Following Your God-Given Dreams 

I am really excited about lesson #3! The topic of Following Your God-Given Dreams is something that's been burning on my heart for several months now! 

I highly recommend that you watch this lesson, even if you're not planning on doing the Creative Collab, or sticking around at Crown of B. I know that some of your schedules are crazy , but if you're thinking about dropping out of the training, watch this video before you leave. ;) 

It is my prayer, that this launches you into the things that God has created you to do, and lights a fresh fire in you! Crown of Beauty Magazine is my vision, to which I am inviting people along with me. But I know that you have a vision, and the Lord wants to see it come to pass in your life, even more than you do! I want to be your cheerleader, and encourage you along the path, as you pursue your God-given dreams. 

I believe you will be blessed by this message! 

Homework: Imagine Your Dream Life Ten Years From Now 

Create a list of all the things you'd like to see come to pass. Just how big is your vision? Share with us in the forum! And remember nothing is too crazy for this list! We really want to hear your wild and wonderful dreams! :D 

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Creative Colab': Read What Other Girls Are Saying!

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Finally got the chance to watch the lesson. A little late, but here it goes 
In ten years from now, my dream life will look like this for starters: - I will have multiple platinum albums - Touring ALL over the world - Have published …

Dreamer :) 
I love dreaming about my future! Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to have a 5 and 10 year for education and one for personal. This really …

God's Will Is My Dream. 
I first want to mention that I think Livy's dreams are AMAZING and her vision for the future of Crown of Beauty is spectacular. I'm so glad that God has …

I'm a Dreamer! :) 
Loved, loved, loved this lesson Livy! I have to completely agree that the church doesn't stress the importance of dreams and pursuing those dreams. …

My Dreams :) 
I didn't realize how big of a dreamer I am until now :P In ten years I want to have a biomedical engineering degree and a full time job in Oahu, Hawaii, …

HannahWilson {wilsonsisterto7} 
"I've got a dream, I've got a dream! I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!!" --Rapunzel Livy!! That was so amazing!! I abosolutely needed …

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