Common Hair Mistakes
And How To Fix Them! :) 

What does your daily hair routine look like? Are you damaging your hair or making it healthier? Check out this check list of most common hair mistakes and make sure that you don't have any of them marked off!

Read on to discover clever ways to prevent these hair mishaps. Some girls don't realize that the daily things they do with their hair actually damages it.

Hair Trends: Follow The Line or Leave 'Em Behind?

Blindly follow hair trends that pop up on Pinetrest and Tumblr isn't always the best idea. Choosing the hairstyle that's right for you should be determined by several factors, such as bone structure, eye color, and hair texture. But most importantly, your hair should, match your personality! Don't follow the crowd just because it's “trendy.” You definitely don't want a hairstyle that is completely not you!

Don't Fight Your Natural Hair: Her Mind Is Made Up!

As girls, we must pick our battles. Don't declare war against your hair! Quite often, girls try to resist the way their hair naturally desires to flow. If you have a cowlick, or stubborn place your hair is always trying to part in a certain spot, allow your hair to have her way. It just wont look right if you chose to rebel. If your 'do' requires torture just to look good, it's not worth the trouble! Go with your natural look. At the end of the day, it will look so much better!

Girl, You've Got Waayyyyy Too Much Product!

Many girls tend to plop product on top of their heads instead of spreading it around nicely, which flattens hair instead of volumizing it. Try this instead, rub a dollop of product in your palms, then run your hands through the under side of your hair and work it in at the roots. Another simple cure is to get a great, low maintenance cut that won't need as much product in the first place!

The Wet Hair Brush Scare.

Brushing wet hair can get nasty. Hair can get caught in the bristles of the brush, then make it brittle and snap off, which causes split ends. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb. If you have really tangley or dry hair, try different deep conditioners to help with the tangles & dryness. I have really fine/tangley hair and I use Dove deep conditioner every time I'm in the shower. It works amazingly! Also, use a wide-toothed comb in your shower. After using conditioner, comb through your hair while in the shower, that way when you get out, it will already be detangled and will only need little combing.

Get a Trim!

You should get regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks or sooner. Of course, this depends on your hair length. Short hairstyles tend to lose shape faster than longer hair. Many girls tend to just go without trims until they're at the length that they want, but this is a real mistake. If you chose to get zero trims then your hair becomes thin and stringy at the ends. If you get split ends and don't trim them off, they travel up your hair shaft and break off. Yikes!

As you can see, the most common hair mistakes are easily prevented! Remove your headache-hair problems by following my advice, then let me know how it goes! :)


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