My Secret Superpower

Meet Erica Armstrong. 

She has a superpower. 

As a business woman, she knows she needs a competitive edge in her market. Today, she'll be sharing her secret superpower with us. Erica has learned how to unleash the power of Pinterest! 

more than just a happy place...

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My digital Pin boards are filled with images of puppy dogs, magical European adventures, and photos of my dream wardrobe. 

But Pinterest is more than just a happy place to swoon over all of our favorite things. 

Pinterest can be a a powerhouse marketing assistant! 

Whether you're hoping to draw more readers to your blog, give away more copies of your digital e-book, or sell more books, Pinterest can be a wonderful tool if we learn how to leverage it properly!  

So, for this topic, I thought it would be wise to bring in the experts! Let's hear what Erica has to say about how we can use Pinterest to grow our following, market our products, and more! 

hook, line, and sinker

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Livy: Erica, welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today! What could be more fun than talking about one of my favorite social media platforms? :) I still remember the day I fell into that wonderful, terrible, beautiful black hole of pins! Haha! It was back in the day when you had to be invited via email, so I had been on the waiting list for a long time and was SO thrilled when they finally let me in! What about you? Do you remember the day you first joined Pinterest? What was it that drew you to this platform?

Erica: I first joined Pinterest to look for recipes. I thought Pinterest was mainly crotchet patterns and recipes. Imagine my surprise that Pinterest was not just for crafters! I really liked that I could see a picture of what I was looking for instead of clicking on the link to see the picture. 

Livy: Pinterest is unique in the fact that it varies from all other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. and it can be used as a really valuable business tool! How did you first discover that Pinterest could be used for your business, and what was it about that reality that excited you? 

Erica: When I opened my Etsy shop, I was researching the best ways to market it. Pinterest was one of the only platforms that I was not using. I then started researching the best strategies for using Pinterest for my business. It worked! Pinterest quickly became my main source of traffic.

Pinterest strategy 

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Livy: You run a program which teaches Entrepreneur's, Authors, Bloggers, and women from all ages and stages of life, how to use their Pinterest for success. I'm sure there's SO much you could teach us about this, but what's one of the biggest tips you can share? 

Erica: Pinterest just implemented some changes to their algorithm. They now favor new content over repining the same pins over and over to different boards. My biggest tip would be to pin more fresh content consistently.

Livy: Have you used Tailwind Tribes? And if so, have you found that to be helpful? Why or why not? 

Erica: I do use Tailwind Tribes!! Some tribes have a massive amount of pinners in them and are very active. I find they are helpful to gain more visibility within your niche.

Livy: Tell us more about your Pinterest strategy program! Do you have any testimonies or examples of how it's helped someone take their Pinterest (and their business) to the next level?   

Erica: I offer a Pinterest strategy package where I audit a Pinterest account and offer recommendations to make the account better suited for the algorithm. I record this walk though of the account using Loom and email the video to the client for them to review and make any recommended changes. I also offer monthly management packages where I handle all aspects of the clients Pinterest account.

Livy: Wow, everything you're offering sounds like that could be incredibly helpful! I might even have to look into that for Crown of Beauty! :) 

Erica, thank you again so much for your time and for chatting with us. Before we wrap this interview up, I have one more fun, random question! :D 

If you could choose just ONE of your boards to bring real life (all you have to do is press a magic button and POOF, your whole board just manifested in reality!), which one would you choose, and why?

Erica: Most of my boards are jewelry related but I would really like to say POOF and have all the bracelets that are in my Gemstone Bracelet Board.

Livy: Lastly, just out of curiosity, do you think Pinterest will still be around five years from now? Or do you think it's a passing trend that we need to use to our advantage right now, before the next new thing comes out? 

Erica: I do think that Pinterest will be around in 5 years. I think now is a great time to use Pinterest while you can gain a wide reach without paying for ads.

let's get pinning!

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p.s. want another helpful pinterest tip?

Use the "Pinterest" preset size template on Canva to create images for your blog or website! 

As you can see, a longer image like the example below, fits better on Pinterest than the "Instagram sized" image we have up at the top. 

I've seen MUCH better performance from Pins this size, than any other!

Also, many group boards on Tailwind Tribes require you to have your images a certain size and length, such as what you see below, so it's just a good habit to get into with your blog and website images! :) 

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