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We've all been there. Standing in the doorway of Barnes and Noble with a cup full of coffee and a heart full of giddy excitement, wondering what we're going to read next! There are seriously thousands and thousands of books for Christian girls to choose from! 

Sadly, many books don't line up with the words of Philippians 4:8, telling us to fill our minds with things that are pure, true, noble, honorable, excellent, lovely and admirable. It can be a real challenge to find good books for Christian girls! So if you're a bookworm who is looking for her next favorite read, check out this list of suggestions! 

We rounded up an amazing team of young women for this collaborative post, and they were excited share their favorite finds! So without any further adu, meet Halee, Riley, Amanda, Anastasis and the books they love!


Authentic Beauty: The Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

"I've got two Leslie Ludy books on this list because I'm a big fan! This book breaks down the "why" behind inner beauty importance. Leslie paints a beautiful picture of set apart beauty, what that looks like practically, and how we can apply this in our lives."

Set-Apart Femininity

"While this book touches on similar things to the one listed above, it's still a bit different. You'll find loads of convicting advice and inspiration for truly living for Christ and not for the approval of the world!"

books for christian girls: fiction

Sophie's World (The Sophie Series)

"Sophie LaCroix is a dreamer. And sometimes, it gets her into trouble. Like when she wanders away from her school group on a field trip because she’s lost in a daydream. It’s gone far enough; she simply can’t continue to wander off like this! So, Sophie meets Dr. Peter, who helps her learn to control her mind rather than the other way around. But he’s also always there when Sophie is having a problem at school, or at home; he always listens, and he’s always got a Bible story to fit her problem!

And there you have a quick overview of basically all twelve Sophie books! Nothing I’ve read by Nancy Rue has been a disappointment. I love her stories. These were no exception. They cover Sophie’s last year of elementary school, and her transition to middle school. These books tell of all of Sophie’s daydreamish adventures with her friends, the corn flakes; but they’re also incredible stories of how Sophie must learn to rely on God no matter what the situation is; whether it’s fitting in, a close friend with cancer, or cyberbullying. These books may be aimed at 8-12-year-old’s, but they are each enjoyable to read and have great lessons to learn, regardless of age." - Riley 

The Christy Miller Collection

"This. Is. Amazing. *Heart pounds tremulously.*
Mrs. Gunn takes you through the life of an average teen girl . . . but in such an un-average way! I think the BEST PART about these books is that they’re so stinkin’ relateable. I can’t tell you how many times during the series I was like AH I’M GOING THROUGH THIS or AH THAT’S HOW I SHOULD DEAL WITH THAT!" - Amanda

So Not Happening

"If you want fluff, check this out. This book is loosely Christian fiction; the main character, Bella, prays to God a few times, but there aren’t any “devotional” type passages like in The Christy Miller series. However, I have always appreciated Jenny’s amazing sense of humor (it helped me hone my own during the doldrums of middle school) and the mystery aspect of this novel was written extremely well!" - Amanda

Elsie's Endless Wait (The Elsie Dinsmore Series)

"It has been many years since I read this series, but it was a favorite of my preteen/early teen years. It follows the life of a sweet and innocent girl, Elsie, who loves the Lord.
Some have complained that Elsie is “too perfect,” but I appreciated how clean and sweet these books were. Elsie was a very humble girl who still made mistakes, but was quick to repent and change as well as inspire change in others." - Anastasis 

Grace Triumphant: A Tale of the Slave Trade

"This book is about the slave trade. It’s a powerful Christian novel by Alicia A. Willis. There are three main characters. Russell is the “moral” atheist captain of a slaving ship. Elizabeth is an oppressed rich daughter who everyone tries to control but who is passionate about the abolition of the slave trade. Finally, Jack is a Christian cabin boy on Russell’s slave ship with a fiery temper.
This book deals with many tough topics but is never graphic or explicit. There is some innuendo, though it is always portrayed in a negative light, as well as one scene on the shores of Africa where tribal women are trying to seduce Russell, though they do not succeed. Because of these few mentions and this one scene, I would recommend this to 13+, unless a parent gives consent to a younger girl.
There is a strong thread of mercy and grace throughout this book. The characters reach the end of themselves and ultimately, only God saves.
Alicia’s books are always exceptionally well researched. You will definitely feel immersed in the culture and time of this book!"

