Add a dash of Bibbity-Bobbity-BooTIFUL to your wardrobe this summer! 

Warm, tranquil, relaxed summer nights are the perfect time to escape the daily ho-hum of reality, and attend a royal ball!

Okay, so maybe we can't all hop on a carriage and get swept away to a regal party (bummer!) but there are still some surefire ways to add a dash of Disney Magic to our summer style!

Let me just grab my fabulous product-wand and share this magical roundup of Cinderella Style wardrobe-must-haves, darling accessories, sparkly stickers, and more! 

once upon a dress

How ADORABLE is this little cornflower blue frock?! 

This darling vintage gem from Edison's Place on Etsy, reminded me so much of Cinderella's classic look.  

Perfect for an afternoon on the town, a tea date with friends, or a day spent at home watching Disney+, this dress truly expresses all those nostalgic Cinderella vibes. 


Cara's Closet Blue Cinderella Dress 

My second favorite look, is this sweet, tea-party-style dress from True Value Vintage

It most definitely begs for a ball to be held in it's honor! 

You might not have any upcoming masquerade balls on your calendar this summer (understandable) but can you imagine how fun this would be for a wedding shower, girls night out, or even a classy church-picnic-look?

Yes please!  

don't forget the bling...

No ensemble is complete without the bling! 

I love these pearls from Polka Dot Drawer, because they remind me of the adorable scene when Gus-Gus and Jaq were trying to get the pearl necklace past Lucifer!  

...and the bag

Cinderella Castle Wallet

Don't mind me, I'm just over here fangirling over this darling, pink castle wallet from The Mouselets

With a simple nod to Disney magic, this sweet clutch bag is perfect for sprinkling any occasion with pixie dust...without going too over the top on your Disney-theming. ;) 

a dream is a wish your heart makes 
(on your journal pages...)

Whenever I think about summertime, I instantly think, "More free time for journaling!"

Maybe I'm unique in my desire to spend warm evenings tucked away upstairs, letting my pen go wild along with my imagination, but for me, the turn of a new season means it's time for a new journal! 

I fell in L-O-V-E with this upcycled journal. Doesn't it feel like something Cinderella would've written in after the ball, detailing her unforgettable night with the Prince?

magical stickers

Magical Sticker Studio

Confession time. 

My name is Livy Lynn, I am in my mid-twenties, and I have a severe obsession with stickers. 


I said it. 

One of my bucket-list items is to have a HUGE collection of Disney-themed-stickers! And what better way to begin this feat then with this amazing selection of fun at the Magical Sticker Studio?  

paris is always a good idea

Eiffel Tower Paris Sticker

Not only is Paris always a good idea, I also believe that all-things-French are very much Cinderella approved!

The famous "girl-and-her-slipper" fairytale is rumored to have originated in the heart of a French author, Charels Perrault. 

And while it's debatable whether or not he actually came up with the idea (Historians believe that a similar story was told in Ancient Egypt!) Charel's rendition of the fairytale was a huge inspiration for Walt Disney's beloved retelling, so that's just French enough for me to believe that Cinderella herself may have been French! 

If she was, the poor girl probably never made it to Paris while living with her nasty step-sisters. They probably took frequent trips and bragged all about the city of lights, while Cinderella was left at home to do the chores. Shame on them.

This adorable Eiffel Tower Sticker from Fern and Pine Co. is perfect for our Cinderella theme! 


I firmly believe that a girl can never have too many stickers or decals! They're perfect for decorating office supplies, notebooks, many fun uses for them! 

And, they seriously make the sweetest little gifts.

These inexpensive treats are like stocking-stuffers for regular ole' just-because-life-is-special-occasions! 

My favorites are a fun, Cinderella-themed lineup from Pineapple Printers on Etsy

Pineapple Printers = Sheer Cuteness 

my favorite cinderella character
of all time 

Is anyone else as obsessed with Gus-Gus as I am?! 

For such a little guy, he has SUCH a big heart. 

(And, much like myself, a big appetite! Haha.) 

This sticker from Vida Vintage is officially my favorite! 

a room fit for royalty

Do we really need words for this one? 

I think not. 

Perhaps the reason I relate so hard to this pillow, is because one of my biggest dreams in life is to own a castle in the French countryside! 

Anyway, trying to get back on topic (it's so hard not to get distracted by castles! Anyone else relate? Haha!)
I love this floral print from Pillow Details

It's so Cinderella-esque and I feel like it would be such a darling way to incorporate some of that classic, French, summertime floral feel into my little attic bedroom upstairs!

just 'cause they're cute...

Well, that rounds up today's Cinderella Summer Style post! If you enjoyed this fun feature, comment below and let us know what one item you can't live without!

And then go grab it! :D

We adore all of these Etsy shops and hope you've found a new favorite here as well!

Thank you for supporting small businesses like these. Disney-fanatics like us are the lifeblood of these online shops and boutiques! Your business really does mean SO much, so thank you in advance for supporting them! <3 

Gus-Gus and Jaq are the CUTEST. So I had to add these. ;) Okay, the end! :D

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