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How To Apply Natural Makeup

This month, we received a request for a makeup tutorial. Lesley jumped right on it!
Check out her best tips on how to apply natural looking makeup. 

Natural makeup usually looks best on most people, because you mainly use neutral colors which brings out your natural features. This tutor is a great place to start if you're new with wearing make-up, because it is easy to do and fairly fool proof. Hope this helps you achieve the natural look! :)

1.) Apply a lighter shade of concealer under the eyes, around nose and on any blemishes. (I like to use a concealer that twist up & looks like lipstick.) - With a make-up sponge, blend out the edges.

2.) Instead of using a full coverage foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer, that way it will look more natural, and not like a mask. Apply it like you normally would. I usually start at my nose and go from there to my cheeks and forehead.

1.) Line eyes with a soft brown kohl pencil getting thicker as you reach the outer eye. Line bottom the same way, gradually thinning the line as you reach the inner eye.

2.) Apply gold shadow on the lid and then apply a medium brown in the crease of your eye. Blend well with a make-up brush that way it looks softer.

3.) Finish with a coat of brown or black mascara. (Don't apply too many coats because then it will start looking clumpy and unnatural.)

1.) For a contoured look, apply blush just underneath your cheekbones, starting from the top and working your way down. Don't apply it on your nose or forehead, because that will make you look clown-like. Haha!

2.) Also make sure to use a tinted lip balm in a berry hue. It will pull everything together and make you look gorgeous!

 This tutor is pretty simple so I hope you have fun trying out your new look! :)


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