Quiz! Which Disney Dream Dude
is Right For YOU?

Your parents are planning a trip to Disney World! What are you most excited about doing at the Magic Kingdom?

A) Watch fireworks explode at the Cinderella Castle. How whimsical and romantic!

B) Space Mountain! The exhilarating rides are what make the park fun.

C) I would rather go to Sea World instead.

D) The Magic Carpet Ride. Take me on all the kiddy rides. I can't handle anything too crazy.

E) The food. I'll hang out at my favorite ice-cream shop, sit on a bench, and watch for cute boys.

F) Watching the characters interact and perform onstage, that has to be the most fun.

Which words best describe the guy you last had a crush on? 

A) Blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect smile.

B) Funny, charismatic, and always makes you laugh.

C) Serious and sensitive, with brown eyes and a kind heart.

D) Quiet and mysterious.

E) Confident, adorable, and a little bit cocky.

F) Loves to argue with you, always wants to be right, and drives you a little bit crazy.

What classic Disney song are you always singing? 

A) A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella 

Hakunna Matatta from the Lion King 

C) The Start of Something New from High School Musical 

D) A Whole New World from Aladdin

What Dreams Are Made Of from the Lizzie McGuire Movie

Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast

Movie night! What are you watching?

A) Pride and Prejudice. I love the romantic way of speaking, dancing, and the handsome men!

B) The Avengers. I choose all action, all the time.

C) Star Wars. Nothing like some classic adventure and sifi!

D) The Hunger Games. Suspence.
Romance. Josh Hutcherson. End of story.

E) Finding Nemo. I love Disney movies. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

F) Princess Diaries. Me, a Princess? Why, yes I am!

 If you could date one of the following guys in Hollywood, who would you choose?

A) Josh Hutcherson. He's sweet, charming, sensible, and oh so cute.

B) Zac Efron. The handsome boy next door.

C) Harry Styles. Beautiful eyes for the win.

D) Joe Jonas. Tall, dark and handsome. What more could a girl ask for?

E) Loius Tomilson. He's cute, quirky, and always goofing off.

F) Taylor Lautner. He doubles as a were-wolf!

What is your dream date? 

A) A romantic, candle lit dinner at a fancy restaurant, followed by an extravagant fireworks display.

B) An exciting horseback ride. We would get a chance to talk, and then race!

C) Swimming with dolphins. What could be more fun then that?

D) Skydiving. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

E) An ice-cream date. We would hit our favorite shops downtown, then gallivant through the toy-store.

F) A sweet afternoon picnic in the park, with quiet time to read and watch the waves.

Take a snapshot!
How do you picture your life ten years from now? 

A) Happily married, in a beautiful home, standing by my husband with with one son and one daughter.

B) Married, living on a large farm with my amazing man, raising a van full of kids.

C) It doesn't matter, just as long as I'm doing something I love with the people I love. 

D) Doing ministry alongside my husband, traveling the world, encouraging and uplifting him to be anyone he wants to be. 

E) On stage performing! (Hopefully getting chased down by a dude who plays guitar ;).

F) Owner of a small bookstore downtown, loving and caring for troubled inner city kids, teaching them how to read.

Tally up your score!

If you got mostly A's...
The glass slipper fits! You were made for
Prince Charming!
The idea of the perfect happily ever after has always captivated you. You love guys who have it all together, the looks, the brains, and the heart...you want the whole package! You won't settle for anything less then what a princess deserves...which is a true prince. That's awesome girl! Let your heart keep dreaming as you continue waiting and praying for your prince charming. He will be more amazing then you dreamed possible!

If you got mostly B's...
Here he comes, riding in on his trusty steed! Girl, get ready for
Prince Phillip!
You dream of a guy who is adventurous, can make you laugh, and live life with passion and courage. You've been waiting for a guy like Phillip to gallop onto this page, and escort you into the next chapter of life. Keep dreaming girl, and remember that God is writing your love story. He has written your once upon a time, and He will be faithful to complete your Happily Ever After!

If you got mostly C's...
Sha, la, la, la, kiss the girl!
Prince Eric is your dream Disney dude! Your heart has longed for someone compassionate, caring, sensitive, and fearless...you truly desire a prince that looks like Jesus! Your Prince Eric is totally out there, and you can start praying for him today. Read on to find a special prayer to lift up over your prince!

If you got mostly D's...
You want a guy whose going to take you to a Whole New World. You ideal man looks like
Aladdin. Opposites always attract, and it sounds like you desire someone who is going to show you life from a different perspective, sweetly steal your heart, and take you on a Magic Carpet Ride!

