Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Crown of Beauty, we get a lot of email! So before you use the Contact Us form, take a peek at some of our FQA's and see if you answer is here. If not, feel free to drop us a line! 

Is Crown of Beauty Magazine in print? Can I purchase a subscription for myself, my daughter, or my friend?

We love getting this question. Sadly, Crown of Beauty is not currently in print. All of our issues are available to read for free online! But, if you're still looking for a way to get Crown of Beauty offline and into your hands, we have a fun answer for that!  Our book, Beauty, Boys and Ball Gowns is actually a huge compilation of all our favorite articles and interviews from past magazine issues! It's just like reading the magazine, but in a fun, in your hand, book format. We recommend it for all girls ages 13+!

Does it cost anything to read the magazine issues online?  

Nope, all of our digital issues are free! 

I'm using a mobile device and the digital issues don't seem to be working for me. Help? 

The landing page for each issue has a link which says "If you're using a mobile device click here to read." Follow that link, for whichever issue you're trying to read, and a format will open that is compatible for your phone, iPad, etc.

I'm using a computer and the digital issues are not loading for me! My computer is just so slow. 

We know how frustrating it can be to have turtle-like internet! Send us a message and we'll see about sending you a PDF copy, off the internet, to enjoy. 

I would love to write for your magazine, or submit a blog post for your website! Can I do that? 

Yes! Please use the Contact Us form to pitch your ideas and suggestions. Don't forget to include your email address in the body of your message, so we can get back with you!

Would Livy be available to do a guest post or interview on my blog?  

It depends on her schedule and what exactly you have in mind, but Livy loves connecting with other bloggers, so yes, please feel free to ask!  

I have a product and/or services that I think your target audience would love! Can I advertise with you?

Please send us details about your product or services here, and we will get back with you. Please keep in mind that we only partner with those whom we feel like would be a good fit with our target audience, and we are very picky about who we work with. We reserve all rights to turn down a submission, so please don't be offended if your product or service isn't quite the right fit for us! :) 


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