Creative Collaboration

“The beauty of collaboration between older and younger generations is that we combine strength with wisdom—a surefire way to accomplish more for the glory of God.”
-Brett Harris 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
-Helen Keller   
We were each created for a unique purpose. Our insides have been crafted together by God with passions, gifts, desires, and quirks. We each represent a different part of His heart. We're like puzzle pieces. We are the Body of Christ. The fingers need the toes. The eyes cannot be the heart...but the heart so desperately needs the eyes. We need each other!

So here we go, ready to embark together into our creative collaboration projects!

What Is Our Creative Collaboration Project?  
You've each been divided into teams. Originally, the idea was going to be for each team to create their own "mini-issue" of Crown of Beauty Magazine. It would be a great way to practice, hone your skills, and have some fun...but the plans have changed (again!).
I need you girls. I need you to co-create the upcoming PDF issue of Crown of Beauty!  

Now, for those of you who just had a mini heart attack...hang with me for a sec. The idea of creating a full fledge 80 page issue within a month sounds insane, right? Well, it sure would if you were doing it on your own! But you're not.

There are thirty of us girls.

I created our premier release, The Beauty Issue back in November, within a month. It was crazy, outlandish and a tad bit stressful...but God's grace for that task was breathtaking. He pulled everything off flawlessly, and right on time. Now, if one girl could do something like that with Christ living in her, imagine what THIRTY of us can do?!

Are you beginning to get excited? I hope so! Because I truly cannot wait to see how God is going to use each of you.

The Royalty Issue: The Vision

As I mentioned in our Creative Writing Lesson, it's important to share your vision with others, so that they can see where we're going. I'd like to share the vision for The Royalty Issue.

When our readers open their PDF file, we want it to feel like they're entering an enchanted castle. We want them to touch the cold-stone wall with their numb fingertips, and gasp because their fairytale dreams are becoming a reality. We want every word to be sprinkled in splendor, God-breathed, with a trace of majestic stardust.

We want the very apnosphere of this issue to feel as if our readers have entered the wonderment of God's heart. The themes for this issue are: Jesus as the bridegroom, us as His royal bride, boys, relationships, true love, and true fairytales.

It's no surprise that our articles will feature Disney Princesses from a Biblical perspective and regal characters like Esther, David, and others from the Bible. We can also use royalty themed movies, TV shows, music, or anything else as an example to compare, contrast, and magnify the truth of understanding our royalty identity.  

We also want our pages to be sprinkled with bright splashes of color, adorable pics, princess inspired fashion ideas, crafts, party ideas, and interviews!  

Sound like something would like to turn into a reality? Let's do this!

The Job List! Tasks To Tackle:

-We need a colorful cover girl! Would anyone like to do a photo-shoot with their friends? Idea of a fun, appropriate, modest cover to the right. (American Girl was my favorite as a lil' girl!)

-Princess/Modesty Inspired Fashion Ideas

-Shopping Tips (?)

-Bible Studies/Devo articles

-Craft ideas & photographs of them

-Party planning ideas

-Real life stories

-Interviews with Christian artists, bands, or other inspiring people (would love to do King and Country, Anthem Lights, Franny B, Jamie Grace, Britt Nicole or Kari Jobe....but we shall see ;)

-Advice for dating verses waiting

-Cute love stories about God's faithfulness in true love

-Pretty much anything princess themed!

(Random question: does anyone have Photoshop? Any graphic designers in the house? My 30 day free trial expired, so just wondering!:)

What we have so far: #SingleGirlProbs Cimorelli Shares What To Do On Valentines Day! , What Makes a True Prince Charming? Jonny Diaz Gives The Scoop,
+ articles about Prince Phillip, Belle, Mulan, Snow White, and article by sister ministry Becoming Esther.

Assignment Details:  

Each team will create a spread of 10 pages. These pages can be filled with whatever you and your team members choose. What will God place on your heart to bring to life? Who will take the pics? What will you write about? Every team will discover everyone's own unique gifting's and use each others' strengths! Maybe someone on your team hates writing and would rather take pictures or do crafts. Maybe two girls want to do all the writing, another the interview, and someone else share party ideas. It's totally up to your team!
If you want to create more than 10 pages, that's okay. :) Anything extra that doesn't fit in the issue, we will post on our website as free content!

We need everything turned in by January 31st. The issue will be released in February!

Important notes:
If you will not be able to participate in this project, let your team members know ASAP. If two girls drop out of a group, we'll need to place replace the remaining member. 

We cannot promise that we'll publish everything you submit. We truly have to choose the best, and if we feel it's not the quality we want, we won't use it in the issue. But we will put it on our website! :) So don't feel like any work will be wasted, because even if it doesn't make the cut for this issue, it will be used.

You will be able to earn money. When the project is finished, you'll be given an affiliate code with which family and friends can use to purchase the issue. You'll earn 50% commission off each issue sold with your code. 

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