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Meet Natalie. A small stone making little ripples in the water. 

A single voice, rising to speak up for the voiceless. 

A compassionate heart, who chose to stand up, take action, and do everything she can do END human trafficking. 

Human trafficking is a really heavy topic, but it's something we need to keep at the forefront of our hearts and minds if we're going to #endit! 

I truly believe we can be the generation that brings justice to this horrible crime against humanity. But, in order for that dream to become a reality, it will require each of us doing our part! 

That's why I was so excited to connect with Natalie, and feature her on our website this month!

Natalie has recently launched her own fashion line called, Bobby Natalia, and her first piece is the colorful "You Are Priceless" shirt pictured above!

Natalie was heartbroken over the topic of human trafficking, and decided to make some BOLD moves in a positive direction! 

But don't take my word for it. Check out what Natalie has to say! 

"I don’t remember exactly when I exactly first heard about it (human trafficking), but I did not know it was such a massive problem being the largest growing criminal enterprise in the world, until I listened to Candace Owens podcast earlier this year." Natalie shared.  

"Candace interviewed Tim Ballard the CEO of Operation Underground Railroad and he went in depth about human trafficking. It opened my eyes and wrecked me at the same time, and I was also astonished at what Tim Ballard did for a job. It has always been on my heart do something about this disgusting act ever since listening to that podcast."

We asked Natalie what inspired her to create this t-shirt. 

"I 've always dreamed of having my own company, but I always knew that it would have a much bigger purpose than myself. I graduated college this past May 2020 and I obviously did so during a very crazy time in the world, so I took things into my own hands and I started what I've always wanted to do ever since I was 13 years old!"

Isn't that amazing?! Next we wanted to know, how did Natalie go about designing and sourcing the printing of her t-shirts? That seems like a pretty big undertaking!

"I worked with a graphic designer who happens to be my sister and we went back and forth many times with the design and then tested it out on a t-shirt. I also went and back and forth with several different brands of t-shirts. It was important for me to have the t-shirts strictly made in the US, be sweat shop and child labor free as well as have a good fit and softness to the shirt. I've been working with a local t-shirt store that uses the process called 'direct-to-garment' printing for each individual shirt."

Bobby Natalia: 
"sweat shop and
child labor free"

Wow. Are you beginning to feel inspired by Natalie's simple, yet bold act to move a heart of compassion into a heart of ACTION?

I know I am! 

My next question for Natalie was, 

"A t-shirt seems like such a simple way to confront such a massive problem. How would you encourage girls out there who feel like they want to do something to combat human trafficking, but feel like their contribution might be too small?"

Natalie had some wise advice.

"We all have to start somewhere; most people don’t just start off as a billionaire. You begin somewhere and it grows from there. This is a massive issue and if everyone contributed to help fight against it, I believe that it would create a ripple effect. Your contribution is never too small because you may never know where it will lead!" 

Preach, girly!

Natalie continued, "By acknowledging that human trafficking is the largest growing criminal enterprise around the world, you are taking the first step to help end this. Becoming aware of the problem is the first crucial step.
Secondly, educate yourself on this problem by watching films and listening to podcasts. On the Operation Underground Railroad site, they offer a free training about how you can recognize the signs of human trafficking.
Thirdly, posting about it on your social media is great way to bring awareness.
Lastly, donating to organizations that are in this fight are all small ways you can start to get involved." 

Love it! We can all step out and take some kind of action to help #EndIt.

What action are you going to take?

Natalie is just getting started with her clothing brand! Make sure you give her a follow and stay connected, because she's got many more exciting things to come! 

"I really believe my company Bobby Natalia has and will continue to have a much bigger purpose and that it’s not about me. All the glory to God! I do plan on releasing more items that will help more causes such as pro-life organizations and law enforcement across this country and more human trafficking organizations. I’m really passionate about sharing my conservative beliefs and I’m also very passionate about social media, but censorship is a huge problem, right now, that is taking place all across social media. This censorship is a direct violation of our 1st amendment right of free speech, so I’m working on my next t-shirt involving that."

What else can we do to support Natalie and her mission?

buy now! 

"It would absolutely mean the world to me if you purchase a t-shirt from me! 20% of your purchase will go to Operation Underground Railroad. I truly believe this t-shirt is a cute fashionable t-shirt that you can dress up or wear causal and it is a great conversation starter to talk about human trafficking!"

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