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Boys are interesting creatures. Wouldn't some boy advice be a lifesaver every now and then?

Though we cannot deny the fact that they are human, we've all had those moments when we wonder what’s going on inside their heads. Are they really all that different than us?

Navigating through the world of boys is something like roaming through a minefield. We never know when a boy-bomb might go off.

Maybe you're at the stage of life where the guys you know are still obsessed with frogs and snakes. Or maybe they've started passing around love notes. Is he giving you special attention one day, then acting like they cannot stand you the very next?

Is there a boy in your life who makes your heart skip a beat every time you see him but you never know what to say?

Perhaps you're just trying to survive life with your obnoxious brother, wishing you could understand a little bit more of what's going on inside that head of his.

No matter what age or stage you're at, every girl can agree...

boys can be just plain confusing!

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Boys...What In The World Are They Thinking?

Does being around guys confuse and sometimes worry you?

Do you feel awkward, shy, and don't know what to say next?

Do you sometimes secretly wish you knew what the boys in your life are thinking?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you're not alone!

Grab my hand and take a deep breath as we dare to venture off into the crazy, unexpected world of boys.

Boys...Is It Okay To Be "Just Friends?"

Many magazines for girls have glossy pages stuffed full of boy advice. They instruct us on what to wear, what to say, and how to get our first kiss before fifth grade.

Those magazines place boys under a microscope and type in bold letters, "You need a boyfriend!"
 They lecture us about the importance of having a boyfriend as you leave the playground, and enter middle school. The pressure to look pretty, say the right things, and act the right way to get a boys attention has made this whole boy thing over complicated!

If you've ever felt like there's too much boy advice to take it all in...if you can't remember what to wear, what to say, and how to snatch a man for's okay!

I'm about to tell you something that is going to relive all that pressure!

You ready?

Here's the little secret:

A girl doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy.

Movies and magazines might make us believe that is true, but I went through middle school without a boyfriend and had a fantastic life!

Having a boyfriend does not make you any more special, powerful, or beautiful. In fact, a girl who can be happy without a boy by her side is more confident!

A girl does not need a boy friend...but she can (and should) have lots of friends that are boys!

But is it really okay to be "just friends" with boys in a world that tells us it's impossible?

In a word?


Actually, it's more then okay. Here's a list of reasons why boys make fantastic friends!

Boy Advice Reminder:
Having a boyfriend does not make you any more special, powerful, or beautiful.

1) See The World Through A New Pair of Eyes

Boys offer a unique perspective and out-look on life. They can help us look at things in a little different way.

2) They're Always Ready To Play!
Boys are great competitors and offer fun matches of sports and board games!
Whether you’re rolling the dice, or kicking the soccer ball, they will want to compete when your gal-pals don’t.

3) Keep Life Exciting!
Because boy are not girls and may not generally mingle with your usual group of friends…hanging out with guys can keep you from getting “stuck in a rut” with your friendships.

4) Hear A Different Side of the Story...
Because they may not be “in” your other group of girl friends, boys can offer great advice from another viewpoint.

5) Zipped Lips
Most boys don't have the tendency to gossip like girls do! If you share a secret and ask him not to spill the beans, chances are pretty good that he won't.

6) True Blue
Generally, boys stick around as true friends, and don't get caught up in all the girly pettiness of jealousy, gossip, backstabbing and…well, you get the idea.

7) He's Looking For A Friend Too!
He probably want to be your friend just as much as you'd like to be his!

8) You Won't Grow Up Too Fast...Too Soon
Being friends with a boy is ten trillion times smarter than then diving head first into a "boy-friend, girl-friend relationship." So many girls make the mistake of hopping from boyfriend to boyfriend and can never stay in a long term relationship. Why? Because they have not learned how to simply….

be friends with a boy!

Learning how to relate with the guys you know right now as friends gives you a huge jump start on all the other girls out there. This gives you a chance to see how he behaves around his friends, family, and how he treats other girls. Getting to know him as friends will give you a pretty good idea whether he may be boy-friend materiel someday down the road… or not!

So many relationships end in absolute heartbreak, because this is a secret the teen magazines are not sharing in their boy advice articles. A girl must learn first how to be a fantastic friend, and be confident in herself before she can be a great girlfriend.  Otherwise, doubts, fears, and insecruities will quickly end the relationship. Master the art of being a fantastic friend before trying to be his girl friend!

9) Unscramble The Guy Code
After hanging around with them for awhile, you can learn how boys think.
As you'll soon discover, they don't see things from the same perspective as girls.
What better practice for possible relationships someday down the road, then to learn how guys think?

10) He's Not Cute...He's Fun-Size
You’ll quickly discover that boys are well…fun to be around! Their goofy-off-beat-kind of boy humor will either have you laughing at them or with them!

Boy Advice: How Do I Get Them To Talk To Me?

Pursuing conversations with boys can be tricky. Because not all boys are the same, there are no tried and true tips to having the perfect conversation. With guys, anything could happen!

He might roll his eyes at you and walk away. He might joke about you in front of his friends. Or he may smile and ask you a question in return. Boys at this age are pretty unpredictable.

The best thing you can do is be friendly and open to conversation if he wants to have one …but never shove yourself into his boy radar. A girl whose constantly trying to strike up conversations with every boy on the soccer team may come across in a boy’s brain as little bit annoying...or even desperate for attention.

But if he's up to having a conversation, there is one surefire way to get him to open up a little bit more.

Ask Him About Himself

How to become friends with boys

Ask about what he's interested in.

Talk about sports, science, or computers.

Ask for his perspective on things.

When you talk, make him feel important. Thank him for sharing and let him know that you respect what he has to say.

Sometimes boys can be nervous about talking to girls because they don't wanna get shot down!

Don't tease, roll your eyes and debunk everything he says.

That's not the kind of friend he wants to be hanging around.

Boy Advice Reminder:
Learning how to relate with the guys you know at this age gives you a huge jump start on all the other girls out there. Don't feel like you have to rush into any relationship with a guy. Get to know him as friends and you're off to a great start!

Boy Advice: Feel Like You're The Only Girl Without A Boy Friend?

Disney darling Debby Ryan (The Suite Life on Deck, Jessie) shares her best boy advice in Tiger Beat Magazine. She dishes about not having a boyfriend until she was eighteen years old!

Credit: Tiger Beat Magazine

Becoming friends with boys is one thing...keeping them as your friends is another! For more Boy Advice, check out secrets on how to be a safe friend!

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