become a crown of beauty magazine minion!

Crown of Beauty Magazine has been growing in leaps and bounds. 
As our ministry continues to expand, we're discovering that the workload is getting heavier...and it's time we call in the reinforcements! We truly need your help!

what is a minion?

Let's be frank. The word minion sounds pretty harsh. But unlike Gru in Despicable Me, I'm not a super villain seeking to take over the world with mindless servants. 
Even though minions are cute, I'm not looking for little guys who look like burnt Twinkies. I'm looking for real girls, and women of all ages who have a passion to reach this generation with the life changing truth of Jesus Christ. 

for such a time as this

We are living in a very dark and difficult time. Preteen and teenage girls, now more than ever, struggle with accepting and loving themselves in the midst of a culture that demands lofty ideals of perfection. 

Everyday we see depressing news stories, and staggering statistics. Yet behind every statistic there is a story. Numbers cannot speak for souls, and here at Crown of Beauty, we know that every soul is so valuable. 

We're committed to doing whatever we can do reach young women who need advice, encouragement, truth and love from a big sister who truly cares. 

Are you a "big sister" who longs to encourage those around her, love those who feel un-lovely, and impact this world in a powerful way? 

It doesn't matter how old you are. Whether you're 15 or 50, we need you on our team! 

We are so much stronger together. Just like Queen Esther, we truly believe that you have been called into God's Kingdom to make a difference for such a time as this.

live out your passion

Everyone has a passion in life. What's yours? If you love to writeencouragespeak , Tweet, lead Bible Studies, run a website, blog about fashion, or work for a real magazine, then you are our girl! 

Maybe you even dream about launching your very own 
magazine, blog, website, or girls ministry!
  If so we would love to partner with you, give you hands on experience, and teach you everything we know, in hopes that you'll be successful in all your future projects! 

Maybe you're already an established blogger, author, or YouTuber who desires to branch out and volunteer their time and talents at Crown of Beauty. 

We would love to have you here! 

The great thing about teaming up with Crown of Beauty, is that everything is done online. The only thing you need is an internet connection, and a desire to serve! 

join the crown of beauty team &
work on an exciting project:
our next magazine issue!

We are excited to offer this (unpaid) internship for passionate souls who want to join together and make a difference! One of the seriously exciting perks about hopping on-board right now, is that you'll get to help create our next magazine issue! (And who knows? You might even get the opportunity to write a featured article, or interview one of your favorite Christian artists!)  

(Please note, staff members and interns do not have a regular salary, they only get paid on commission from direct magazine, book or advertisement sales. Or from direct, personal jobs assigned from the editor, on special occasions when there is an need.) 

 Not only is this a fun way to learn about running a website and magazine, a way to challenge your faith to soar to new heights, it's also a great way to connect with Christian sisters all over the world! One of our favorite things about what happens at Crown of Beauty, are all the incredible friendships that are formed.

Apply for our (unpaid) internship opportunity by filling out the form below. We can't promise that we'll choose everyone who sends in a submission. Space is limited, so be sure to apply early! 


Note: If you've already been involved with a Crown of Beauty Magazine training, or workshop in the past or enjoyed writing and working with us in previous seasons of life, but things got busy and you lost touch, feel free to apply again! <3 

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