Rachel Chan Interview
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What is it like to record your own album, star on a T.V. show (iShine), spend a few months touring with your best friends, then relocate to Nashville, Tennessee?  

Rachel Chan knows what it's all about to have God fulfill some of her craziest dreams. Yet, in the midst of all this, she still doesn't feel like she has accomplished her greatest life goals.

Her vision stretches much further than the stage or the T.V. screen. She wants all girls to be reminded of our one true, corporate purpose...to go and make disciples!

In this interview, Rachel shares a little bit of her story with us, and talks about her passion for making disciples. She also reminds us about the high level of influence that each of us have on those around us. She opens up about how God speaks to her when she works with inner city ministry, and how when you're placed in unknown situations and have to rely on the Holy Spirit- not on your own wisdom- that's when we can experience fullness of life!  

"Making disciples is so important. I think what God has been teaching me every day for the past year or two years maybe, is the emphasis on making disciples...when you go and make disciples He is with you. He will move in new and fresh ways every day!"

Enjoy watching our Skype interview, and be encouraged by what Rachel has to say to us girls!

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