Christians In Hollywood: Everlife Interview!  

I first heard the electric pop sound of sister band, Everlife, six years ago. I popped in my new Hannah Montana soundtrack. At the end of the album, Everlife's hit single, "Find Yourself In You" started to play. I was an insta fan, along with millions of other young girls.

Julia, Amber and Sarah have had a crazy past few years. With first class tickets for the rollercoaster ride of fame, the girls were given the opportunity to shine bright for Christ and share their faith in many secular settings.

They performed with teen phenomenons, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, just to name a few. 

These beautiful young ladies have some great advice to share with us about being Christians in Hollywood. Also, read about their latest album, their favorite memories, and more!

Everlife: About The Music...

Crown of Beauty: Everlife fans will be disappointed to hear that this is your last album together. It must have been a bittersweet experience recording your last songs as a group. What made you decide to wrap it up? 

Everlife: This record was a dream that came true. Such an amazing career wrapped up in songs and stories, and we are so proud of it. The three of us have been moving in different directions creatively the last few years and have found separate passions like personal training, graphic design, hair styling, etc.. Everlife has been the most amazing and beautiful chapter in our lives, and we just felt like it was time to move forward. We will always make music together because we love it, but for now we're more focused on being sisters and trying out some other things that we love to do. :)

Crown of Beauty:
How have you grown personally and as sisters since you first started in 2004?

Everlife: We have actually been singing together since 1997, and I don't think we could get any closer. I mean , we are sisters, we fight like cats and dogs one minute and then the next we are hugging and giggling like there is no tomorrow. Like they say, sisters by chance, best friends by choice. We would be close and great friends even if we weren't blood. On a personal level we have all become great business women and have grown to understand and love people truly.

Crown of Beauty: You've had some amazing experiences together as sisters. Going on tour, meeting fans, and traveling the world...what are some of your favorite moments? Would you like to share a memory when you girls thought, "Wow, we will remember this forever."?  

Everlife: We have had ALOT of those moments. From the first time singing in front of 16,000+ people to singing for a crowd of 8 with nothing, in other countries. There has been so many " HOLY CRAP" moments and being able to share them with your best friends is a gift, and we would never take that for granted. Before we go on stage we always say, " Forever Together, Together Forever, Always." That means through thick and thin, under bright lights or a dark place, on stage or off... Its a promise we plan on keeping until we're dead or too old and senile to remember it. :) 

Crown of Beauty: What makes this album different from the rest? 

Everlife: This album was written to close a chapter, I think that would be the biggest difference. Melodies, harmonies, lyrics and ideas that we have wanted to get out for so long. The album tells our story in a lot of ways. Even the cover has little secrets planted in the photo that speak of our childhood and our journeys together. It is uncomfortably honest to those who truly know every story, and those who don't, still connect because that is what we have always been about. We didn't have rules for this record, we went into our first session saying, " Welp! Lets write whatever comes out." It is not strictly pop rock either. We wanted to have a lot of diversity.

Everlife: Christian's In Hollywood...

Crown of Beauty: You've had many "worldly" experiences, and have had to learn to be "in the world but not of it." What's been the hardest about this journey? 

Everlife: Honestly, we have all really kept each other accountable on the road. Even though we are three different people, as Everlife we are one entity. If one does something ridiculous we all look ridiculous! Hahaha. We respected each other enough to talk about our struggles and questions on the road, and also had accountability back home with our church, family and friends.  

Crown of Beauty: Have there been moments when people in Hollywood have asked, "What's different about you?" Have you been able to witness to crew members or tour friends with your lives? 

Everlife: Yes! We loved that question actually. We have always been fans of living out our faith and loving others well. Whether it was crew members on a tour, band members or even the person who printed the day sheets, we love making friends and encouraging anyone and everyone we meet. That was our ministry off stage.. Mama taught us well, and I think people started to see we were happy in a different way, and they wanted a part of that. We are not perfect by any means though, everyone has a break down here and there, but for the most part, one of us has always been sane at some point!

Crown of Beauty: You've had some hard decisions to make. What's the hardest thing you've done to stand up and be a light for Christ?

