25 sparkly christmas party ideas

25. Serve Some Melted Olaf!
It's Greek Vanilla Yogurt with all the fancy fixings of a snowman! Add candy googly eyes, a candy orange carrot nose, and of course some candy stick arms!

24. Make a Winter Wonderland Marshmallow Garland! 
Use a needle to thread mini marshys on a string.

23. It's All About the Party Colors
Use blue and white streamers, blue and white balloons, and cut out paper snowflakes to decorate your wintery party space.
Your snack table can coordinate as well! Serve Chex Mix with blue and white M&M's, or make everybody's favorite puppy chow and call it "Reindeer Chow!"  

22. For All Those WHO'S Down In WHOVILLE
Invite all your friends to come dressed up like WHO'S from the classic Dr. Suess tale The Grinch!
Let your friends know that you'll be having a Crazy Hair Contest. Give a prize to the guest who wears the wildest Who-Do!

21. Serve Hot Chocolate in Snowmen Cups! 
This can easily be achieved by purchasing several plastic mugs, and drawing adorable faces on them with colorful Sharpies. 

20. Time For Some Reindeer Games!
Serve powdered-white donuts and call them "Snowballs". To turn this treat into a game, hang donuts on a stick with long string, and have your friends tie their hands behind their backs. The object of this game?
The "reindeer" must eat the whole donuts...without using their hands!
Chances are, they will get a light powder dusting on their faces...and everyone will do a lot of laughing! 
Don't forget to snap some photos!

19. Dazzle Your Guests
These chocolate cupcakes with wintery icing are just darling! Learn how to make them here.

18. Festive Party Favors
Use empty toilet paper rolls and fill them with small stocking stuffers, such as candy, chap-stick, notes of encouragement, ect. Decorate the rolls with pretty wrapping paper or tissue paper. Use ribbons and bows to tie off the ends. Give them to all of your friends as a special "Thank you snow much for coming!" gift. 

17. An Icy-Cream Buffet
Supply a spread of everyone's favorite ice-cream buffet toppings. Serve the ice cream in Penguin Mugs! 

16. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! 
How many ornaments are on your tree? Have your guests guess as soon as they arrive. Give them several moments to guess (no counting allowed!)
Write down their answers on paper, and give a prize to the winner who estimates the closest number.

15. Snowball Fight [Minute to Win It Style]
You will need a pack of ping pong balls, and a few styrofoam "snow balls". Two guests can play as a team.
Place 4 styrofoam balls on pedestals, such as tall kitchen stools. 
Each member will stand on the opposite side of one another, and bounce the ping-pong balls off the floor, attempting to knock the styrofoam balls off their pedestals. Players must complete this task in 60 seconds or less!
To make it more difficult, simply add more styrofoam balls.  

14. Merry Fishmas! 
Gather chopsticks, large candy canes, and small candy canes. Two or more players can compete at a time. Each player must hold the chopsticks in his/her mouth, and hook 4 of the smaller candy canes, hanging off the edge of a table. Whoever "catches" the most candy canes, wins!
[The video below explains how to play. :]

13. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
Create your own Build a Snowman Station!
Use powdered donuts and playful candies to make an adorable little one-of-a-kind (and totally eatable!) creation. 

12. Do You Wanna Watch a Movie?
Cuddle up with one of your favorite Christmas movies. If your idea tank is running on low, here are some of our favorites! 
-The Nativity Story
-The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (not exactly Christmas-y, but it deff fits the winter theme!)
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas
-Samantha an American Girl Holiday 
-Felcity an American Girl Adventure
-Frozen (did you really think we could skip this one?!)
-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (It's a classic!)

11. Mini Milk Cups
These mini milk cups are perfect for your movie viewing time! Who wouldn't love a yummy chocolate chip cookie with a cup of holiday cheer? 

10. Christmas Karaoke! 
Time to break out the Christmas tunes! Take turns singing karaoke with everyone's favorite songs!

9. Make Your Own Snow Globes 
This is a great gift-making idea!
Fill your mason jar with Christmas-y decorations or figurines. Glue them to the lid and flip your jar upside down. Fill your jar almost to the top with water, and add a pinch of glitter, as well as glycerin. Glycerin will keep the glitter from falling too quickly. Don't add too much, or it will stick to the bottom of the jar when flipped over. Put the lid on tightly.  Ta, da! 

8. Wish Your Cake was As Cool As This One.
We love the idea of attaching a clean glass fishbowl to the top of your cake, and making it look like a snow globe! It's so inspirational! We only wish that we could make cakes as cool as this one. :P  

7. Host a Trendy Hot Chocolate Bar 
What a perfect idea! Guests will have a blast using all these cute elements such as candy canes, marshmallows, and ingredients in Mason Jars (because everything is cuter in a jar!) to create a dreamy drink. 

6. Extreme Christmas Nutstacker 
Using a candy cane, and 8 nuts [the kind from the hardware store, not the candy store!] players must stack up all 8 of the nuts into a tall tower!
This game is especially great for players looking for a unique challenge!

5. Holiday Nails
No party is complete without adorable nails. 
Give your friends festive manicures, with the option of either Candy Cane Stripes, or Snowflake Nails.
For Candy Cane Stripes, apply your base coat of bright red nail polish, and let dry. With white polish, paint two diagonal lines across the middle of each nail. Go back and fill in the space between those two lines to make a thick one. Then add two more thin lines. Continuing with the candy cane pattern, paint the top and bottom corners of your nails if there is space left you'd like to fill with the white polish. 

4. Snowflake Nails
For Snowflake Nails, apply a base coat of blue, let dry, then add some light sparkle glitter. Use your white polish to paint a plus sign +
slightly off center on each nail. It should look like a long star. With a dotting tool (or bobby pin) turn your plus sign into a star. Dot the edges, to turn it into a snowflake! Repeat on your other nails, varying the placement of your snowflakes and polka dots. 

3. This Party Just Got A Little More Frozen!
If you're just as fanatical as we are about Frozen, play with the theme and invite your friends to come dressed as their favorite characters from the movie.  
Serve blue jello cubes labeled as "Ice Chunks". 
Or, make white chocolate-covered strawberries and call them "Frozen Hearts." 
Wear your hair like Queen Elsa.
Check out the complete photo tutorial below!

2. Grinch Grapes! 
Use a green grape, a thin slice of banana, a strawberry, and a mini marshmallow, all stacked on a tooth pick to make mini Grinch appetizers, who are all wearing Christmas hats!   

1. The Perfect Tree
Can your guests create the perfect tree? The object of this game is to stack 36 red plastic cups to erect a Christmas Tree pyramid. 
Sound simple? 
The tricky part is deconstructing it once it's been built, by sliding the cups down diagonally to create a single stack. 
You've got 60 seconds! GO! 

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