Crown of Beauty Magazine Awards

Over the years, we've had SO much fun attending Award Shows! Our first time interviewing a variety of artists was at the K-Love Fan Awards, back in 2015!

We returned for more fun in 2016, then recorded a full-blown vlog when we attended the Dove Awards in 2018!

We've had such a blast attending these shows over the years, but this year, most major events got canceled.

So, we decided to have a little bit of fun on our own with the Crown of Beauty Magazine Awards!

How does it work? 

We've created a variety of categories for you to vote on! After all the votes are in, we will announce the winners. (Annddd we might even see if we can get some special interviews lined up! ;))

Vote for your favorites and maybe you'll even find a few new favorites along the way! :D 

Favorite mega family?

the duggar family

(Check out our past interviews with the Duggar Girls!

Wow, that was a long time ago! Maybe we should think about an updated interview? Hmm...)

the bates family

Can you believe that in all our years of Crown of Beauty, we've never done an interview with them?! Would you enjoy an interview with members of the Bates Fam?

Well, we'll see what happens after all the votes are in! ;) 

Favorite Mega Family?
The Duggar Family
The Bates Family
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cutest kids of 2020?

the seewald family

Jessa Duggar Seewald has the cutest little clan! We thoroughly enjoy seeing all of her Instagram posts and YouTube videos featuring Spurgen, Henry, and Ivy!  

the bucket list family

Garret and Jess Gee have the cutest little family of brave, free-spirited, fun-loving, little people!

You can watch Dorthy, Manila, and Callie's adventures around the world on their YouTube channel, and someday soon, on their own animated television show! 

Cutest Kids of 2020?
The Seewald Family
The Bucket List Family
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cutest love story of the year?

Sadie Robertson Huff (author of Live Original, Live Fearless, Finding Freedom, and more!) is happily married to her very own, real life Prince Charming.
You can watch their wedding day below!

emma mae jenkins

Emma Mae Jenkins (author of Be Loved and All Caps You!) invited her followers to get an inside look at her sweet love story, and how it all unfolded! 

Cutest Love Story of the Year?
Sadie Robertson Huff
Emma Mae Jenkins

best podcast of 2020?

Faith and Friends, hosted by Georgia Brown, is a celebration of fabulous conversations of faith...with friends! In each new episode, Georgia sits down with a friend and discusses what God is doing in this season of their life!

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East hosts a podcast with her husband where they interview couples from all different walks of life! Couple Things has already featured a variety of inspirational guests, from Tim and Demi Tebow, Jeremy and Addie Camp, Christian and Sadie Robertson Huff, and many more!

Best Podcast of 2020?
Faith and Friends
Couple Things
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cutest family photo-shoots?

the vuolo fam

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo share some of the cutest photo-shoots on Instagram! Their adorable daughter Felicity is always rocking those darling baby clothes!

the stewart fam

Carlin Bates Stewart and her husband Evan have recently joined the vlogging world, and they're sharing all of their ups and downs online! Carlin is a natural model, as she's done lots of photo-shoots with her sisters for Bates Sisters Boutique and it looks like their photogenic daughter, Lyla, seems to be getting the hang of it too! 

Cutest Family Photo-shoots?
The Vuolo Fam
The Stewart Fam
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worship song of the year

It was SO hard to narrow down the top worship songs of 2020! They are all so powerful and anointed! Which one is your favorite?

god of revival 
(bethel music ft. Brian & jenn Johnson)

the blessing
(kari jobe & cody carnes)

Worship Song of the Year?
God of Revival
The Blessing
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ccm song of the year?

Choosing our favorite Contemporary Christian Music song of the year proves to be just as hard! Which one will win?

don't tread on me
{we the kingdom}

like you love me 
{tauren wells}

my weapon 
{Natalie grant}

{for king and country, ft. kirk franklin & tori kelly}

CCM Song of the Year?
Don't Tread on Me
Like You Love Me
My Weapon
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most binged dcom {disney channel original movie} of 2020

Thanks to Disney+, we've been able to watch all our favorite DCOM's! Which one have you watched the most?

Most Binged DCOM of 2020?
High School Musical
Cadet Kelly
Read it and Weep
Star Struck
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most under-rated disney princess of 2020

Let's be honest. Some Disney Princesses get a lot more attention than others at the Disney Parks! Which Disney Princess do you think deserves some more attention? More rides inspired by her?

Most Under-rated Disney Princess of 2020?
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youtube family channel of the year

Family YouTube channels have become a growing trend over the past few years! Finding good quality, family-friendly content that the whole family can watch together, can prove to be a challenge! 

the crosby family

The Crosby's create content with their 7-year-old daughter who loves to sing and film videos with her Dad.

the LaBrant Family

The LaBrant family has openly shared highs and lows during their journey into marriage, remaining refreshingly candid about Savannah's far-from-perfect past, the challenges and joys of a blended family, and every new baby along the way!

YouTube Family Channel of the Year?
The Crosby Family
The LaBrant Family

youtube travel channel of the year

Got bitten by the travel bug, yet? You will after watching these two channels! Which one is your fave?

the bucket list family

kara and nate

YouTube Travel Channel of the Year?
The Bucket List Family
Kara and Nate
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the pixie dust award
(most disney-ish
youtube channel
of the year)

emily enchanted

the quad squad

The Pixie Dust Award?
Emily Enchanted
The Quad Squad
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dream collab for 2021

We've seen some amazingly fun collaborations in 2020! But if you could choose a dream collab for 2021, who would you choose? :D

Dream Collab?
Tori Kelly and Demi Lovato
Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez
For King and Country and Kelly Clarkson
Tauren Wells and Tori Kelly
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"i'd rather spend the day with..." award

Which cute little family would YOU rather spend the day with? The British Royals, or Chip and Joanna Gaines?

the British royals

chip and Joanna Gaines

I'd Rather Spend the Day With...?
The British Royals
Chip and Joanna Gaines
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"after all these years,
i'm still watching"

Which classic YouTube channel are you still watching, even after all these years?

studio c

blimey cow

After All These Years...?
Studio C
Blimey Cow
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best Disney sing-a-long remake of 2020

be our guest
{Derick Hough & Hayley Erbert}

colors of the wind
{tori kelly}

a dream is a wish your heart makes
{demi lovato & michael buble'}

mary poppins medley
{Derick Hough & Hayley Erbert}

Best Disney Sing-A-Long Remake?
Be Our Guest
Colors of the Wind
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Mary Poppins Medley
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