If you got mostly E's...
Look out ladies! This girl is waiting for her
Flynn Rider!
Okay, just admit it. That cocky, carefree, live-life on the edge attitude, is pretty attractive to you. You may not be the type of girl who likes to take risks, so you feel the need to find someone who will bring out the, “crazy” side of your personality.
The Flynn Rider's in this world are special. They've got so much potential inside to become strong, caring, world-changing guys...but as we know, guys like this can also use a little extra prayer! Read on to discover a really cool prayer you can speak over your future Flynn Rider!

If you got mostly F's...
You're a beauty who could easily fall in love with a beast like,
Prince Adam!
You have eyes to see unlocked potential in the guys around you. Not every girl has the special ability to look at the Beast and see something beyond that...but you see with the eyes of a princess, and proclaim that he is a prince! You're probably looking forward to the day that you can dance around to a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme...and see your love story reach it's Happily Ever After. Hang in there girl! The Author is creating something beautiful.

I believe that God has chosen a Prince Charming out for me. I believe he has one for you as well! He's out there somewhere, and is growing in his faith and personality just like you are! Here's an example of Disney Prince Prayers you can pray over your future man!

Lord I pray that my Prince Phillip...
would know that I'm his princess worth fighting for. Make him gutsy and determined to serve you with his whole heart. Make him bold like Paul and gentle like David. I pray that he would be in it for the long haul, and that he would look like You. May he spell out the true definition of love. Make him to be patient, kind and kept no record of wrongs…
May he truly be a man operating at his highest God-given potential.

Lord I pray that my Prince Adam...
would be humble. Guard him from pride. Protect him from selfishness. Help me to be selfless in our relationship and to, like Princess Belle, have patient tenderness to call out and encourage the Prince I see in him. Wash his heart and mine with the water of Your Word, so that our relationship can be clean, pure and lovely before You.

Lord I pray that my Aladdin...
would be guarded from deception. Protect him from the lying, manipulating enemy. Make my man true, real and genuine. Remind him that he doesn't have to be perfect...just real. May he never pretend to be something he's not, and help our relationship be transparent. Help us to encourage each other and share not only good times, but also fears, tears, and forgiveness.

Lord I pray that my Flynn Ryder...
would be charming, witty, and attractive! Make his God given personality shine. Guard him from getting puffed up, being afraid of what others think, and putting on a mask of bravado. Help me to always encourage, uplift, and think about him positively. I desire to be his biggest admirer, cheerleader, and fan girl! Protect him from other girls who might try to snatch him up. Make him all mine!

Lord I pray that my Prince Charming...
Would look like You! I ask that He would know where true perfection comes from...You and You alone. Mold His heart to be like Yours. Remind him that he is predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ. Lead him by Your Spirit and encourage Your amazing son!

Lord I pray that my Prince Eric...
Would battle fiercely against the enemy's wicked schemes. Make him a warrior who will take your kingdom by force! Teach him how to use the Sword of your Word to fight for righteousness, justice, and those who cannot speak up for themselves. I pray that he would have a strong desire to protect and guard me!

Lord I pray that my Peter Pan...
Would have a childlike faith. Nurture and encourage those childhood dreams, those desires You've placed deep inside him. Give him the faith to move mountains, and reach every dream You've placed inside. Remind him that with you, all things are possible. Restore a childlike wonder as he enters your kingdom and learns to fly with you. Faith, trust, and pixie dust…

Lord I pray that my Prince Naveen...
Would be mature in You. Remove all the immature, frog-like behavior. Make him a leader. Fix his heart on You and on being devoted to his future wife. Help him to avoid the temptation of other girls, of alcohol, drugs and all sorts of worldly things that would try to get him off track. They will not prevail, but instead the promises over his life will conquer. He is your son, and my prince! Help me not to be falling for frogs along the way, but to keep all my love stored up for him.

Lord I pray that my Captain John Smith...
would have perseverance. Enable him with Your grace to push through trials, live above the influence of this world, and fight for what he believes in. Make him a pioneer of change who will cut down trees and hills of impossibility, and be a forerunner to pave the way for other guys! Make him a bold and courageous leader like Joshua, ready his hands and fingers for war on behalf of this generation, and make me like his Pocahontas who can partner with, serve, protect and love him.

Lord I pray that my Prince...
Will be brave, willing to change and be molded into who he was created to be, relentless in his pursuits, and handsome in heart, yet with his own set of flaws. May he be courageous, still possesing a healthy amount of childlike wonder and faith, eager to forgive, and never stop fighting for me. If I'm expecting a prince, I must be transformed into a princess. Help me to grow in honor, character and royalty. Thank You for my dear prince charming. I know he's on the way.

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