote each other’s blogs, all hangout and are super active on WP! Connecting with a community like this is so much fun! (As well as helpful for growing your web traffic.)

Personally, I didn't end up choosing Word Press for my Crown of Beauty Magazine website. Why? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • This may sound silly, but I didn't want to use Word Press because so many people are using it. As I considered and really thought about why I wanted to start a website, I really wanted mine to stand out. I like to be unique, and I wasn't down with the idea of having the same template as hundreds of other people on the internet. I wanted to find something that would be a bit more "one-of-a-kind.”

  • I found it to be slightly confusing, and not very user friendly for a complete novice. Initially, I was a little stumped between the differences of and (which I explain below), and it appeared as if there would be some coding involved if I wanted to get the site looking exaclty how I desired. Even though all that’s required is a basic understanding of CSS code, that alone can be enough to frighten some people away! It’s not as simple as your typical “drag and drop” website builder, but having the freedom to uniquely customize your site through coding is a huge perk for some people.

**TIME OUT! – Before we go any further with our WordPress conversation, we must understand the difference between and is free. Everything is run and managed through your account. This version of WordPress has several nice templates to choose from and is easy enough to figure out without diving into any CSS code.

But it’s also a subdomain, which means your domain name will include in the title. For example, instead of it would be

Is that important to you? For some bloggers, they want their domain name to be totally unique and original, without a subdomain attached to it. Other bloggers, don’t mind, so long as they get the free price tag.

(An important side note: Using a sub-domain disqualifies you from using Google Adsense. So if you have any thoughts of desiring to earn income from your website, I’d highly recommend that you purchase your own domain name! You can do that through Go requires you to provide your own hosting.

What is hosting? Hosting is the core server or area where your website will be live. Your hosting service is the computer program’s “backstage area” which keeps everything running smoothly! Every website has a host, and in order to use, you’ve gotta connect a “third party host.”

Thankfully, finding and connecting your third-party host isn’t that complicated! But, it does cost money. Hosting Services can cost anywhere from $3.00 a month to $15.00 a month.

The most popular Host to use with WordPress is BlueHost.

Another difference with is that you’ll need to download and install your own template. (I promise it isn't as scary as it sounds! I'm here to help!) Theoretically, you can use either a free, or a purchased template. But, I highly recommend that you purchase a template, if you choose to go this route, so you prevent getting hacked. Free themes are very simple to hack. Purchasing a theme offers you more security.

Even though I didn’t choose for Crown of Beauty,
I DID choose it for both my personal blog ( and for Hollywood Lassie ( I am LOVING it! I use
BlueHost as my third-party host, and I’m extremely pleased with it! The customer service is super friendly and helpful. In fact, I adore their services so much, I signed up to become an Affiliate with them, so I can offer you guys amazing deals should you choose to use WordPress as your third party host.

here's a full guide on how to get 
signed up & set up :) 

Should you choose to purchase a theme to use with, I would highly recommend using the Genesis Framework as your foundation.

You will need what is called a Mother Theme, and a Child Theme (which I explain in my Fire Starter: Launch a Blog that Blazes! course), and the Genesis Framework is the easiest way to do this.

Most themes (both free and premium) are Genesis Child themes, and you'll need the Genesis Framework for any of them to work properly.

Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design.

I've also included my affiliate link for picking up the
Genesis Framework.:)

My favorite themes come from Restored 316. They create the most ADORABLE templates, and they're incredibly easy to install and customize!

I used a Restored 316 theme on my OG Livy Lynn Blog, and on The customer service at Restored 316 is amazing, and I couldn't recommend them enough!

I am also an affiliate with this lovely company, so even if you don't end up choosing a Restored 316 theme, I recommend that you take a peek at their site, and consider perhaps becoming an affiliate with them as well, when it comes time to monetize your site. They're an amazing company, and as bloggers, it's so great when we can partner with companies and products we use ourselves, and love!

Which theme is best for your website? Quiz!

My Affiliate Link: Explore Restored 316!

As I mentioned above, I would LOVE to work with you, on your site! Please Contact Me and let me know what you have in mind. :)


Wix a website builder that makes me literally squeal. When I first discovered all of their free templates, I felt like a little girl browsing through a candy shop. The templates popped with so much color, and I couldn't stop obsessing over all their unique features.

