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Where Faith Grows is about finding all the places and spaces in life where faith can grow and flourish. It’s about busting out of the box we often find ourselves in and learning to take faith from a discipline on Sunday to a lifestyle of worship and praise in our everyday moments and experiences.

If I’m going to be very honest, I have to tell you that the Where Faith Grows Podcast was born out of my own personal experience. I am a perfectionist, and I let it take over my faith walk. I was stuck. I was stuck trying to do all the right things, be over-involved to the point of exhaustion, check all the boxes of expectation (both placed by myself and by others), and look like the perfect Christian girl we all want to be. Can anyone relate?

Finally, I hit a wall. I couldn’t keep up anymore. I grew tired of trying to look perfect, and I grew tired of the constant guilt I felt that I wasn’t doing enough. I was fighting a constant battle of being enough and looking like enough of a good Christian and I was losing. 

So I stopped.

I decided to take a huge step back in life. I re-evaluated a lot of my involvement, asking myself Is this for the benefit of sharing Jesus or is this just for me to feel better and look better? I walked away from a lot of things during that season, and I will be the first to tell you I didn’t do it perfectly. 

But in giving up the “faith checklist” I thought I needed, I found a new vitality in my faith journey. I started looking for Jesus everywhere. I started seeking out God in my everyday life, not just inside the box I had put Him in. I started being more transparent and vulnerable, showing my flaws and imperfections so that people could see that God works with anyone and everyone who will let Him, not just the perfect-looking people.

I learned something beautiful - God can be found anywhere and everywhere we look for Him. And that’s how Where Faith Grows was born.

In my podcast, I’m sitting down with women from all over the country and I’m sharing their stories of faith. Their stories of joy, of sadness, of heartache, of victory, of adventure, of passion, of learning, and so much more. Together, we look near and far for faith in every nook and cranny. Together we share their stories of faith found in the everyday, faith found in the big moments, the small moments, and the totally unexpected ones.

Because where faith is found, more faith can be cultivated.

I know many people out there are probably just like I was.

We have religion, and we may even be really good at it, but we want more. We know faith can be bigger. We want the faith we’ve read about in the New Testament. We want to see miracles, lives changed, maybe even change the world, but we feel stuck and don’t feel like we are truly making a difference.

That’s what this podcast is all about.

It’s about going on a journey to find and cultivate faith everywhere we can. Because when we invite faith to take root, it will grow like wildfire. And if we really believe in the God who gives and loves big faith, we really better believe He can use it and us to change our world.

That has been my ardent mission in starting Where Faith Grows, but I’ve also learned a lot along the way in my interviews with women and in my own experience. So I’d love to share with you a few practical ways you can get started today finding faith in your every day.



God did something beautiful when He gave us our passions and gifts. Not only do we love to use them, but He loves to watch us use them for His glory! Sometimes, I think it’s easy to get stuck in the box of thinking that if our gifts can’t be used in Church, they aren’t bringing glory to God. But, with a little creativity, any hobby or passion can be used as a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving for all you’ve been given. As you work or practice, simply give thanks for this gift. Ask God for ways you can use it to bless His people. Or, think larger scale and use your gift to change your corner of the world. Love to craft? Find a community center and share your skills. Love to make jewelry? Gift or sell it with a mission to share your favorite Bible verses. Any passion can be used to bring glory to God.


God was so brilliant in His creation of our world. Almost everything seems to serve a greater purpose, but then you round a corner and see a beautiful flower that almost appears like it was placed there just for your own enjoyment. Taking a walk is a great way to turn your faith from a discipline into a lifestyle, because it’s excellent practice in making your whole day a prayer. Walk outside and thank God for all He has given you. Talk to God about your day, like you're taking a walk with your dad. Marvel at all He has created and give thanks for that. These simple practices of communication and gratitude will seamlessly blend into other areas of your life when you make this an intentional part of your day. Have kids? Bring them along and talk together about the beauty of our Heavenly Father’s creation! 


