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Friendship Advice:

Are you new in your neighborhood? Nobody likes being the new girl. If you're looking for a way to make some new friends, check out our friendship advice!

If you already have an abundance of amazing friends, check out our
50 Fun Conversation Starters to try at your next sleepover party or get-together! (Click on the link above and scroll down.)

Looking for a way to connect with old friends or great ways to kick off a friendship with someone new?

Check out Friendship ways to water, weed, and enjoy your budding friendships!

Be sure to check out this Friendship Killer and make sure you don't have it in any of your friendships!

Does your life ever feel like a Taylor Swift Song? Find out what to do when Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song!

Every girl could use some boy advice every now and then!

Take A Quiz! Are You A Safe Friend To Your Guy Friends?

For secrets on being someone that he can really trust,
check out
Boy Advice: Being A Safe Friend!

Girls have been known to change their minds. What are you thinking about? Did you know that your thoughts today will effect who you are in the future? Positive thinking will create a positive life!

Cinderella, it's time to stick your feet in the air!

Building self confidence and learning to be fearless is something that every girl should do! Why live your life small, afraid, and in a box?
Break out those butterfly wings girl!

Learn to be yourself in total self-confidence.  

I’ve always wanted a little sister. How cool would it be to have someone to watch movies with on cold snowy afternoons, braid each others hair, read a magazine for girls, drink hot chocolate together, and share a closet?

Okay, maybe not share a closet….

I don’t have a little sister, but if I did I would sit across from her on our mocha colored couch, touch her shoulder, and remind her that these crazy preteen and teenager years are not going to last forever.

I would tell her all about the first time I wrote a boy's name in the margin of my math notebook. The fight with my best friend I thought I was never going to survive. The birthday party disaster, girls gossiping behind my back, and the first time I frowned at the mirror and wished I could be someone….anyone…other than me.

If I had a little sister, this is the magazine for girls that I would create for her.

But since I don’t have a little sister….I made it for you! 

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