I was an insta-fan! I will unashamedly admit that I have spent hours playing around with their web-builder, and even though I don't have a website with them currently, I adore everything about their layout! It makes me think that I want to start a website, like all the time!

Major thumbs up for the:

  • Adorable templates! Such a unique variety. I can't say enough good things about them, you'll have to just scroll through the collection and see for yourself. Some of them are available for purchase, but the majority are free.

  • Super easy, drag and drop web-builder. I love that Wix gives you a nice, professional-looking template, but then you can do whatever you want with it. You can change it and design something totally brand new, or you can keep it as is and just go with the Simple Sally method! You don't need to be "technologically gifted" to set up your website, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing for people who don’t want to mess with coding.

  • The creative control. I pretty much already said this, but it deserves to be repeated. The creative liberties that you can take with Wix, are refreshing. While most template-based “drag and drop” web builders require that you stick to the original format, but with Wix you can explore and change all sorts of things within your template.

  • The free photo gallery that Wix users have access to is extremely valuable. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words and having access to these images is gold. In the web world, you will quickly discover that finding free, quality images for your website, isn't an easy thing to do. So having access to tons of images is an amazing, and surprisingly sweet feature. Images really make your website pop, so this feature in and of itself, is why Wix is so high on my list!

SBI: Solo Build It

And finally, we have SBI Solo Build It, which is the site builder I used for Crown of Beauty Magazine. I feel so blessed that I found SBI, because it isn't a name heard very often. Although it is getting more popular as time goes on and people discover all the amazing features, it still seems like a hidden diamond in the rough.

Reasons I love...

  • SBI has a really unique feature called the Key Word Brainstormer which helps you choose a popular Key Word, depending on what the overall theme of your website is. Key Words are what helps readers find your website while Googling. This is a unique feature which is not available on WordPress or Wix.

    Their "Analyze It" tool helps you write article that includes that particular keyword just the right amount of times, so that your page will rank high in search engines, but also make sure it's something your readers will

    WordPress offers SEO help, but it's a little confusing to navigate, where as SBI spells everything out for you and makes it extremely simple to make sure you're doing things right
  • These features are incredibly powerful and have driven huge amounts of traffic to my website. My SBI site gets FAR more traffic than any of my WordPress sites have ever received. Having this little Keyword Robot as your special helper gives you an edge on all the other people out there trying to build traffic.

  • My web traffic seriously exploded just several days after launching my site, simply because I used their Key Word "Analyze It" tool!

  • Being able to focus in on a keyword in your specific niche, for every page that you post, will help you grow your reach, and then eventually earn money (if so desired) on your website much more quickly.

  • Auto responder for when your fans subscribe to your email newsletter? Check. (I love that it’s already included in SBI, you don’t have to add a third-party. With my blog, I had to add MailChimp, and set everything up with them.) It’s so nice not having to sign up for something else, log in, and keep track of more passwords…SBI has the Mail Out Manager already included. It’s a super simple way to collect email addresses and keep up with all of your followers.

  • The drag and drop, easy templates are simple and super customizable. And no coding! Yay!

  • If earning income from your website is one of your goals, SBI has set up an amazing step-by-step format to do just that.

  • Seriously. I’ve never seen such a thorough, step-by-step, majorly detailed, outlined process! They go above and beyond, and when I started watching their videos and following their steps, I felt like I was at school, and had signed up for a super valuable marketing and business building course! I learned SO much through SBI.

With their online tutorials they cover everything (and more!) from setting up a web domain, writing amazing keyword pages, connecting with your audience, multiplying web traffic, monetizing your website, and taking your business to the next level.

Check out SBI and learn how to grow your idea into a thriving income!

They’ve also, just recently added, SBI for Wordpress. So if you’re in love with Wordpress, yet desire to have the amazing mentoring and step-by-step guide that SBI gives, they’ve offered an amazing solution for that!

SBI is $30 a month, but I can confidently tell you that (for me, anyway) it’s completely worth the investment. For everything they include in that $30, it’s crazy impressive!

