francesca battistelli

As a Grammy Award nominee, and six-time Dove Award winner, Francesca has been showered with attention, applause and adoration from adoring fans.

The K-Love Radio Fans proudly crowned her as "Female Artist of the Year". 

But for Francesca, the lyrics of her song, "He Knows My Name," still ring true. 

"I don't need my name in lights, I'm famous in my Father's eyes, make no mistake, He knows my name.
I'm not living for applause, I'm already so adored.
Make no mistake, He knows my name." 

Crown of Beauty: 
"Have you ever struggled with insecurity, self worth, or feeling beautiful?
And what advice would you give to girls who are dealing with that right now?" 

"Wow, what a good question to start off with. For sure, I think every woman has dealt with insecurity and wanting to feel beautiful. But I think the more I get to know the Lord, the more beautiful I feel. And I know that may sound a bit like a Sunday School answer, but when you really understand His heart for you and how much He loves you, and what He really thinks about you, then it's easy to love yourself.
All I can say is, just get to know Jesus better and then you'll see who you really are, and who He made you to be." 

francesca's biggest influences growing up
(both musically, and in life)

"I was home-schooled so I would say my parents were a huge influence on me, musically and in faith, and just in life. They both love the Lord a lot, and love each other, and they set a great example for me. 

"I was a bit of a theater geek growing up, so I listened to a lot of show tunes and didn't really listen to the radio until high school." She laughs, "My Dad was a jazz trumpet player, so I had a little bit of that influence in my life as well.
Nicole Nordeman, Steven Curtis Chapman, those are like my "ahh!" (in a sing-song tone of adoration :)
Still are. I did a tour with Steven and I'm still like dumb-struck every time I see him." She giggles. 

real humility

"When you mix ministry and business, there's such a line there, it can be hard to see the black and white some days.
And there are moments where you're like, "I messed that up, please help me." But the Lord is really faithful.
I listened to a sermon this morning from our Pastor Steve who is here in Nashville, talking about that we need to pray for and seek humility. It's not something that will just happen naturally, we don't tend towards that, but if it's something that you're actively seeking in your life and praying for, then the Lord will definitely give you opportunities to humble yourself. And to just remember why you're doing what you're doing.
Because I think when it's for building our own kingdoms, it will never be satisfying, but when it's for Him, it will be." 

Crown of Beauty Magazine in the K-Love Fan Awards Press Room. Do we look at all excited?
Yes. We were. We totally were. It was such an honor to represent all of you girls at that event, asking your questions, and getting amazing answers from some of your favorite artists!

stay tuned for more interviews, photos, and fun from the k-love fan awards press room.

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