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When you wear a tiara around for a day, people tend to think, "Woah! What's with the princess bling?!"

My response?

"There are 12 orphaned, precious princesses in India who desperately need our help! So we are building a home for them!"

Join our super fun social media challenge by taking a selfie in a tiara, your favorite dress, fab pair of shoes, or posing with something you think is totally princessy! Use the hashtag
#PrincessAwarenessProgram & post the link:

Then tag some friends to do the same. We are featuring the fav selfies on our site! Check out some of our favorites so far! 

@michaelajoym11 is looking totally adorable as she spreads the word about orphans who need a home!
She also wrote a beautiful blog post, "Heavenly Royalty." Check it out! 

@justus.butler got super creative with her pic! You know she's passionate when she's willing to go to the extreme of posing with a frog! :) 

@abcbaguio looks like an absolute Queen in her photo! We love it! Abi is proudly showing support from the Philippines! 

The generations joining together! Yes! Together we can do this! Thank you @brookejudkins for such a lovely picture!

spreading the word...

"Hi! My name is Jemison and I am 17-years-old. I am from Winnipeg, MB - Canada and I love being involved in my church. I also love spending time with my friends and family whenever I can - family means everything to me. 

I wanted to get involved with this project because I want to help all my brothers and sister in Christ in any way that I can. Helping Crown of Beauty raise funds for this new orphanage that Angel House is building would help so many in such a big way. 
I believe that every child deserves to get a proper education, clean drinking water, and be able to live in a safe home."

Jemison would LOVE to donate her next birthday to the project! Meaning, she will ask friends and family to donate to the orphanage, using money they would normally spend on gifts for her.  If you'd like more information about donating your birthday, or hosting a party for a princess who has never celebrated hers before, Contact Us.

donating her birthday...

"I've decided to donate my birthday because most children don't get to celebrate theirs. I'm privileged to celebrate my birthday, but other children who don't have the opportunity deserve it more than I do. I wanted God to use me in some way and I believe this is it. I pray this will change a life, because I know it will change mine."
~Alison, 17, Kentucky. 

gettin' crafty...

A handful of girls have emailed us, asking how they can use their love for gettin' crafty, to help support the cause! They will be creating all sorts of adorable things, selling them, and donating the funds! Here's a message from one of the girls, Kaitlynn! 

"My name is Kaitlynn. I am 14 years old. I live in Kansas-city, Kansas. I love being around animals of all kinds, pretty much anything outside, and doing crafts. The main reason that I wanted to join is because I wanted to do what I was called to do and I wanted to serve in something, but I didn't know what to do until I saw this, and feel like God just touched my heart and told me to help you guys so that's what I'm doing." 

You go, girl! You're never too young to change the world! If you'd like to craft these girls into their new home, Contact Us! Or just go ahead and get started! :D

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