Now More Than Ever,
It's Time for God's Daughters to Arise... 

Are you a dreamer?
Is it your hearts desire to start a business
that honors the Lord?
Are you a Christian woman in business?
This is for you!

a little backstory...

When I graduated High School, I had no idea what my next steps were supposed to be.

As a young girl, I had such a multitude of dreams in my heart, so many different directions I could go, how was I ever supposed to decide?

There was so much pressure, but I felt like I needed to choose something that I was truly passionate about!. Something that would launch me out of bed each morning, something I could be excited about!

So I started an online magazine for Christian girls, Crown of Beauty! One of my biggest passions is teaching and reminding women of who they are in Christ. Topics like self-image and identity are very near and dear to my heart. When I was fourteen, one of my best friends struggled with an eating disorder. Watching her be so ripped apart by the enemy’s lies, when I could clearly see that they were NOT true, just gave me such a heart and passion for girls to know the truth.

So, in a nut shell, that was really the heart behind Crown of Beauty, why I started it, and why I just dove right in after High School, not really having a clue what I was doing! (Live and learn, right?!) 

In spite of all my weaknesses and inexperience, God blessed this ministry immensely! Our online reach grew extremely rapidly!

During this "start up season" for Crown of Beauty, I also started planning our very first, in person, conference! I was burning with a passion. A vision of traveling all over the world and setting captives free, working alongside some amazingly fiery and passionate women, consumed me to the core!

divine connections

My goal in that season of was very concrete and steadfast: to write articles, stories, and songs, to plan events and create content that would impact a generation of royal Princess daughters!

But just like in any story, one doesn't just set a goal and achieve it without any struggles or setbacks. If only life were that easy, right?!

I had set my face like flint, so determined to see these things happen...yet at the end of the day, an ever occurring problem seemed to pop-up, over, and over again.

And that problem was: Finances.

To be more specific...not having enough money to do these things.

Running a magazine is really expensive,my friends! Printing, paying writers, and marketing all ads up!

Not to mention how much it costs to plan conferences! You’re paying for your venue, paying your speakers, covering travel costs, food, decor...the list goes on and on!

And that was incredibly frustrating for me, to have these beautiful dreams that I KNOW God planted in my heart, and yet not have enough money to see them fulfilled.

I hated it, because everything always came back to money.

So, despite our tiny-tiny, baby-budget, God miraculously provided for everything we needed for our first conference. Not only did he provide our venue and travel expenses, He provided one of the most IMPORTANT components when it comes to planning events and huge projects: the people!

And one of the people He connected me with, was Danielle! (AKA, our fabulous special guest for this online event! ;))

We met at Parana Bread, several years ago, and our first conversation was electric! 

I shared my vision for Crown of Beauty with her, and she truly listened. I could tell that she actually believed in my dreams, she didn't just pat me on the head and say, "Oh, that's cute, dear!" 

Oh no, she saw the vision and believed it could actually happen! 

a new vehicle

During our first meeting, Danielle told me about a friend, a girl my age, with similar passions and dreams. This young woman was traveling the world and making a difference, following however the Lord leads, without being tied down to a 9 to 5 job.

As Danielle shared this with me, I was on the edge of my seat. Because for this young woman, living out your God-given dreams wasn’t just a pipe dream...she was actually doing it! She was doing it through a vehicle called Network Marketing.

As Danielle continued to share about this vehicle and the company she was working with, something inside of me leapt!

It was as if some of my
 deepest, long-slumbering, childhood dreams, JOLTED awake, as my heart longed for that kind of freedom and flexibility.  When I envisioned a lifestyle of traveling and just going wherever the Lord leads, I said, “That’s what I’m meant to do!”

As a passionate, multi-talented person, I knew that no matter what I chose to pursue, be it writing and publishing novels, recording music and releasing albums, or growing Crown of Beauty, it would take a long time to build something up that would be able to financially support itself. (Sound relatable to any authors, bloggers or ministry leaders?! Comment below if you relate!) 

But the vehicle of network marketing was an answer to build residual income and still do what I LOVE. Talk about a win-win!

So, with all of that being said, I'm super honored and excited to have Danielle here with us today! She's going to share her heart for us, for women in business, and I have several questions for her!

Watch the full replay from our chat, below! <3

for such a time as this:
christian women in business - live!

an exclusive invite...

Thank you all so much for watching!

I hope this encouraged and inspired you to keep pressing into those dreams that God has placed in your heart.

Before we end today’s chat, I just want to offer an invitation.

I see God raising up a team of Dreamers who aren’t content with simply dreaming anymore. I am rallying a team of passionate DOERS who desire to take bold action steps toward their unique purpose. I see a team of creatives, artists, musicians, authors, and ministry leaders, who burn with the vision of impacting ALL spheres of society! 

I have such a desire to see this generation live with PURPOSE.

I truly believe that God has placed unique dream seeds inside of each of us that hold answers for this world, but we need to partner with Him, take action steps, and actually pursue those things!

So often, one of the things that holds us back, is the lack of finances, or living in the trap of trading our time for money.

So if this sounds like you and something within you is responding and coming awake as I share, and you’re growing excited by this vision of impacting society through the vehicle of network marketing, which can provide financial freedom to actually DO the things God has placed in your heart to do, no longer trading time for money, but having the TIME to do what God has placed you on this earth to do, I would love to chat more with you about this!

If this sounds like you, something that aligns with your vision and your dreams, fill out the form below, and we’ll talk more about this amazing vision, the team that we’re growing, and where God’s taking it! 

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