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as a christian should I be listening to secular music or not?

We love getting emails from you girls. A few weeks ago, we received an email from someone asking if they should be listening to secular music or not. She said, “My favorite artist is Katy Perry. Is that okay? And if not, who should I be listening to instead? Any suggestions?”

Wow, those are good questions! Those are questions that every Christian girl has asked herself when she's considered loading new music onto her iPod, or before clicking on the latest viral YouTube pop video! Should I be listening to secular music, or not?

Everyone in their Christian walk has different opinions about what music you "should" or "shouldn't" listen to.

That is a personal decision, between you and the Lord (or if you're a teen living at home, between you, the Lord and your parents! If they have rules about what they allow and don't allow you to listen to, you have to respect, honor and obey them.)

Your goal is to honor God in every area of your life, so obviously you would want your media choices to be honoring to Him, as well as healthy and uplifting to you! It's so awesome that this young woman wrote in and asked this question, because that really shows where her heart is. She's willing to make some changes if the Lord wants her to. What about you? Are you willing to surrender every part of your life to Jesus, even if that means tossing out some of your toxic tunes?

I can share my opinion and view on the subject, just remember to pray about it and see what the Lord shows you personally. Here are some guidelines that I use for myself when I decide what to listen to, watch, and spend my time doing.

Philippians 4:8 says, "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

This Bible verse serves as the perfect check list when it comes to choosing your standards. When deciding what music to listen to, I ask myself, "Does this song promote truth and purity? Is it admirable and praiseworthy? Is it something that the Lord would be pleased with, and totally into, singing along with me in Heaven? Will it help build me up in my relationship with God? Will it strengthen and encourage me?"

When it comes to someone like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or any other popular artist, you can think about it on a song-by-song basis.
A song like "Firework" is encouraging, and inspirational. But other songs on an album like Teenage Dream are not so pure. (First of all, having a topless album cover is already hinting at things that the Lord wants us to stay far away from!) If an artist is already stripping down in photo-shoots, for album covers, and dancing around in a sultry way that is not honoring to the Lord...that's when some red flags should go up.

When she's singing about hardcore partying and what's happening in the bedroom, that's really not God honoring at all. The tunes might seem fun and catchy, and we're sometimes tempted to think that those lyrics are harmless.

But whatever music you listen to POWERFULLY influences the person you become. Music plants strong seeds in our thoughts and minds.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, trying to focus on your math homework, when you realize that there's a super catchy song bouncing through your head? Music stays with us, and continues speaking to us all day long, even when we're not listening to it.

So if you're not planning on living a life full of rebellion, partying, toxic relationships, and all sorts of worldly junk, then why let those thoughts enter your mind in the first place? That kind of music can stir up unwelcome desires inside for those things which are evil, whether you realize it or not. When catchy lyrics and head-bopping beats are meshed together, a powerful force of energy is released.
Try and think about the person who recorded the song you're listening to. Is that someone you would hang out with, be friends with, and have them speaking into your life? Or are they living an impure, messed up, toxic life?

Music with twisted morals and 
deceptive messages can influence us in negative ways. But on the can also influence in blissfully positive ways as well!

I've put together a massive list of all my favorite artists and bands, which you can find below. Maybe there will be someone new on the list that you've never heard of before, and you'll find some fresh, new positive, perky and upbeat music to beautify your life!

As you explore the list, you may think, “Waaiitt a minute, this is a mix of Christian and secular artists.Why do you still listen to love songs, or songs about first crushes, if we're supposed to keep our minds pure?"

Personally, I believe there's a huge difference between music that expresses your adoration for someone you love vs music that talks about party-hardy-ing with that person all night long! I listen to a variety of music which includes worship songs, contemporary Christian artists, as well as a fun, clean pop song here and there! I love dancing around my room like a goofball, as much as the next girl does. The only difference is that I choose to listen to music with lyrics that I am comfortable singing to Jesus! He is with me 24/7, and when I'm listening to music and singing along, I want Him to enjoy it!

God isn't a visitor that pops in and out of my bedroom whenever I pray. He is always dwelling inside of me, and I want to abide in His love. I want to listen to music that He likes, and when I have a dance party in my bedroom, I want Him to be dancing right along with me!

So whether I'm singing worship songs, or if I'm belting out goofy High School Musical songs, I am going to do it unto the Lord, and choose to honor Him in the midst of my girly-ness!

I am the temple of God. Jesus lives in my heart, therefore I want the soundtrack of my life to be honoring to Him.

If we are listening to and singing songs about sleeping around, partying with strangers, and doing all sorts of things that the Bible says not would that possibly be pleasant to the Lord's ears? 

The bottom line is, “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Choose to honor Him with your music and media choices, as well as ever other area of your life! 


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