Everlife: In one of our old set lists, there was a part where we would sing Amazing Grace acapella. The response that we would get after shows was mostly from parents thanking us for not being afraid to sing about truth in a secular environment, for their children.. But there was this one show. A big one. One of the "Most important shows you're ever going to play, so here is what you are going to say, not say, sing and not sing" kind of shows. We were told to take Amazing Grace out of our set.. so we did. We erased it from the paper but sang it anyway... The faces on the ones who told us not to, turned different shades of red to white in a split second. but we kept going. One of my favorite moments. We had made the decision to sing it without even talking about it. We just walked up to the mic and did what we felt was right. Turns out the "big wig" that we were supposed to impress and “not offend with our personal faith" absolutely loved it, and we got a standing ovation. :)

Crown of Beauty: What advice would you give girls who want to do what you've done and enter the world stage?

Everlife: The advice that we got from a powerful woman once was, "Don't let anybody tell you who you are."

We held onto those words and stuck to our guns. Sometimes I wish we would have listened though, when we look back at some of the outfits we chose for ourselves but hey! we liked em. 

I would also say, to know and understand your passion. If you want a platform, figure out what you want to say from it first before you walk up to it blindly. If you let someone else mold your words, your look, your love... it will only end with you being confused. Know what you want, and love what you do. Life is too short to be confused...

Oh and practice a lot. ;)  

Everlife: About The Girls

Crown of Beauty: My favorite Everlife song is, "What's Beautiful." It has such a powerful message for girls. What would you tell a girl who is struggling to believe she is beautiful? 

Julia: My big sister Sarah used to tell me when I was feeling insecure, to look in the mirror and say aloud the things that I love about myself. It's super awkward, but speaking things aloud have so much power and are easier to believe when you hear them and listen. Tell yourself that you are beautiful in more ways that you can see, that you are a masterpiece. It's not a lie, the lie is what makes you feel bad about yourself, the truth is what makes you feel worthy of a compliment. 

Crown of Beauty: So many girls face bullying everyday. They get slammed and torn down if they "dare to be different." What advice would you give to a little sister if she was going through something like that?

Amber: I think I would say, remember that it isn't your fault if someone is bullying you, and that you 100% need to tell someone about it. Too many times people are bullied and hold in the hurt and the shame of it, but that only gives power to the bully. I felt strongly about this and have recently illustrated a children's book that my sister-in-law Heidi wrote for her 3rd grade class, entitled
"It Could Happen...On the Bus." It's a book about how to tell if someone is bullying you and what to do about it!   

Crown of Beauty: Whether we are Christians in Hollywood or average girls trying to survive middle school, God is calling all of us to stand up for what's right. How can we find the courage to be bold for Christ? 

Sarah: I think for me I have realized that it all comes down to knowing that your identity is in Him, not in what you've done, what's been done to you, or what you do for a living. If you can find your strength in Him and your confidence in Him, then it's a lot easier to be bold and courageous in what you believe. 

Crown of Beauty: Where is your favorite place you've traveled?        

Amber: Touring this globe gave us some remarkable places to visit, unfortunately most of the time we would only see the venue and the hotel! But we were able to spend a good amount of time in England, which I absolutely loved! I also really love the Pacific Northwest in America, it's otherworldly.. And one more is Interlaken, Switzerland, it's what I think Narnia looks like.       

Crown of Beauty: What's your biggest fashion advice for summer 2013? 

Julia: I love crop tops in the summer time! I don't really know what my fashion favs will be yet for this summer. I think I have unconsciously pinned them all though, so when I'm ready to go shopping I'll use my Pinterest as my guideline!  ;) 

Crown of Beauty: What is your favorite summertime food? 

Sarah: Oh man...I LOVE fruits and veggies! That's one thing I love about summer, all the fresh foods...and honestly I think my fav summertime food would be a big ole salad with spinach, grilled chicken, dried cranberries, sliced almonds and peaches w/ a balsamic vinaigrette ! Yum :) 

Crown of Beauty: Who is your favorite Disney Princess? (And why?) 

Julia: I love Jasmine. I love that she has a tiger as a pet. I think Aladdin is hot, and I have always wanted my hair to be that long. Hence the extensions fiasco of '08 ...eesh.

Amber: My favorite was always Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I loved that she was always reading, like me, and that she could quickly see past people's outer shell and accept who they were inside. Plus, she was a brunette and so was I. :)

Sarah: I was going to say Jasmine, but Julia took that one ;) I have always loved Cinderella because she's a hard worker and believes in true love.

Which Disney Princess are you most like? Take our quiz to find out!

Check out Everlife's newest offering, "Coming Home."

And, check out their album, "At The End of Everything" available on iTunes!

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