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Ahh. Autumn. Oh, how I’ve missed you. (Yes, yes, I know it’s not technically fall until September 22, but let a girl live a little!) 

In my book, now’s the time to start pulling out the cornucopia table pieces, buying candy corn, splurging on spicy candles, and especially, shifting into that harvest season wardrobe!

Though I’m no fashion guru (farthest thing from it, actually), I do feel somewhat equipped to talk about autumnal style because it bears my go-to aesthetic. Cranberry red, brown sugar, pumpkin orange, hayfield yellow...excuse me while I squeal with delight, haha! 

Today, I’m going to unpack some of my favorite fall clothing items that I think every woman should add to their closets, (or make use of, if they already own said features). I could’ve named off my entire Pinterest board of ideas for you all, but I kindly narrowed down the list to six elements.

Hopefully, those of you who are stuck and scrolling the internet will gain some much needed inspiration on how to dress yourselves during these next few months.  

You ready? Okay, let’s get to it!



Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’re planning on looking into any of the pieces in this compilation, the denim overalls are my #1 recommendation. 

Though denim overalls can be worn within any of the four seasons, I think the hazy, rustic vibe that they naturally possess pops exceptionally in these windy months. I myself own a light-washed pair, in which I often couple with a button-up blouse. It’s a struggle to NOT adorn myself with them every day, haha! 

I think anyone can pull off denim overalls, regardless of body type. They’re universal, and come in a plethora of colors, two of my favorite shades outside of classic blue being faded black and forest green. Denim overalls are easily matched with tops like turtlenecks, cable knit sweaters, and even simple t-shirts!



Image Credit: Pinterest

In recent years, fedoras have been making a comeback, and I can see why. The semi-vintage air that surrounds the hats can make any woman look like a modern class-act. 

I’ve never been one for decorating my head. However, I’ve been severely tempted to purchase a velvety fedora to accompany my typical black leather and combat boots look. 

I believe, similarly to denim overalls, that anyone can make a fedora work. I often see these stylish caps crowned to outfits as simple as jeans, t-shirts, and cardigans, along with more complicated ensembles like prototypes of Audrey Hepburn’s Little Black Dress. Some of my favorite colored fedoras for Autumn are black, misty grey, and maple brown, and I happen to have heart-eyes for the ones that wear ribbons. 

Whatever your choice of clothing, I think you could make great use of a fedora!



Image Credit: Pinterest

Ahh. Boots. Who doesn’t love boots? It’s quite popular to see women walking around in lace-up ankle boots, and even more common to see them waltzing around in knee-high, high-heeled boots. 

But…what ever happened to good old-fashion “riding” boots? The kind of shoes that you wear when jumping in ginormous piles of leaves; the boots that still look adorable even when they’re scuffed?

I own a pair of brown riding boots, and they’re so well-loved they’ve got scrapes and tears in certain places. Not damaged to the point where I need to replace them, but enough to show the world they’ve been run in and danced in quite a bit. 

During the fall months, I more often than not wear my brown riding boots with leggings and a long tunic, but I’ve seen these simple yet cute shoes put together with outfits like knee-length jumper dresses, jeans with plaid tops, etc. Riding boots are a great pick for footwear if you’re exhausted with sneakers, haha!



Image Credit: Pinterest

This one is kind of specific, but I couldn’t leave the description vague, even with a picture. 

Boho-styled, floral maxi skirts are fairly popular, but most of the time you’ll see women wear these free-flowing pieces during the summer months. I actually prefer to wear these skirts as Autumn creeps into winter, though that may just be because I gravitate toward darker, more moody floral patterns. I think they’re quite stunning and couldn’t encourage you all enough to try them out this season. 

There are so many different colors and designs to choose from, and so I know anyone could wear these skirts no matter their unique, autumnal aesthetic. Beyond floral, I’ve seen calico prints, scroll, paisley, and so much more in a plethora of pigments! It would also be easy to accompany a boho-maxi skirt with a simple v-neck shirt or even a fancier, Victorian top! 



Image Credit: Pinterest

Okay, so you might’ve seen pictures of this piece floating around online. But maybe not. If not, I’ve taken it upon myself to share the knowledge of such a lovely accent apparel with you. 

Though in most places in America (or even overseas, depending where you’re at) the temperatures are slowly dropping, it takes a while for the weather to go from piping hot to freezing cold. And so, in the beginning months of fall, most are prone to wearing thin, long-sleeved shirts with lighter sweaters. 

But what about something different? Something new?

Fuzzy vests are super stylish and cozy, and the best part is, they’re perfect for the transitioning from air-conditioning to heat. 

I own a faded black, faux fur vest, and let me tell you, it’s an amazing piece to own. It can be paired with practically any shirt I have in my closet, and during the fall I love to match it with tops like a burnt button-up blouse or a brown turtleneck.

There are so many colors out there to choose from, some of my favorites being black, snow white, deep brown, and even plum purple! They can be worn with any shirt, from short-sleeved crewnecks to long-sleeve cowlnecks! 



Image Credit: Pinterest

The last item I want to highlight is what many might call a fashionable blanket. In which they would be correct. But who doesn’t love comfy and cozy shawls? 

I love shawls. Bearing them on your shoulders is indeed like wearing a stylish blanket. Shawls come in practically every style, shade, and pattern imaginable, and can be paired with pretty much anything. 

Some of my personal favorite chrome schemes for Autumn include the ones made from thick brown material, as well as wooly plaid. If you want a piece that acts like a scarf and sweatshirt combined, then I think a shawl is a great pick for your wardrobe this season. 

There you have it, friends! My top six favorite Autumn wardrobe pieces. Once again, I’m no fashion guru or runway model, but these are a few ideas to get your hay barrel wheels turning, if they weren’t already. 

But what do you think? Will you be purchasing or making use of any of this encouraged fall attire? 

If you’re looking into buying a few new autumnal pieces, I’d highly recommend that you spend your money at thrift stores or small online shops! I build my closet that way, and it’s a more affordable and ethical route. Here’s an article for you if you want to look into that avenue. 

Happy styling, ladies!

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