Holly Starr Interview

Meet Holly Starr! This lovely Christian recording artist took time to sit down and chat with Crown of Beauty Mag! 
Read her thoughts on true beauty, boys, and be sure to listen to her new radio single, Through My Father's Eyes.


Crown of Beauty: Your radio single, Through My Father's Eyes, talks about true beauty. This is something our magazine powerfully advocates, that beauty isn't found by chasing after the standards of this world. I love that your song talks about finding our self worth in God. What is the story behind this song?

Holly: Through My Father's Eyes was written after experiencing the healing hand of God over my life in regards to an addiction to my body image. I felt trapped in my struggle for about 5 years before God began to change and heal me. I spent a whole year through prayer, begging Him to heal me, and what I noticed happen after about 2/3rds of that year was how my mind was changing through His word. Scripture would come to mind in the most unexpected times...truth began to penetrate the dark places in my mind and heart!
It was as if I was being washed over by God Himself (see Ephesians 5), with a deeper healing than I could imagine as a result. It was a long journey, but today I can say that I KNOW the healing of my God is real - that He is who He says He is! That is my anthem through this song!

Crown of Beauty: Have you ever struggled to feel accepted and truly beautiful? If so, what advice do you have for girls who may feel ugly and unwanted?

Holly: Yes. I have felt that many times in my life - exactly what Through My Father's Eyes discusses. Someone made a comment to me about the way I looked, which was the beginning of my deeper struggle. God reminded me in the season of healing that He alone is my creator. He knows me. He formed me, and HE says I'm beautiful. I am not the Creator! When I criticize the way I look I am not insulting myself, but the One who made me. When I criticize the way I was made, I am (though maybe not consciously) telling myself over and over again that God didn't do good enough with me. This is obviously a big lie. God creates GOOD things, not messed up things. Therefore my beauty doesn't come from the world's standards or even what I see. My beauty comes from my Father and what He says about me. When I realized this, it was huge for me in the healing process.

Crown of Beauty: Do you wear makeup? Why or why not?

Holly: When I am not performing or doing anything related to the ministry I don't usually wear makeup. Why? Because I don't like having to scrub my face off every night! Haha. But I do wear makeup when I am performing or for ministry-related events so that I don't look like I just rolled out of bed and landed in front of people! =)
I love my job, and I want people to know that I am coming ready and prepared. I am not passionate about makeup one way or the other, however I think it is really important for girls to not wear make up from time to time, to make sure their confidence doesn't lie in what they look like, but who God says they are! It's really freeing!


Crown of Beauty: Your dreams are coming true! Did you always know it would happen this way, singing onstage and inspiring thousands, or did this come as somewhat of a surprise?

Holly: Being in music ministry has been a desire of mine since I was about 14 years old. However, the road on which I have traveled since I was 14 has definitely been one full of twists and turns and surprises I had no idea were coming! I am so thankful to be where I am at today.

Crown of Beauty: Did you doubt that your dreams would finally come true? And if so, what did you do when those negative thoughts and fears came around?

Holly: Honestly, no. I never sat around dreaming about being a full-time musician too much. I have loved talking about Jesus since I was a little girl, so I always knew I would do that no matter where I was. The music thing came alongside that desire to share Jesus with people when I was in middle school, and thankfully God allowed that to stick around and become a tool for me to use in sharing the gospel! Don't get me wrong - once the music came along, I did dream on occasion. But music alone was never the main goal.

Crown of Beauty:
What advice do you have for girls who desire to chase the same dream?

Holly: Be faithful where you are today. Be faithful to the opportunities around you today. Don't overlook the "small" things. God uses the "small" things to teach us how to handle the "big" things, I believe. Invest where you are planted. If God has this for you, no one will be able to stop it from happening. If He doesn't have this for you, it won't work out. Just be a faithful person where you are, and invest in your gifts - they are your tools to share the gospel! 


Crown of Beauty: What has been your favorite moment on this musical journey so far?

Holly: My favorite moment happens every time I do a concert. I LOVE leading worship. I LOVE being a voice of encouragement for the church. Seeing people lift their hands to Jesus in worship and sing to Him at the top of their lungs is a sight I can't get enough of. To be used in such a way to bring people to Jesus is incredibly humbling, and I don't take it lightly at all. I love what I do!

Crown of Beauty: If you could picture yourself anywhere, doing anything you like ten years from now, where would that be?

Holly: Still leading worship! Still cultivating an environment for people to gaze upon the face of Jesus. Through music, through speaking, maybe writing a book…who knows?!

Crown of Beauty: Who is your favorite Disney Princess? We ask everyone this question! 

Holly: Cinderella. =) Classic!


Crown of Beauty: Right now, at Crown of Beauty Magazine, we've been talking a lot about boys, finding a Godly guy, and Dating verses Waiting. What are your thoughts on the whole "guy" topic? What should we be doing in our preteen and teenage years to be prepared to find true love?

Holly: Someone once told me, "Run as hard and fast in the direction you feel God is leading you, and occasionally look to the left and right to see who is keeping up with you!" I am in a relationship of two years right now with a guy, where this happened (which is why I believe it was true and wise advice). For girls, I encourage not initiating relationships, but to be patient and keep waiting for God's lead. I believe you will know when it's His lead if you seek Him first in your life!  For guys, I encourage them also to seek God first in their life. I do also believe that the advice told to me is not only true for girls but for guys as well, and probably even more so. I am also very passionate about encouraging guys to be the leaders that God designed them to be. For both girls and guys that are in a relationship, I highly recommend not rushing into anything, but let your relationship take time. A lot of time if necessary. Time tells a lot about a person, I believe (and was advised for my relationship). Pray for patience if you don't have it!

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