looking into heaven's mirror.

written by: an anonymous Crown of Beauty girl <3

I'm a vain person. When I look in the mirror I desire to enhance myself, to make me more desirable.

I want to have airbrushed skin and a slim body.

I don't want to have my three dimples (one on one cheek and two on the other) that when I smile makes me look like I have a double chin.

I want my curly hair to be controllable.

I want guys to look at me and think I'm beautiful.

I won't lie. When I look in the mirror I see a face that my hands itch to improve.

But then I look at myself through the eyes of God. He doesn't see me in my body version. He sees me as the broken Heaven version (I wonder if I can call 1-800-Heaven and request the Heaven version of myself). He sees a quirky soul who longs for love and peace, He sees a heart that wants to help, He sees the heart and soul of a (future) wife and (future) mother.

He sees me for my eternal self, and not for my earthly self. He doesn't care about my curly blonde hair (that I've been told guys will fall crazy in love with. Okay, boys, where you at?) or chocolate brown eyes (heard that those, too, are a bait, hook, and sinker for the guys).

He cares about the compassion for children in my heart, He cares about my love for teaching others, He cares about my passion and desire for writing. He cares about me and not about how I look. It's time I invest in a Jesus mirror. I don't want to see the broken earth version of myself.

I want to see the Heaven version.

But, as long as my soul is trapped within the solar system, the mirrors they sell here are earthly mirrors.

Vain mirrors.

But I know a secret underground store that sells Jesus mirrors. And it's called the Bible.

But, if people find out about this Jesus mirror, some of the earth aliens (humans) might be upset because they are vain. They might be upset because they WANT to be focused on themselves. Which is why some refuse to look into this Jesus mirror thing.

But let me tell you, it works. I don’t want to see the broken earthly version of myself anymore. I want to look at my Heavenly version. Because it’s proof that He takes a broken thing and makes it beautiful. I will be a broken being until that moment when I take my first breath of Heaven. When my eyes behold, for the first time of all of eternity, my Savior, my Lover, and my Best Friend. And until that moment, my Savior whispers through the Jesus mirror that

I am loved,

I am worthy,

and I am beautiful.

He tells me that I am a priceless piece in God’s puzzle. And nothing, not even a stupid earthly mirror, can take that joy away from me.

This is my heart, poured out on a page. This is my soul put into words. This is what I desire, to not see myself as I do in the glass mirrors of earth, but to see myself as my Savior sees me: a beautiful, lovely, worthy, priceless piece of art. Maybe I’ll never see that whole reflection on earth, but I know that for all of eternity and the rest of forever that my Heavenly self will be radiant! I will be glowing with the truth of how the Savior of the world takes broken things and makes them beautiful. 

we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. 
we are all unique. 
We are all loved. 
We are all beautiful. 

{Photo above, several members of Crown of Beauty writing team. And yes, we have Peter Pan on our team. Hehehe. Someone's gotta toss in the Pixie Dust!) 

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