How To Become An Actress

You remember the moment. The first time sparkly stage lights captured your imagination. The movie that left you in awe. The television show that inspired your dreams.

You're not sure how it happened, but from that moment on, you knew.

You're meant to be an actress.

So how does a girl take her midnight dreams of being on stage or on set and turn them into reality?
I'm sure you've asked yourself, what are the secrets? How to become an actress?
Can any girl really become an actress? What does it take? Connections, determination, or luck? Maybe all of those things?

If you've been wondering how to become an actress, you've landed in the right place.

How To Become An Actress: 12 Tips and Tricks

1) Let Your Parents In On Your Dream

2) Act, Act, Act!

3) Examine Your Motive

4) Get An Agent

5) Disney Channel

6) Be Confident

7) Know What You're Good At

8) Try New Things

9)Be Social

10) It's All About Who You Know

11) Eat Smart

12)Enjoy The Moment

How To Become An Actress:
Let Your Parents In On Your Dream

If you're serious about pursuing your dreams of being on stage or on the silver screen, it's time you let someone in on the secret. Your parents.

It's easy to lip-sync along with your favorite artists or read Pride and Prejudice in your bedroom with an English accent, but it's time to bring your dreams into the light.

If your parents are not aware of your goals, how will you reach them?

It can feel embarrassing to talk with others about our dreams.


Because our dreams are who we are. When we reveal them to others, it feels so personal and real to us. We fear that our secret dreams will be torn down by laughter, disapproving stares, or someone telling us that it's impossible.

Your desire to be an actress probably isn't going to please everyone in your immediate or extended family. Some people might laugh and tell you you're a crazy dreamer. Be prepared for that.

Life in show business means you've gotta have a tough shell.

But you must have a support team, a reassuring group of people who believe in you. People who can encourage you, comfort you when you fail an audition, and give you a pep talk!

Who better to do that than a parent?

Let your family know you wish to talk to them about something. Turn off the T.V. and make sure everyone is listening.

Explain to them how important this dream is to you, and how it would mean the world to you to have their support.

They might be skeptical, cautious and maybe even afraid. If you're pursuing life in the limelight, chances are they'll recall horror stories about good girls going bad in Hollywood.

Be patient with how they feel. Let them explain their worries, fears and doubts.

It may take a while for them to warm up to the idea, and that's okay.

At least they know!

Continue letting them know how important this is to you, and that you believe in yourself.

If you're a praying girl, ask the Lord to reveal how important this is, to them. Pray that they would have much wisdom in understanding how to direct and guide you.

Now that your secret dreams are out in the open, you are free to fully pursue them!

How To Become An Actress:
Act, Act, Act!

The secret to becoming a fantastic actress is quite simple...just start acting!

You won't become a Grammy winning actress overnight. Acting, just like anything, takes PRACTICE.

So get out there, and start acting!

Join local theater productions, get together with your friends and play drama games, start your own drama club, put on your own backyard productions, read dramatic books out loud to yourself changing your vocal inflections for each character, imitate your favorite actress, imagine yourself as each character you play, keep going to auditions, embrace every role (big or small) and keep acting!

How To Become An Actress: Examine Your Motive

Ask yourself, “Why do I wish to become an actress?”

Do you desire fame, fortune and celebrity boyfriends? Do you hope to hit it big and become the next Disney Channel star?

Or do you wish to be an actress, simply because you love it? Are you mesmerized by the magic of being able to morph into another person, and transport your audience to another place and time?

It can be fun to fantasize about celebrity life, getting chased by poparatzi and adoring fans, but if that four letter word- FAME- is all you're chasing after, it might be smart to hit your breaks.

Why do you want to be famous anyway? Is it really that important to you that everyone know your name?

Setting out on this journey to becoming an actresses with the wrong motives can be dangerous.
If you crave attention, applause, and desire to date heart-throbs more than anything, you might be chasing something else...blind ambition.

A girl should act because she loves acting...not because she's wonderstruck by Hollywood.

I've heard many talented actresses advise young girls in this way, “Don't go to Hollywood just because you want to 'be somebody.' You already are somebody! Act because you love acting. Be content with local theater and grow from there. Be passionate about what you do and it will show.”

If you truly love acting, what difference should it make, cameras or no cameras?

Acting is a hobby.

And if you're good at it, persistent and courageous, you can turn your hobby into a career.

The chances of you becoming the next big “Disney Channel Star” or even becoming half-way famous are very slim.

But the chances of fully enjoying your hobby and your career, are much more likely!

