Having a vision for the month ahead is a healthy, wonderful practice that I have personally started to implement in my life.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the daily hustle and hurry and the long list of to-do’s.

By setting monthly intentions, I am able to step away from the “daily grind” and instead take a more purposeful approach to each month ahead.

Most importantly, though, I want to honor God with the time that He has given me and steward it well (Ephesians 5:16).

In order to set your own monthly intentions, I recommend that you choose four or so categories to focus on.

I chose my social life, my faith, my creative pursuits, and my health.

These categories can be adjusted to fit your own life/interests/goals.

In all four of these areas that I have chosen, I know that there is room for growth!

being intentional in my social life

In the SOCIAL category, I write down people who I want to intentionally reach out to in the month ahead.

Some examples may be sending a thank-you card to one of my teachers, getting lunch with an old friend, or calling my grandma on the phone to chat.

being intentional in my faith walk

In the FAITH category, I write down specific areas in my faith that I want to grow in, such as prayer and reading my Bible daily.

This category takes priority over all the others because I always want to seek Him above all else (Matthew 6:33)!

being intentinoal in my creativity

In the CREATIVE category, I write down goals that I have for my creative pursuits, which include my Instagram, my curated online shop, and my newsletter.

I value creativity and want to focus on producing meaningful content in the month ahead!

being intentional in my health

In the HEALTH category, I write down practical ways that I can foster holistic health throughout the month.

I do this by staying active, drinking lots of water, going out in the sunshine, and getting a restful night’s sleep.


Today, I encourage you to grab your notebook, agenda, bullet journal, or phone and take some time to write down your own monthly intentions.

Whenever you are feeling unmotivated or lacking direction, you can look back at what you have written down and be challenged to pursue a more intentional life!


Hello friends! My name is Addie, and I am 17 years old. During the day, you’ll most likely find me baking in the kitchen, working in the garden, writing on my laptop, or shooting lots of photos! I am passionate about sharing my faith and showing others the beauty of a simple, slow, intentional life. If you’d like to see more content from me, here’s where to find it...



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