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Friends. A girl can't live without them. Giggles and girls go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! You can’t possibly have one without the other!

A girl’s life without friends is like a rainbow without colors or a cupcake without sprinkles.

Good friends encourage us to reach our dreams. They listen to our wild ideas without judging us. And they laugh with us until an angry Mother in Pajama’s storms downstairs and tells us to go to sleep!

If reading the words above make you feel sad because you don’t have anyone you can call your friend, don’t despair. You’ve come to the right place for friendship advice! If you've been looking for ideas concerning how to make friends, then read on!

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Do you feel like you’re stranded on an island of isolation?

Maybe you've recently moved to a new neighborhood, or you’re a homescholed girl and are having trouble connecting with other girls your age.

Is your cat named Winston your BFF? Do you play lonely card games with yourself on your back porch? Do you feel like nobody out there wants to be your friend?

Let me make this announcement:
there is no shortage of good friends out there!

Okay, some girls can be mean, and some you wouldn't want to share your locked-up-diary secrets with. But there is an abundance of girls looking for someone just like you to call their friend.

How do I know? Because I'm one of them!

Moving to a new state at age fourteen didn't make the whole friend thing easy. I had to learn how to crawl out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to complete strangers. I have learned how to make friends... with faithful persistence and a spoonful of bravery, I finally found a friend that I wouldn't trade for the moon. I would love to share my friendship advice with you. 

Friendship Advice: Where Do I Find Them?

Friends are out there. All you have to do is start looking!

But where to start the search for a new friendship?

A fantastic place to start looking is…at yourself! That’s right, study your personality. Ask yourself, what do I enjoy doing? Where can I go to meet people who may have similar interests?

Are You Looking For A Place You Belong?

What are you interested in? Would you enjoy a drama, dance or reading club? Do you care about animals, your community and the environment? What about 4H or Girl Scouts? Ask a parent to contact your local library, or theater to discover what's happening for young people around your community.

Are You A Natural Leader?

If you can't find something you're interested in, why not start your own club?
You could be the leader of your very own reading, acting, soccer, or even baby-sitting club!
Sound like fun? Be creative!
Knitting, movie watching, or can start a club for just about anything. Take charge and do what you do best…start something new!

Are You Classy and Crafty?

Does working with pretty paper, glitter pens, and stickers make you smile? Why not take an art or baking class? Learn a new hobby such as painting, cake decorating, or fancy letter art. You’ll learn a new skill, and have a great opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you!

Are You A Team Player?

Are you a social butterfly who prefers to hang out with a large group of people? Why not play a sport? Join a team of girls who love to get active! Soccer, basketball, horseback riding, gymnastics, volleyball…the list goes on! Frequent team practices and exciting competitions can provide the perfect environment for friend finding!

Do You Love Being In the Spotlight?

All eyes are on you! Take your love for attention onto center stage. Audition for a musical at your local community theater. Stretch your wings a bit and see if you enjoy being a key part in a fabulous stage production with other aspiring actors and actresses.

Are You Sensitive and Caring?

Do you have a big heart that hurts when others do? Why not use your free time to care for others and volunteer? Your local Humane Society, churches or libraries might be looking for a girl just like you!

Are You Bold and Adventurous?

Do you crave new and exciting experiences? Do you wish to be the first among your family to travel to foreign lands, or win a million dollars on a reality survival show? Why not go to camp and get a taste for the adventurous camp fire and bug-spray life?
Day camps and overnight camps offer a colorful verity of camp themes, activities, and one of a kind adventures. Finding friends at camp means that you’ll have a pen pall to keep in touch with after the adventure is over!

Now that you have a few ideas as to where you might meet a new friend, here comes the big question…

what do I say when I meet her?

Friendship Advice:
"Hey, I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy...
But I Don't Know What To Say!?"

You may be thinking, "But you just don't understand! I'm not very outgoing and I feel shy and awkward next to strangers."

Oh, I understand. I'm all too familiar with the choking nerves when walking up to someone you've never met and trying to strike a conversation like a match. Ready for some more friendship advice?

Read on!

Reaching out to other girls doesn't have to feel like you're visiting the dentist. Every amazing friendship started with an introduction.

"Hi, I'm Olivia, what's your name?"

It's a simple as that.

But what comes next? Chances are she'll respond, then there will be this really long and awkward silence.

Que crickets.

That's when you pull out your secret weapon…your ice breakers!

Every conversation has to start somewhere. Even if it's something boring like chatting about the weather. Offer her a piece of gum. Ask if she's signing up for the musical, if she likes Justin Bieber's new C.D., or where she got her haircut.

I know, I know, it sounds painfully lame. That’s because most small talk is…

trivial and unimportant.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable!

Don’t wait until the awkward moment arrives for you to nervously rack your brain for something to talk about. Practice talking to the mirror rehearsing your opening lines, ahead of time.

Remember to smile real big and breathe between sentences!

The more comfortable you are in the mirror, the more confident you will be with other girls.

Your choice to speak first will tell her that you're friendly and totally open to the possibility of further conversation!

Small Talk is a kind and proper way of telling someone,
“Hey I want to know you better and I care enough to say something about it!”

Friendship Advice: Small Talk Tidbits

Its hard to leap into a conversation cold, but here are some idea's to get you started!

"I love your shoes! Where did you get them?"

"Arg, I have this new song stuck in my head. Have you heard it?"

"What's all the buzz about this new movie? Have you read the book that it's based on?"

"Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards last night? Who was your favorite celebrity that arrived?"

"What do you think about the script they chose for this years play?"

"Did you see the big game last night?"

(On a rainy day) "I love it when it rains, do you?"

“I’ve moved once before too, so I know that it’s really hard. Do you like it here yet?”

"What's your favorite restaurant in town?"

"What do you think of our new dance instructor?"

“The Amazing Race (or the latest T.V. show) is on tonight. Have you ever seen it?”

"Did you hear Taylor Swifts new CD? What did you think of it?"

“Do you want to sit together in Math Class today?”

“My teacher gives out a ton of homework! Does yours?”

Feel free to print these Small Talk Tidbits and practice them. Having a few of these subject starters memorized will make the leap into conversation with a new friend so much easier!

Remember, someone out there is looking for a friend just like you!
The island of isolation can be lonely…but you won’t be here for much longer.

Have you found someone that you really wish to connect with?
Here's some great ideas for kicking off your new friendship!

Girl Talk

The place for you to say what's on your mind!
Do you remember a time you felt alone and friendless? What did you do to reach out of your comfort zone and talk to someone new? Was it hard?
I would love to hear about how you made a new friend.
Share your friendship advice with other girls!

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