By: Alexandria Grace

As spring begins to bleed into summer, it’s time to hit some books that aren’t school related. ;-) 

My shelves are often more barren than I like them to be, so typically I’m on board for accepting review requests, so long as the content is clean and creative. I was graciously asked to participate in a blog tour for a brand new novel that just released to the public, and I’m here today to bring you all my short snippet, non-spoiler-y thoughts after reading it. 

Hannah Wright’s debut, HOPE IN THE DARK, is a sweet historical about a young couple and their happenings surrounding faith and family. Wright’s writing was easy and simple, and I was surprised how fairly long the book was at first-glance. 

The story revolves around two protagonists, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Matthews and Samuel Bryson. I was startled and albeit impressed that Wright managed to pull off two alternating, first-person POV’s; one female, one male. It’s not common to read a Christian fiction book that utilizes that style, much less double first-person perspectives. 

Though I did personally think the plot was a tad mild, and that Lizzy and Samuel went from strangers to entering a serious relationship a bit too soon, anyone who enjoys gently-woven, easy as pie historical writing that makes a perfect picnic read, will for sure like this book by Hannah Wright. I, more than willingly, can and will recommend HOPE IN THE DARK to ages 13+, with barely a feather light content warning. It’s a peacefully pure novel. <3

Hannah Wright’s HOPE IN THE DARK is available on Amazon now, both for physical and kindle purchase. So, snag a copy if you’re interested and want to support the author. 

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