I used to only listen to Christian music. I would honestly feel guilty branching out into other genres because I only wanted to spend that time in worship. But, when I started listening to broader types of music, I found that my faith didn’t have to live in that box either. Pop love songs turned into ways for me to tell Jesus how much I loved Him and all He did for me too. Singer-songwriter type songs turned into moments for me to thank God for the creativity and talent he placed in that artist. Classical music helped me calm and quiet my mind to sit still and listen to what God was trying to tell me that day. Make a playlist for yourself. Include some worship songs, but allow yourself to branch out and pick songs that you just really love and that speak to your soul. Listen to it while you workout, are at work, or just hanging out at home. See how God can breathe life and worship into any type of music. If you need help getting started, I have a playlist that has deeply inspired me and I regularly add songs and explain what they are teaching me about faith. You can find the most recent update for that playlist here.


Serving is a hard one sometimes, because if we are already heavily involved in our church ministries, we may feel like that’s all we do. But, I want to encourage you to step outside of that bubble and serve your neighbor. Serve your community. It doesn’t have to even take a lot of time. Bake a batch of cookies and bring them around to your neighbors. Take a Saturday afternoon and go serve at the soup kitchen. Host a backyard party at your house and invite your neighborhood over for ice cream sundaes. No agenda required for any of these - just love on your community and watch how God slowly helps you see people the way He does.


I love any and all Biblical examples and analogies of plants and growing things from the Earth. The Bible has so much insight to gain on this topic, from our mustard seed faith to remaining with the vine, and everything in between. Each and every time I get outside, get my hands in some dirt, and cultivate life in something, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness, His ability to grow new life in even the toughest of places, the importance of environment, living water, and so much more. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, I would love to encourage you to get even just one plant. Cultivate it, read what the Bible has to say about it, and reflect on God’s goodness. This is such a tangible way to see a beautiful metaphor of faith in action, and it always helps me find faith in this everyday moment. 

So there you have it, ladies! At Where Faith Grows, our mission is to help women see that faith can be found anywhere we look for it. God is around every corner, and He delights in showing you all the places and spaces He can work in your life. I sincerely hope these practical tips are helpful for you to grow faith in your everyday lives and to help you start thinking outside the box! Faith cannot be boxed in and still flourish to its fullest capacity. Start growing yours today and watch it spread like wildfire through your community. Before you know it, everyone you encounter will wonder What does she have? I want it too!  If you want more practical faith inspiration, subscribe over on my blog or follow me on Instagram @itslauralambert

Together, let’s change the world.

With Great Joy,

Laura Lambert.


Laura is a podcaster, blogger, and speaker based near Nashville, TN. She is wife to Matt, Mom to Henry, and dog-mom to two crazy pups, Flynn and Hank. With a degree in Social Work and certifications in Psychology and Education, she is passionate about finding the balance between faith and science. She loves understanding behavior and God’s design in how we think, process, and respond to life’s challenges and curveballs. She uses this passion to equip women with practical answers and insights into their spiritual and mental health.

Laura uses her podcast, Where Faith Grows, to encourage and inspire women to find new areas in their lives where faith can grow and flourish. As an avid Disney fan, frequent traveler, and a lover of photography and music, she likes to stay active and be a part of her local community. She loves making connections with people and finding joy and faith in the everyday. Laura adamantly believes that God can be found anywhere we look for Him and utilizes her platform to help women find this truth in order to transform their lives from the inside out.

Laura is an ardent supporter of women trying to build Christian businesses and blogs that inspire faith, so she loves to use her education background to equip them for success with tools that are readily available to them! She especially is passionate about helping women master Canva to build a brand that shines with their unique voice. If you want to learn more about Canva and other blogging resources, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@itslauralambert) and subscribe on her blog for frequent tips, updates, and Canva freebies! 

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