Girls Fashion

Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you strut down the school halls like they're your runway?
Hollywood keeps us updated on what is and isn't "in" for girls fashion, and fashion magazines remind us of the hottest trends.

Is it important to follow the latest fashion downloads in order to be stylish?

That’s a great question!

Read on as we're about to take a peek at the fashion industry and how styles are constantly changing through the decades!

Whether you consider yourself to be the Queen of Girls Fashion, or you haven’t a clue how to coordinate the random pieces in your closet…this is the place for you!

Summertime Style

Goodbye math tests and textbooks...hello summer sunshine, lemonade, and lazy afternoons at the pool! Summer has arrived and we're so excited to share some of our favorite summer fashions. 

Winter Fashion

With sparkling occasions like Christmas parties, Thanksgiving Dinner, and cold afternoon's spent baking cookies with friends...there's always a reason to be merry and bright! Why not look fabulous while you're at it? :) Check out these Winter Sets!

Modest Fashion

Be sure to check out our Girls-Fashion-Modesty-Style-Runway! Our Style Runway has practical what-to-wear-tips and secrets to be both modest and trendy.

And once you're done taking in all the adorableness drop by our Fun Extra's section for Leslie's tips on how to apply natural looking makeup. 

Fabulous Fashion

Fashion is a buzzword. So what exactly is fashion?

Obviously "fashion" isn't Grandma's dorky old it?

Well, believe it or not, Grandma's clothes were fashionable once upon a time. I know it’s hard not to gag at the thought of it, but people thought they were cool!

Because trends are always changing, nothing in your Grandma’s closet…or your closet will be forever trendy.

Fabulous Fashion For Girls Through The Decades

Colonial Girls Fashion
1900's Girls Fashion
1920's Girls Fashion
1950's Girls Fashion
1970's Girls Fashion
Girls Fashion

It’s a hard truth to choke down but someday, everything we thought was "fashionable" today will be nothing less than dress up clothes our great granddaughters use at playtime.

So how is it that someone can set a fashion trend so high and fabulous that the whole world follows and chases after it?

I mean, who was the first girl to wear a pair of blue jeans instead of a skirt?
Who decides what's cool? What’s hip? What’s in?

Behind The Fashion Making Machine

There are thousands of little companies (department stores, clothing designers, boutique shops, ect…) that are all part of something huge called the girls fashion industry.

Their job is to create new clothes, mix and match wild color combos, and hope to create something that nobody has ever thought of before. (Or, reinvent something old and make it the new-new!)

The second (and perhaps the most important!) part of their job is to market clothing to us...
the girls who will hopefully purchase the hottest trends.

They use many ways to get us interested in what they have to offer. Multimillion dollar marketing strategies include:

-Publishing their new ideas in fashion magazines.

-Hiring models to wear their clothes for annual fashion shows.

-Giving celebrates free clothes to wear to their concerts or on their T.V. show's.

-Announcing to everyone via fashion magazines that "fall is all about bright colors!" (Or whatever the new trend may be.)

-Having celebrities wear their outfits out to parties and red carpet appearances.

-Online websites which tell us what is new in the fashion world.

They hope that we will see these new clothes and start wearing them ourselves!

Why Are Clothes So Important?

The fashion industry would have us to believe that clothing is what life is all about. Flashy advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and social networking websites like Pinterest remind us of everything we don’t have in our closets.

They hope that we will rush out and spend our money!

To the fashion industry, clothing does mean everything, because that’s what their business revolves around.

But to us, the real girls on the other side of the television set who shop at regular stores, and can only afford so much…we know that life isn’t all about clothes.

Clothing is merely an object that…

hangs lifelessly in our closet, or lays folded in our drawer until we wear it.

We know that the “perfect” pair of shoes, a spectacular scarf, or new pair of socks is not going to change our lives.

Though the fashion industries would have us to believe these things are true, clothes do not equal happiness and that life isn’t all about shopping!

So, why are we even talking about clothes anyway?

Well, what we wear sends a message to the whole wide world. Our clothes are like a billboard that shouts,

"Hey people! This is who I am, what I believe, and where I'm going!"

Faithful Fashion Follower VS Breakaway Trendsetter

Fashion-trends are merely suggestions. As girls, we each have the power to choose what we wear. Though the fashion industries hopes we will desire and purchase what they market to us, we…the consumers are the ones with the real power.

Instead of being a mindless fashion follower, a girl who reads every magazine, only buys the “hottest styles”, and attempts to follow every fashion cue given her from the runway in New York City…

We can be girls who express who we are with something called style.

We can use our creativity to use whatever is in our closet…. to design and wear something that is totally us!

This means that instead of subscribing faithfully to fashion trends, we can step out and be trend-setters!

Instead of running out and chasing after the latest fads at the mall…you can use the clothes and accessories in your closet to make a fashion statement of your own!

What Kind of Message Do You Want To Share With Your Style?

Style is a fun way to express who you are on the inside. Is your personality bright bold and courageous? Your outfits could be exploding with brave color combinations, designs and patterns!

Or are you sweet, sensitive, and care deeply about others? Why not express that with soft shades of material and calm, earthy accessories?

Style, is an opportunity to be creative and offer everyone a little window at what’s going on inside of you!

We should never use our clothing to make us appear like someone we’re not.

Our personality should define our clothes. Not the other way around.

Our clothing does not define who we are as girls.

But we can learn to use it in a fun, quirky and unique way to share ourselves with the world, like a colorful piece of artwork!

Ready to begin piecing together your stylish outfits? Great! Be sure to check out these tips before you hit the mall! Find out what every girl should have in her closet in order to be modest and trendy by reading our Girls-Fashion-Modesty-Style-Runway

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