And besides, isn't that what really counts?

Blind ambition is exactly that...blind. Without a clear purpose in mind, understanding your motives and goals, you can easily wind up compromising and doing things just to “become more popular” or “improve your image.”

A girl who is obsessed with maintaining her image is less likely to take big risks for God, follow her convictions and change this world.

How To Become An Actress:
Get An Agent

    Getting an agent is important if you wish to pursue acting in television and/or movies.

    You can discover some auditions surfing online, but with a homemade resume it's hard to appear like a legitimate actress.

    Being “your own agent” isn't advised.

    A professional agent will help assist you in finding auditions that might be a good fit for you, create an impressive resume and stay in contact with casting directors.

    It is
    not your place to call casting directors to ask how you did or find out if you got the job.

    To appear professional, let your agent handle communication between the casting directors.

    Beware of scams: you should never have to pay an agent before you land a job! If they're collecting money upfront or charging you for their service, look somewhere else.

    Most agents collect around ten percent of your earnings
    after you land a job.

    To begin browsing local talent agent possibilities, check out online directories like the Association of Talent Agents and the Screen Actors Guild.

How To Become An Actress:
Disney Channel

    Disney Channel announces several open casting calls every year, in a few big cities. This is a chance for all aspiring actresses (no agent or experience required!) to come to one of these open casting calls and show what they've got!

    Both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez got “discovered” at a Disney casting call.

    I attended my first casting call a few years ago and had no clue what to expect.

    How could I prepare?

    The website simply told me to fill out a form and come with a smile!

    In the weeks approaching my first casting call, hundreds of questions buzzed around in my mind. Should I have a song prepared to sing? What should I wear? If they ask questions about myself, what do I talk about?

    The morning of my first casting call dawned, and all I could do to prepare was drink lots of water, do vocal exercises, imitate my favorite perky Disney stars in the mirror, and say, “Hi! My name is Livy, and you're watching Disney Channel!”

    Hundreds of wannabe-stars showed up at the Opry Land Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

    Entering the Opry Land Hotel feels like you've accidentally slipped into a fairytale. The ritzy hotel is built around a ginormous glass dome where a wild outdoor forest has been built.

    Bubbling brooks, fish swimming under bridges and waterfalls, and even a fancy riverboat floats around inside. The hotel is adorned with ball rooms, classy chandeliers, and all sorts of sparkly things that look expensive.

    Even the grandeur restrooms are ten times bigger than my bedroom!

    The casting call was held in another part of the hotel, in the Convention Center.

    When I arrived, before being sent into a large room with hundreds of other kids, I was given a number and a few simple lines to memorize.

    The room was filled with kids who all desired to be the star of their very own television show. Hyperactive waves of pure excitement radiated off the walls, as every girl dreamed of becoming the next
    Hannah Montana.

    With attractive young men strumming guitars, stunningly gorgeous girls reapplying their makeup, break dancers getting funky in the hallways, and adorable little kids looking like Shirley Temple drilling lines with their parents, I felt strangely out of place.

    While memorizing my lines, I was surrounded by intense soccer moms who looked like they would kill-a-body in order for their kids to have a chance at stardom.

    I had trouble because the lines felt very bland and they were hard to work with. Easy to memorize, yet hard to deliver in a way that would make them sparkle and pop!

    I waited for several hours before a group of ten (including my number) was called to a back room.

    A friendly man with a grin permanently plastered to his face led us down a long hallway, reminding us to, “Smile big, you're at Disney!”
    The man's energy was unbelievable. You could tell he was a trained Disney vet.

    He lead us to a long string of chairs where we plopped down and waited for our turn.

    “Are you nervous?” a girl beside me asked.

    “Yeah,” I replied honestly.

    “I'm not!” She grinned like an old pro. I couldn't help but wonder if I was sitting beside the next breakout star.

    After a few more moments of waiting, we were ushered into a room with a small camera in the back. A man greeted us, shook our hand, and explained a little bit about life on a set at Disney Channel.

    Then he invited us each to say our lines. Five minutes later, he shook our hands and said he would contact us if we were needed.

    (I think I jumped up every time the phone rang for weeks after that!)

    Disney never called, but I learned a lot from that experience.

    It stretched my acting skills and ability to perform under pressure and in front of a camera.

    I hope my story will help you prepare a little bit, and know what to expect at your next Disney Channel casting call! For more information on Disney Casting check out Film and Television Aduitions.

How To Become An Actress:
Be Confident

Being onstage is all about shining with confidence! The secret to confidence?

Practice, practice, practice!

