My Top 12 Favorite
Modest Fashion Boutiques

Hi everyone! My name is Remadi (pronounced remedy), and I’m a modest fashion influencer on Instagram, @modesty_rules (Check out my account and come say hi! :)

I started my modest fashion account because I not only love fashion and wanted to share my own unique style, I also wanted to inspire others to know that you can look cute WITHOUT compromising your beliefs!

I love how Instagram gives me a platform to share my opinions and to inspire others. While exploring life in the modest fashion world, I have found so many amazing modest fashion and skin/hair care boutiques, that I'd love to share with you! 

I compiled a list of all my favorites! I hope you'll find something you adore from each of these shops! 

Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite! Or, do you have a favorite place to shop for modest fashion that I didn't list? Let me know below! I'd love to hear from you ladies! 

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1. the essential homemaker

 I absolutely love all of the natural skin care and hair care products from this shop! They are all affordable, smell great, and actually work. If you follow Andrea on Instagram, she also shares some really amazing hair care tips on her stories.

2. jamie and rose co

 I recently discovered this company and absolutely LOVE it! It has so many gorgeous and affordable pieces of clothing.It has a very cutesy style,and is filled with so many great closet staples.

3. pkc collection

 If you’re looking for adorable and unique pieces of clothing, this is the shop you should check out! They always have so many new arrivals, and they have everything from denim skirts to amazing dresses for every occasion. They have something for everyone!

4. protea and co

If you’re into the scrunchie trend (like I am), I highly recommend checking out Protea and Co! I absolutely love how scrunchies can add a little extra to your outfit or hairstyle, and this company has SO many scrunchies! I love all the different patterns and textures incorporated into the scrunchies.

5. the apostolic beauty

 I just recently discovered this company, and am already in love with their pieces. There are so many classic and stylish pieces of clothing, so if you’re looking for that perfect closet staple, you should definitely check this company out.

6. ada faye fashions

This company has some very cute classic pieces, but the one thing I really love about this company is their classy style! They have so many dreamy dresses, perfect for any occasion.

7. true 2You boutique

This is a new company, and has so many amazing closet staples. I love the versatility of all of their pieces… they can all be dressed up or down, and it’s so easy to style all of their pieces, no matter how uncomfortable with fashion you are! They have amazing pieces, and the color palette seems to be inspired by the desert: a lot of beautiful neutrals.

8. starner styles

This is another business I just recently discovered, and it has so many unique and cute pieces I haven’t seen elsewhere. I love the boho vibe of their shop: they have so many flowy and beautiful pieces.

9. skirted fancy

This amazing boutique can be a little on the pricier side compared to the other ones I’ve mentioned, but they have some of the most unique and amazing skirts I’ve seen. Their denim skirts are very modern and stunning; perfect for teenagers who love to look trendy while staying modest!

10. my slip's showing

A list of modest clothing companies wouldn’t be complete without telling you about some companies that can make your clothing more modest! My Slip's Showing and Peekaboochic both sell amazing slips that can either take your already modest clothing to the next level, or give you the extra length you need.

11. peekaboochic

12. half tee

 This is a great layering company! If you have something that is too low or sleeveless, a halftee will give you that extra coverage you need, without the bulk of a tank top or undershirt.

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