Girls Fashion: Modesty Style Runway

Meet eighteen year old Leslie! A real girl who shops at real stores and has had real problems with trying to be modest and trendy at the same time! She's going to share her shopping tips with us!

I know how frustrating it can be to go shopping in some of my favorite stores. You're trying to find something that is fashionable but modest too. A lot of the clothing now does not cover-up much skin and is made to be worn very tight. You have to be creative to find cute outfits that you are not self-conscious in.

I am not the type that wants to cover every inch of skin but I do like to be classy and modest. For all the young ladies that want to be trendy & modest at the same time; here are some tips for looking your best!

Girls Fashion: Shopping For Dresses

I have always had a problem in this department.

Even if they were cute, they were also too short.

If you can't find the right length, try adding leggings or tights underneath.

Opaque is a good choice if you want to be more covered.

Also, there are very many cute boots, ballet flats, & small heels to choose from that would make this outfit complete.

If the dress is strapless or has spaghetti straps try adding a cardigan, shrug or light jacket.

I have a jean jacket that I like to wear with almost everything. It is a neutral piece of clothing that goes with almost any outfit. This applies to skirts as well.

Girls Fashion: Shopping For Tops

Junior tops seem to fit tighter & they are cut smaller because they are meant to be more form fitting. I personally don't like super form fitting clothing.

I get a bigger size in the juniors department that way I can wear the cute juniors clothes.

Another problem I have found with tops is how low cut they can be.

To fix this problem I almost always wear a tank-top underneath my tops.

It can be a lot of fun mixing and matching different colors.

Here are some combination that I personally like; navy blue/coral, pink/brown, navy blue/red, turquoise/brown and there are so many more ideas.

It is fun to just use your imagination.

Also, if you'd like you can add jackets, belts and scarves to pull it all together!

Coral and navy blue
Pink and brown

Girls Fashion: Shopping For Shorts and Jeans

Trying to find shorts that are the right length is a problem.

A good rule of thumb I use, is to put my arms down at my sides and if my shorts are shorter then my fingertips, they are too short.

It is very hard to find shorts that go to the fingertips, especially if you are a tall girl.

For girls like me that are shorter it isn't as hard.

Try finding longer shorts and if you want them to be shorter you can always roll them up & cuff them to the length that you want.

As for jeans, make sure that when you are standing or sitting, no skin is showing.

Meet you at the sea shore

Hopefully these tips help you out with shopping for modest clothing. You probably already have a few of these things in your closet, so enjoy putting together outfits. Happy Shopping! :)

Leslie's Bio:
"Hello, I'm eighteen! I've always loved being creative and fashion is one of those areas that I love the most. :)

Fashion is fun but always remember that it's what's inside that matters the most!

Jesus is most important in my life although family & friends are very important to me too.

Check out Psalms 139:14."


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