Hope in the Dark
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Calling all Bloggers, Instagrammers, Podcasters, Readers, and YouTubers! Hannah Wright is about to release her debut novel, "Hope in the Dark".

Genre: Christian historical fiction

Broken hearts, a town torn apart, and a new job. What could possibly go wrong?

Moving into the great unknown of Featherlight, Idaho, was a huge change for Elizabeth Matthews. But while Asheville, North Carolina was comfortingly familiar, it had left her with a broken heart and a determination to never trust a man again. 

Hard working Samuel Bryson is honor bound to provide for his widowed mother and siblings. Determined to live up to his own expectations of being just like his father, he will let nothing get in his way. And that includes marriage. 

Serene and cozy Featherlight has taken a turn into something much darker. Newly hired school teacher Elizabeth and Samuel find themselves desperately searching for answers to the suspicious criminal activity around them. They find themselves thrown into facing their worst fears... and each other. In the midst of many unknowns, will they find the courage to do what God is calling them to? 

tour schedule: 

May 1st - 
Instagram Story Feature @rusticlanejewerly 

May 2nd -
Instagram Story Feature @crownofbeautymedia 

Book Review from Maddy 

May 3rd - 
Instagram Feed & Story Feature + Paperback Book Giveaway! @anna_augstine_author 

May 4th - 
Email Interview with the Author at The Hardworking Creative Blog! 
+ Instagram Story Feature @haileyh412

May 5th - 
Instagram Feed & Story Feature @bookish.beliver 

Instagram Story Feature @cherith_brook_101

May 6th - 
Instagram Story Feature @victorialynnauthor 

Instagram Story Feature @olivia_bell00

May 7th - 
Instagram Story Feature @tabbyrhwriter 

May 8th - 
Instagram Story Feature @livylynnglittergirl

May 9th - 
Featured Post & Paperback Book Giveaway at Lelia Tualla .com! 
+ Instagram Feed & Story Feature 

May 10th - 
Instagram Feed, Story Feature, and Book Review @heatherrwhite 

May 11th - 
Instagram Story Feature @Princess.HappyHeart

Instagram Story Feature @courtneyluv93 

May 12th
Book Review & Instagram Feed Post @thewritegalsbookshelf

May 13th -
Featured Post & Author Interview at
Sugar, Salt, and Grace 

May 14th - 
Book Review at Sugar, Salt and Grace 

May 15th - 
IG Story Feature @abitheauthor

IG Story Feature @bookslifeandchrist 

May 16th - 
Featured Post & Book Review at Tangled Up in Writing + IG Feed & Story Feature 

May 17th - 
Book Review, IG Feed & Story Feature @theliterarythimble 

May 18th - 
IG Feature @micaiah.keough

May 19th - 
Book Review at The Calico Books 
+ IG Feed Feature 

May 20th - 
Instagram Live Interview with the Author! 
@livylynnglittergirl (Time and Details to come!) 

May 21st - 
IG Story Feature @theredthreadwritings

May 22nd -
IG Story Feature @mckenzi.matsick

May 23rd - 
Featured Post & Paperback Book Giveaway at the English Mysteries Blog 
+ IG Feed Feature @hjsnyder28 

May 24th - 
Featured Post, Book Review & Giveaway at Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors 
+ IG Feed & Story Feature 

May 25th - 
Hope in the Dark book release! Feature over on Hannah's Blog!

May 26th - 
Book Review on Crown of Beauty Magazine 

May 27th - 
Book Review on Jessica Greyson .com
+ IG Feed Feature @Author.jessica.greyson 

May 28th - 
Book Review from Sarah 

Book Review from Faith on Firefly Story Space 
+IG Story Feature 

May 29th - 
Book Review on God's Peculiar Treasure
+ IG Feed Story & Feature @vikinglady10 

May 30th - 
Featured Post, Interview with Author & Paperback Book Giveaway at Five Shekels Blog!  

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