By Alexandria Grace


I've never been one for jewelry. I don’t like to draw attention to myself, and so flashy necklaces, ritzy bracelets, and sparkly rings never fancied me in the slightest. The only pieces I wear are silicone wrist bands that spell out my favorite memory verses; I never take them off, actually. 

So, when I was offered an opportunity to review a product or two by a small, faith-based jewelry company, you may or may not be surprised to hear me say that I was apprehensive, haha! 

I really didn’t want to accept an invitation to get free stuff I wouldn’t appreciate.

I view jewelry as physical treasure, a tangible prize that shouldn’t be just for show. 

Maybe you hold a similar conviction. Maybe not. 

But as I did some research and looked into the sweet shop, I fell in LOVE with their products and the message behind them, and soon agreed to appraisal their work. 

The small Etsy store is called Rustic Lane Jewelry.

It’s run by a young, Christian woman named Morgan, who’s main goal is to glorify God with her craft of hand-making leather and metal jewelry.

She creates and sells a variety of pieces, ranging from lava rock diffuser necklaces to green jasper bracelets (two of my personal FAVORITE pieces from the shop!).

Morgan graciously sent me the latter option to show off for you all, and let me just tell you…I cannot and frankly will never stop raving about her stunning craftsmanship. It’s simply fabulous. 

Before I show you the bracelet she sent me, however, I want to tell you two things that stuck out to me right off the bat when I began looking into Morgan’s shop. Two things that made me say YES to her. Two things that, hopefully, will make you want to say yes to her work, too.


The first thing that stuck out to me about Rustic Lane was how affordable their prices were. 

I know I’m not alone when I say that jewelry, like many stunning accessories these days, is expensive. And most of the time, rightly so.  

But, for a young lady who may want nice necklaces or bracelets but can’t meet such high prices, how’s she to go about finding authentic pieces that she can afford? 

With Rustic Lane, high prices aren’t an issue. 

Morgan’s darling, rustic and simple pieces are no more than $20.00 and no less than authentically beautiful. 

From colorfully beaded earrings, to brown leather bracelets, to silver rings, Rustic Lane has got the woodsy, boots and plaid mountain-girl aesthetic down to a T.

Morgan’s jewelry is not only instagram worthy, but even moreso everyday life worthy.

Her pieces are special enough to share with your followers or just simply appreciate yourself. And one of the best parts is…the CHA-CHING noises are barely even present. 


The second thing and dare I say the most important thing I noticed about the Rustic Lane’s shop, was that Morgan’s faith shines through her work. 

Every piece is lovingly crafted, carefully assembled, and sweetly shipped to each person and it’s obvious that she strives to make her Maker known as she does her job to the best of her ability. 

Rustic Lane may be her profession, but Who Morgan professes resounds loud and clear above all else. 

Her mission is to love God and people, and her statement is seen and heard by all eyes and ears. 

And it’s wonderful


When I received my free product in the mail—a brown leather bracelet with green, marble-like jasper beads and a little silver leaf charm—the simple piece was tucked into a small, brown package. And in agreement with Julie Andrews' Maria Vontrapp, "brown paper packages tied up with string" should indeed be on everyone's list of Favorite Things.

When I opened the package, I was greeted with an adorable cactus card from Morgan, and my precious bracelet surrounded by white confetti and dark brown tissue paper (very well kept and protected, I’d say). 

Here are a few pictures of the bracelet!

The material is durable; the leather is soft and the beads are bright and cool at the touch. While typing this review, the little silver leaf dangles as I move my wrist. 

And so, if you’re a woman looking for jewelry that’s affordable while not surrendering to cheap quality, then Rustic Lane Jewelry is a shop for you to check out! (I’m about ready to jump at the chance to order a lava rock diffuser necklace…how about you?)

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