no frogs allowed.
[This is a no frog zone!]

Are you kissing frogs? Been there, done that.  Unfortunately, I wasn't raised in a devout Christian home. I knew a tad about Jesus, but I didn't know Him intimately. So I was boy crazy. Really boy crazy. In fifth grade alone I had sixteen boyfriends (yes, I used to keep count.). I always wanted to find my prince, and I started my hunt for him as early as Kindergarten. And guess what I discovered? They were all frogs. Not one of them was a true prince. A hero. Someone I could trust my heart with, who would protect it and care tenderly for it. I couldn't understand why none of these boys could love me the way I believed I loved them. (Looking back, I realize what I felt for my fifty-three exes was not true love. It was actually worldly infatuation, based only on physical attraction...aka lust. It was emotional satisfaction because I liked the attention I was receiving).

It wasn't until I had my third heartbreak in a row from the same guy that Jesus' voice became loud and clear. You see, God was always there, trying to get my attention, even when I wasn't listening for His voice. But, there were certainly times when He did get my attention.  

 For example, once I was crying hysterically in my room and asked Jesus to please hold me, and immediately, my sobbing calmed and my crying stopped, and I was literally smiling and filled with peace. 

Then there was another time when I was eighteen, and I really wanted to see one of my exes (a guy who had a pattern of always leading me on and then ditching me for another girl). So I prayed, and begged God, to let me run into him. I couldn't see him very often because he lived somewhat far from me. So when I was on my way to a Christmas party and debating if I should buy a pie since I was very low on funds, it seemed as though an angel jerked my steering wheel into a parking lot so I could make a u-turn. As I was just about to exit the lot, guess who I saw, standing outside of his car, kissing another girl?
Yup, my ex.
I believe God was trying to tell me to let this frog go. 

There were many times and situations like these when God answered my prayers and showed me He was there for me, but I still didn't get the message.
It wasn't until February 22nd, 2009 that I finally gave Jesus the attention He deserves. He wanted the attention I'd been wasting on all of my exes. I decided, "Enough with frogs. I'm going to give my whole broken heart to Jesus and pursue Him as passionately as I once pursued other boys."

And wouldn't you know, a miracle happened. In six days my broken heart was mended. I was filled with such joy and hope (my mom had thought I was crazy!), and yet, I was single and happier than I'd ever been. I was more than content just reading my Bible, praying, and experiencing Jesus answer me in awesome ways. The true Prince, the Prince of Peace, healed me with His love! I didn't need attention from guys anymore. I had the loving attention of the most Perfect Man in existence.

It's funny how those things happen. When I was finally content in Christ alone, that's when He saw fit to send me a real prince, one of His sons.
I wish I hadn't wasted my time kissing all those frogs, but God redeemed my messy past, and on September 10th, 2010, I married the prince of my dreams. 
It's now been over four wonderful years sharing my lips only with a true prince. 

Looking back, it would have been so great to have a big sister in Christ encourage me to guard my heart, keep it hidden like the treasure it is, and only let a prince who is worthy dig it up. I would have been spared from so much heartache and despair. So that's why I warn you precious princess,
Don't kiss a frog, hoping that someday he'll become a prince. Give your whole heart to the Perfect Prince, the One who deserves it and will take care of it.
Trust that in His perfect timing, He will send you one of His princes. When you love Jesus and let Him pour out His love on you, you'll come to a place of constant joy and no one will be able to take that away from you. I promise.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 
-Romans 15:13 

With love, 

about the author:

Natasha Sapienza is a daughter of the King, a wife, and soon to be mother. She has written two e-books and is currently writing a YA fantasy trilogy.  To learn more about waiting for your prince and being content in your relationship with Jesus, visit her blog:

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