Like I said, Crown of Beauty instantly took off the week it went live! In January 2013 (the month the site launched), I had 1,229 visitors.

You might be thinking, “Eh, that’s not very impressive.” But in all honesty, most bloggers struggle to reach their first 1,000+ visitors? Why? Usually it’s because they don’t have the proper Keyword tools to create pages that both search engines and humans like, which is what SBI specializes in.

WordPress has SEO tips to help with writing Keyword pages, but their program is really quite poor compared to SBI’s. WordPress’ SEO tips and feedback can be a little bit confusing, and they don’t give any advice on how to choose which Keywords will be successful and which ones won’t be. With WordPress, it’s a bit of a guessing game, but SBI’s is very straightforward. And, the best part is that I got huge results from it.

It didn’t take long for my traffic to reach 10,000 a month, then 30 and 50,000 a month! With sites like WordPress and Wix, reaching those numbers can be a bit more of a challenge, and is more dependent on link-up parties, guest posts, social media, etc, than it is just creating strong keyword content.

(Side note, you need a TON of traffic, to monetize your site. You won't be able to earn anything until you reach your first 50,000 hits. Keyword focused pages can help majorly with this!)

If you want to build a niche business, grow quickly, monetize your site, and focus more time on doing the things you love, rather than the things you don't love, I would highly recommend giving SBI a try! If you dive in and decide you don't love it, they have a 90 Day Money back guarantee, if  for some reason you wish to cancel and try a different program.

My affiliate link for SBI! Check out my favorite web-builder ever!

The only 'cons' I would mention for SBI, is that their templates are very simple and strait-forward. They are nice, and professional looking, but I love creating something that dazzles! So, if you're interested in me customizing and designing a cute banner, and setting up your entire site on SBI, I would love to do that for you! I want to create something that you'll adore. If you choose to hire me to help, you're well on your way to creating an unstoppable, online empire!

Check out Allison's Free Masterclass!

Learn more about Allison J Prince’s 0$-100 K System, to explore the possibility of creating your own E-Commerce business! 

I was so excited to discover the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is a full-blown training and marketing course on how to use ClickFunnels, and get your funnel up and running in 30 days! I absolutely LOVED this Challenge, and would 100% recommend it to all free-lancers, and to anyone else who wants to build an online following!

The investment that I made in the 30 Day Challenge was absolutely worth it, and I learned so much more in that marketing course than I could’ve possibly imagined!

Check out the “One Funnel Away” Challenge!

get your free, paperback copy of 
"Expert Secrets"

The Dark Secret Behind Your Favorite Beauty Products

Watch on YouTube

-Launch a website. I would recommend using one of the five platforms listed below.

1. SBI - Site Build It - (AKA, the coolest, top-secret web-builder and traffic generator ever!)

2. - (Great for bloggers, it’s free to get started, but you must purchase a Hosting service along with it. I would recommend Blue Host.)

3. Wix (Adorable, super easy and fun way to design an-eye-catching site)

4. Hire me to build your website and let’s make some magic happen! Contact Me :)

5. Scratch the website entirely (yes, you can do that!) and let’s build a funnel instead! (Not sure what a funnel is, or why it’s the foundation for a successful online business? Check out #16 Freelancers for some resources and info.) I would love to help you launch your first funnel, so don’t be shy, reach out! :)

I would highly recommend checking out the book, Expert Secrets. It’s not just for Free-Lancers! It’s all about how you were created to do something, in a totally unique way! It walks you through getting started, building your platform on the internet and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You can actually get it right now for free (just pay shipping) through my special link

get your free, paperback copy of 
"Expert Secrets"

-Learn more about ClickFunnels by watching these interviews or checking out their 2 Week Free Trial!

-Sign up to become an Affiliate and earn extra income on your blog or website! 

Email marketing programs like Awebber, or a software company like ClickFunnels, can be a great way to start earning residual income.

I also recommend Blue Host for bloggers in need of a hosting company, but they only give you a one-time commission. The same goes for my favorite website builder ever, SBI!

For WordPress users, I recommend partnering with Share a Sale, because they offer a variety of web-related products which you can encourage your followers to grab, such as the ever popular Genesis Framework and these adorable Restored 316 templates.

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