So. . .how many of you writers out there have trouble getting those stinkin’ words on the page? 

Yeah, me too. 

Lucky for us, though, there are people like Anne Rhys who seek to coach writers within their craft. A writer herself, Anne knows the stresses and struggles that most writers deal with on the daily, and works to provide mentoring services for those who need to be encouraged and equipped in their penmanship. 

As I interviewed Anne, we talked about things like her love for the written word, her heart for accountability within the writing community, how she styles her time with her writing clients, and so much more! 

Check out our full conversation below. . .

Here’s the question every writer has probably been asked a thousand times, but when did you first begin writing? Have you loved words for as long as you can remember, or was there a specific moment you connected with the written language?

Unlike a lot of writers I know, I haven’t been writing since I was little. I remember trying to write a story at 12 years old for the first time. I didn’t pick it back up again for several years. Now I’ve been writing seriously for 6 years! 

Why did you start your mentoring services for writers? What sparked the idea to encourage and equip writers in their craft?

About half the time I’ve been writing, I’ve grown in an online community, gained encouragement and peers, as well as becoming a mentee. I’ve grown the passion for helping other writers, specifically through one on one help, as this has helped me so much in my own journey!

What struggles or set-backs do you see often with your clients? What are some common trends or threads of problems that you see many writers have?

A couple of things I see my mentees struggle with are perfectionism, and a tendency to be set in their ways. While that’s something many writers struggle with, as well as I, clinging to these tend to bring down writing efficiency, stop growth in your writing process, schedule, and other ways. 

Has working with other writers and authors as a coach helped motivate and inspire you in your own writing projects?

Absolutely! It helps me see how to change and help other writers, which in turn reflects back on me, helping me learn, grow, and write better! As well as teach. 

What are some of the best parts about mentoring writers?

What I love seeing is the mentee's motivation, progress, and thirst to learn. I love encouraging them on their journeys!

Within your business, it seems that you have a heart for accountability and mentorship within creative circles. Do you believe seasoned authors have a responsibility to teach and help younger or newer writers?

I believe authors with more experience than others often underestimate their skills and capability to help writers even just one “step” down from them. I highly encourage writers to think about where they can help another on their journey, whether it be through encouragement or trading writing!

Do you have people in your life who have mentored you and have helped you grow in your work? If so, what is that like and how has that accountability impacted the way you not only write, but speak into the lives of other writers?

Yes! I started off with maybe three friends in person who were writers (and who encouraged me to write), and it grew from there once I found others online! Through that, I found my own writing mentor, who has been so encouraging, motivating, she pushes me to hone my craft, and get out of my comfort zone. It’s so important to keep growing!

What do sessions typically look like? Do you tailor the structure of your meetings around each client individually, or do you have a more fitted outline that you use to organize your discussions?

My mentee sessions will be structured around the specific student. I will ask them specific questions to guide the conversation, give feedback on their writing if they have me reading their work, answer any questions they have, and make goals for each week with them! 

My $10 for five days (ending August 1st) would be a lot more casual as we would meet every day when they need something! This limited offer is a kind of trial run for the 4 weeks (every month) sessions or 1 week (every month) session. I would love it if you reached out with any further questions!

What do you think your services uniquely bring to the table? Other than them being run by your special self.

I listen largely to what the individual writer needs, how they currently write, and how they’re personal writing journey can improve to help them specifically. One of my writing motto’s is “Get the stinkin' words on the page!” and while I hope I’m much nicer, I hope to quell procrastination and perfectionism (all the P’s), as well as overthinking. 

What do you hope to leave each of your clients with after their select time with you is over?

While my regular sessions are on a month to month basis, for the five-day trial, I hope I can instill good practices, encouragement, and a deeper passion for writing in any writer! I would be so honored to work with more people, even if it doesn’t go past the trial run.


Anne Rhys is a writer and aspiring independent publisher, passionate about inspiring and encouraging her fellow writers, whatever stage they're in. Anne is able to do that through one on one mentoring, and investing in her writing community. She currently writes short stories in varying genres and YA Contemporary novels with the intent to spread joy and breach difficult topics with grace. You can find her ranting about writing, LOTR, drinking chai tea, and repeating her love for elephants over and over again. 

Want to know more about Anne? Visit her website, or shoot her an email at!

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