The Last Thing I Remember (The Homelanders Book 1)

 "Charlie West, a Christian, American, generally good kid, has never had a problem with trusting God. Maybe it just hasn’t been that hard to. He’s got the normal teenage guy problems, of course- those math problems, that dreaded history report, and getting the attention of that pretty girl. But that’s nothing compared to what his former best friend Alex is going through. His parents just divorced, he and his mom were forced to move to a rough side of town, and he’s gotten in with the wrong crowd. Alex questions Charlie: “I mean, it’s easy to believe in things when everything’s going right…But, I mean, what if all that stuff’s a lie, Charlie?... Where’s God- what’s he doing about it?” Only does Charlie really start to feel the weight of these questions when he wakes up, strapped to chair, beaten and bruised, wondering how he got there and trying desperately to think of the last thing he can remember.

 This book series right here would be my absolute favorite! The Homelanders series, by Andrew Klavan, who is an amazing author. I could not put this four-book-series down. It’s written in first person, told from Charlie’s perspective, and there’s never a dull moment. I loved it. And it constantly shows how Charlie relies on his relationship with God to get him through the toughest of situations. And they are tough. He seems to hit the bottom a lot, and yes, I cried a little! But when he trusts in God to see him through, He always does. This series always leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next. It’s going to be hard to put down at night guys, but hey! You gotta get some sleep! I loved this series, and highly recommend it." -Riley

grow your faith & strengthen your roots

Lady in Waiting: Becoming God's Best While Waiting for Mr. Right

"I loved this book! It takes you through the book of Ruth and encourages you to find satisfaction and contentment in Jesus Christ instead of pining away for your future husband.
Every time I pick it up, I find something fresh and inspiring! A lot of the book deals with the heart issues behind always being “on the hunt” for a guy, but there is plenty of practical advice. This book was actually what inspired me to start
Morning Glory Ministries! So I have a fond association with this book." -Anastasis 

Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

"This is such a good book and the Lies Young Women Believe blog is fantastically done too! Sin is built on lies: the first sin was built on the lie that eating the forbidden fruit would give Eve the wisdom God didn’t want her to have (complete, flat-out LIE!! *seethes*). And all sin since then has been rooted in a despicable lie straight from Hell.
This book confronts some of the most common lies that young women believe (they also have an older women version of the book but this one is way more applicable for most of us). I read the whole book, even the sections with lies that I didn’t believe. I found each chapter to be refreshing whether I was struggling with that lie or not." - Amanda

Girl Defined: God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity

"I have to admit: the writers of this book often referred to their past experience of having been models and I just found it super unrelateable. I’m five foot one, of average build, and have brown hair. So reading about how tall, skinny, and blonde they were didn’t really ring a bell with me.
BUT OTHER THAN THAT . . . this book was soooooo good! I especially loved the “homework assignments” at the end of each chapter to put into practice what you learned, as well as the little discussion sections. You will come away from this book better appreciating what it means to be a girl, and you’ll have the tools to use your girlhood to benefit others. This is a super good read!" -Amanda 

It's (Not That) Complicated: How to Relate to Guys in a Healthy, Sane, and Biblical Way

"Hence the subtitle, this book teaches us girls how to relate to guys in a healthy, same, and Biblical way. They explain how to deal with romantic relationships, but also that you CAN have friendships with guys that are strictly platonic." - Halee 

life changing books

The Power of a Praying Teen

"Power of a Praying teen by Stormie Omartian has endless topics on how to grow in your relationship with God and how powerful prayer is. Prayer is our way of talking to God, and we need to talk to Him if we’re going to think right thoughts, stay free of peer pressure, and see His purpose for our lives (just to name a few that she mentions)!
Stormie shares her own experiences, and how important and powerful praying was (and is) for her!
At the end of each chapter (topic), she has a prayer, as well as several questions to get you really thinking and praying on your own however the topic would apply to you. I love this book!
There really is always something else to learn, whether you’ve grown up in church, or are a new Christian, and this book is great for both! It gets you thinking about your prayer life, what to pray for, and how to pray for strength in the various struggles you face." - Riley

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

"Kisses from Katie (by Katie Davis) is a true story about a girl with a heart for ministry. At age 16, Katie knew she wanted to serve God by going to Africa. Two years later, she took her first trip to Uganda, Africa. This book entails her struggles and hardships as well her joys of being in Uganda, serving God by helping children there as well as fostering (and eventually adopting) 14 children of her own.

