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Today's post is all about Cove Creek, an all natural, small batch body care company! 

Here at Crown of Beauty, we love partnering with brands that promote a lifestyle of health and wholeness! Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs toxins like crazy, so it's really important to take care when we consider what we put on it

Showing TLC to our skin is vital...everything our skin absorbs goes directly to our bloodstream. 

I believe that when it comes to stewarding our temples (these beautiful bodies God has given us!) it isn't just about what we eat: what we put on our skin and hair is just as important! 

I'm excited to introduce you to Jill Wong, a consultant for Cove Creek. She was so kind to send me some products to try out in the mail, so I'll be reviewing them here! :)  

behind the brand 

Cove Creek was founded in North Carolina on a humble, hard working, family farm. The brilliant use of goat milk in skin and haircare products has some fabulous health benefits. 

Goat milk is cherished for it's natural abundance of a variety of vitamins, A, B6, B12, and E. The milk also contains selenium, which is a mineral with antioxidants! 

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of goats milk and how the goats at Cove Creek are cared for, you can check out their website!

peppermint bliss

Jill was so kind to send me several products to try out. The first product, is their Shampoo Bar

I have to admit, I got a bit of a kick out of the fact that the bar looked like a circle of cheese. Maybe this is a normal occurrence, but for me, I'd never seen a Shampoo Bar before! (I know, I know, sheltered much? Haha!)

Upon opening the package, I was hit with an invigorating whiff of peppermint! 

Peppermint oil is my favorite essential oil (well, maybe it's tied with lavender, but it's right up there at the top!). Peppermint oil has so many health benefits (and it just smells amazing) so I was delighted to realize it was one of the ingredients in this shampoo! 

As a girl with thick hair, I've had trouble finding an all natural, non-toxic shampoo I can really enjoy and use on a regular basis. So I was very excited to try this! 

The instructions said to run the bar over my scalp 3 to 5 times, then massage my scalp with my fingers, to create suds. 

At first, I was doubtful that such a little amount would get very sudsy. But I was wrong! 

As I continued to massage my scalp, I was able to get enough coverage to use it comfortably. 

I loved the peppermint scent and something about the smell is so invigorating to to the senses! It really helped to wake me up that morning, haha! 

Jill also sent a conditioner, which smells just as amazing and is working just beautifully for me! 

glowing face

As much as I'm enjoying the shampoo, my favorite product she sent is the Totally Clean Facial Cleanser!

I'm very cautious about what I put on my face, as I have sensitive skin. I've only been using the cleanser a few days so far and I LOVE how my face feels after using it. 

I can truly feel the oils and dead skin exfoliating away, and I love the gentle glow that comes after using it. :) 

The directions say to use a small amount, and I was surprised at how little I needed to use to get my face clean! That tells me one bottle will last a long time, which makes me excited, because I may need to order some after this! It's quickly become part of my morning routine. 

I would 100% recommend getting your hands on this if you're looking for a gentle, refreshing face cleaner!

One of the most unique things Jill sent, was the Konjac Sponge

Konjac is a root vegetable grown is Asia that looks like an oddly shaped potato. 

Konjac sponges are growing in popularity. They're great for gently exfoliating your skin, so when used in partnership with the Facial Cleanser, I can see why it works so well! 

It's been so much fun trying these products out, and I give my thumbs up approval on them all, but really recommend the Cleanser! 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to explore Cove Creek and let me know what you think after trying the Totally Clean cleanser for yourself!

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