OBB Interview:
Waiting For Their Cinderella's

By Natalee Jensen (Teen representative for Crown of Beauty Mag)

I am not sure who out there knows of the band OBB, so I am going to fill you in a little bit on who they are and what they do. OBB stands for Oswald Brothers Band. These brothers have always loved music, so one day they started their own band. Some of you may have seen them on the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, where they completely rocked the house in 2013!
They are the creators of the EP – OBB which features many good songs (check it out!).

As I was interviewing the boys, the topic of one of their new songs always seemed to pop up in the conversation. So, I thought it would only be appropriate to write this article about their new song.

Us girls are always concerning ourselves with our Prince Charming. In some ways we could care less about opening our eyes to seek God and ask Him to guide us, and to guide that knight in shining armor to us; we are just too consumed in the little details, that we miss the big picture. 

Sometimes we even forget about the boys, we forget that they are waiting too.
Girls wait for their Prince Charming's to finally arrive on the scene and guys wait for their Cinderella's to make themselves known. This is no easy battle to conquer. To have guys wait for their princess it takes strength, courage, bravery, and lots of patience.
This is not a job for some dude who goes from girl to girl every other week. This is a feat that will take someone with strength and dignity,

“A young man that respects women and chases after God for his fulfillment and not after women is a real Prince Charming.”

Whether it be Ariel or Rapunzel, a princess is a princess. It doesn’t matter how you look, you could have blonde hair or red hair. You can be tall or you can be short. You can have green eyes or you could have blue eyes. The outside appearance isn’t what matters. It is what is in your heart that truly matters. 

“We have a song called, ‘Wishing for a Girl’ and the song is all about what we are looking for in a girl. Not the physical appearance, but their inner appearance. We want girls who love God more than they love us. We want girls who will chase after God and find their fulfillment in Him and not in us. We want girls who are pure and who are waiting for their Knights in Shining Armor. We want a girl who is selfless, who is patient, who is has unconditional love, one who is after God’s own heart.”

Finding true love is a very hard task, what does true love look like? Is it skinny, is it short? Is true love blonde or is true love red? Is true love a sweatpants type of person or is true love a fancy person? Is true love selfish? Is true love hateful? Is true love accusing? Does true love have anger issues?

“Love is patient, love is unconditional, love is forgiving, love is unconditional (they thought that unconditional was very important and we had to add that in there twice).”

We are humans, there is no possible way that we can be patient, kind, unconditional, forgiving, selfless, loving, joyful, the list goes on and on. We all make mistakes, so there is no way that we can be all these things.

So, if we can’t act as OBB described love, then why answer it like that?

“God is love. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your past. God is forgiving, if you accept Jesus, believe in Him, and confess your sins, He will forgive you. God is patient, sometimes it may take a long time for you to finally give in and surrender yourself to Jesus, He will wait for you, He is patient. God is unconditional, through raging storms and shaking earthquakes, God will always be there, through fights and times of struggle, God will always be there. God is unconditional. God is selfless, He is loving, He is joyful, He is forgiving. God is love.”

As you wait for Prince Charming to rush to your tower and sweep you off your feet, remember that God is love. Even though Prince Charming might not realize that you are his Cinderella at this moment, you can always turn to Jesus. He has the most powerful love on this universe. He is true love, and He always will be.

Stay strong and love Jesus more than you love your Prince Charming.

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