I loved this book. Reading about Katie’s heart for the Lord, and her willingness to serve Him in a place that doesn’t have all the comforts she was used to growing up was just awesome. God used her in such an amazing way. My favorite part of the book was when Katie tells about a little boy she met named Daniel. It was cold, rainy day, and she really just wanted to get home. But he was cold, wet, hungry, and alone. So, she took the time to take him inside the market, get him something to eat, and leave him with some money. She barely got his name out before they parted ways. A year later, Katie encountered this same little boy. He told her he had prayed for her every single day. Katie wrote how she blessed him one day, and he blessed her everyday afterwards! This book is incredible whether you feel called to ministry, or just love hearing about the great ways in which God uses those who are willing to serve Him." -Riley

The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected

"I’m not going to lie--this is a heavy book. But aside from the Bible, this book has been the most influential and life-changing books I have ever read.

It is about a missionary in war-ravaged Somalia. After years of ministry and only seeing discouragement, he and his family packed up and returned to the States in a crisis of belief.

Can God work in places as dark as Somalia? Can God’s Word be spread in places where every single believer was hunted down and killed? Why would God allow such brutality? Where was God in these evil places? What was the use of feeding the starving population today when they would still have no food tomorrow?

These, and more, were the questions that plagued Nik Ripken and his family.

The first half of the book was in Somalia. It was rather draining to read because of everything bad that was happening.

But then the second half changed my life.

Ripken then began traveling all over the world interviewing members of the worldwide persecuted church. From people in China to people in countries not even named because of the danger.

I cried through the majority of this book. I cried through the astounding story of a man who spent twelve years in prison for his faith, not knowing if his family was still alive. But every day he faced the sunrise and sang a song of praise to God, for which he always received a harsh beating. Then, on the day of his execution, he was being dragged out of his cell as the sun rose.

And the entire jail, full of thousands of inmates, burst into the song he had sung every morning for the past twelve years.

The guards let go of him as the singing got louder. Stunned, one of the guards asked, “Who are you?”

The man replied, “I am a child of the living God!”

Terrified, the guards released him to return to his family.

Even as I write this, the tears are threatening as I remember the dozens of stories like this in this book.

This book was highly convicting. There is so much that I have taken for granted. I have unlimited access to Bibles. I have free speech. I do not have to be afraid of imprisonment for my faith.

Yes, this book is long, and the first half is hard. But it is absolutely so worth it." -Anastasis 


Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II

"This was another life-changing book. Again, this followed the story of a missionary. Only this time, the missionary was a young woman named Darlene.

As newlyweds, Darlene and her husband traveled to be missionaries in New Guinea right before World War II. Eight years later, she had lost her husband and survived four years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Seriously, the things Darlene went through should leave people numb to life. However, her faith only grew stronger. She never doubted the goodness of God. Her relationship with Him was almost tangible.

I get worried about exams. She trusted God through bombings of her camp.

This book often left me in tears. I will not go into “the banana story,” but for those of you who have or will read it, let me tell you that was the part that I cried the hardest.

As I think about that book, two main lessons come to mind: 1) God will provide, and 2) the sweetness of an intimate relationship with Christ far surpasses anything on this earth.

Darlene was a strong, courageous, joyful, and creative woman who was so strong in the Lord nothing on this earth could shake her." -Anastasis 

about the authors:

Anastasis Faith is the founder of Morning Glory Ministries, an organization encouraging girls to pursue Jesus with their whole hearts through the Morning Glory Daily Devotional and blog. She is passionate about writing, blogging, and teen girl discipleship. When she’s not blogging, she’s typically studying, working, playing piano, or spending time with her family. You can connect with her on her blog at or on her Instagram @anastasisfaith.

Riley is a Christian, teenage girl who loves to write! She's been homeschooled since the second grade, and loves playing piano and guitar. She also enjoys writing, lettering, drawing, and reading. She's a singer and and actress in church plays and local theater. She's currently sophomore now, with hopes of publishing her first book and becoming an author one day.

Halee Westbrook is a regular 15 year old teenager with a passion for being a shining beacon of light in a dark world. Halee's key goal in blogging is abolishing low expectations for teenagers, helping young people rise to a new standard, and equipping them with the resources and support they need to live a set apart life for Christ. Check out her blog!

Amanda Brown is a 17-year-old writer and the founder of SKGfun. When not pasted in front of a computer screen, Amanda feels most at home dancing in the rain, reading Jane Austen movies, and playing soccer with her brothers. She has also written poetry and composed two original pieces for the piano, complete with rather feely words. Amanda does not like egotistical guys, flirtatious girls, and books with poor plots.

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