Rehearse your lines in front of the mirror. Video tape yourself. Critique it. Watch your body language. Try again and practice until you get comfortable with who you are as an actress. Learn to memorize lines as quickly as possible. To practice memorization skills, memorize scripture verses (especially the Psalms!). Learn to become your character and relate with her. Leave your world and enter hers.

Confidence comes from experience, so get lots of it! It also comes from making mistakes and knowing that's okay too.

The greatest place you can draw your confidence is from the One who made you!

Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:9

“But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.”

Paul understood the miraculous exchange...weakness for strength. When you feel nervous, uncomfortable, afraid, or just plain off your game, be excited! Because God is about to work in you!

Cling to Him, rely on Him, and let His power take over. Surrender your insufficiences because only when we are truly weak and dependent on Him, can He work in us and shine through us!
This is a hard truth to grasp for actresses because we have always been taught that confidence is everything.

What greater place can you find confidence than in knowing that even your weakness can be used as something spectacular?

Remember who is in control of every moment, audition and opportunity, and who is holding it all in His hands. Trust Him, and find your confidence in Him.

How To Become An Actress:
Know What You're Good At

In show business it can feel like a girl has to be good at everything. They're always looking for a triple threat. Singing, acting, dancing, modeling, playing guitar, playing piano....they want the whole package. It can feel like a girl has to be good at everything!

That's not true.

It's better to be excellent at one thing than just “kind-of-okay” at six things.

Know what you're good at, zero in on it, focus on practicing and getting better at that skill!
Disney megastar Nick Jonas advised doing the same. He shared how singing was his passion, so he practiced, practiced, practiced! Then, he was ready to add to his skills and start learning guitar. After guitar it was drums, piano and a variety of instruments.

The point? Focus on what you're good at, become excellent at it, then add to your skills a little bit at a time, becoming the best you can be at each skill.

How To Become An Actress: Try New Things!

Casting directors are usually looking for bubbly personalities who might have stories to tell, with exciting experiences under their belt.

Meet new people.

Learn how to talk to everyone, adults included.

Learn to be a great communicator, have stimulating conversations, notice details, and complement people.

Care about people.

Just love them, and it will show!

Be thoughtful.

Go new places, travel, take pictures, journal about your experiences, make memories, be friendly and laugh a lot

How To Become An Actress: Be Social

The social media is a powerful link to connect with the world around us! Websites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are resources that you should definitely be using. It's easy to set up an account with any of these websites.

Be friendly and outgoing, make connections, and you never know who just might meet!

How To Become An Actress: It's All About Who You Know

You can be the most talented girl on the planet, but an uncanny key to your success lies in who you know. Being in the right place at the right time has made things click and unlock for megastars like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and YouTube sensation, Cimorelli.

It's actually unfair when you think about it. It doesn't matter how talented you are, how much passion you have, or how hard you simply takes one moment, one connection for everything to take off.

There are thousands of girls out there just like you who all have the same desire to act.
They are all looking for the same thing as you...that magical connection.

The main difference between you and them?

You know the Man Upstairs!

God holds all the connections in His hands. For Him, it's so simple to put you in the right place at the right time. Trust Him, believe that everything will work out in His timing, that you have His favor, and that He is in control!

You can rest in the fact that He will make the connections needed for your life and dreams.

No need to stress

How To Become An Actress: Eat Smart

Being an actress will take much mental, emotional, and physical energy!

It's important to be at the top of your game, just like a professional athlete.

No need to be dramatic and hire a professional food consultant, but keeping your body healthy is very vital.

Who wants to perform while she is sick?

Right now, you don't need to change your diet completely, just remember to make smart choices.


Eat less “dead” foods and more “living” foods.

“Dead” foods are foods that have been processed (such as junk food, snack chips, or pretty much anything that comes in a box or off a shelf!)

“Living” foods are the original foods God gave us. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats.

The biggest tip I can offer is to drink lots of water. Eight, eight-ounce glasses a day is suggested.

Not only does drinking lots of water help clear up your skin, it keeps you from feeling sluggish and gives you energy... it also keeps you healthy!

How To Become An Actress: Enjoy The Moment!

Savor every learning experience, every moment on and off stage, as you pursue your dreams. Sometimes we're in such a hurry to get where we're going, that we forget to embrace what is happening! Learn to conquer disappointment and move on.

As an actress, it's guaranteed that you will be rejected many times. Ask any successful person. They had to hear many “no”s before they finally got that “yes!”.

Keep going! Because the only way to not lose, is to never ever give up.

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