Real Beauty 

Who defines what a girl should look like? Who decides what beautiful means? Is it the media, our friends, or ourselves? Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and quietly created a list of everything that’s wrong with you? Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like a big fat mistake. Like you should have been something different. That God got your hair color and your skin tone wrong. We forget how much time and energy He spent designing each of us just the way He desired. He didn’t mess up.

Reminding girls that we are stunning and lovely just the way we are, is what Crown of Beauty Magazine is all about!

We hope you'll hangout for awhile and be encouraged as you check out articles, ideas, and interviews with some of your favorite stars that talk about true beauty!

You’re a teen superstar who’s prepping for her next photo shoot.

The whole team is getting you gussied up... (Read More)

Take the "I Am Beautiful" challenge!

This 30 day event reminds you with small daily tasks and projects to embrace and celebrate your unique individuality and unfading inner beauty! 

I wonder if I can call 1-800-Heaven and request to see the Heavenly version of myself? I want to look through Heaven's mirror. Not mine...{Read More}

Finding True Worth
"I stared at the scale and shuddered. Half of me wanted - a desperate, clutching want - to step on and see what it had to say. Half of me didn’t want to see it..." (Read More)

Meet Holly Starr! This lovely Christian recording artist took time to sit down and chat with Crown of Beauty Mag! 

Read her thoughts on true beauty, boys, and be sure to listen to her new radio single, Through My Father's Eyes.

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Get Inspired

Check out our interview with the creator and inspiration behind the popular Christian girl's website, Project Inspired!

Read her thoughts on true beauty!

Love Pinetrest? So do we! Have fun encouraging your sisters in Christ, as you Pin along with us for the
21 Day "You Are Beautiful" Challenge!

"I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home with two amazing parents that loved me immensely and always told me that God loved me even more than they did. I went to a private Christian school and of course went to church every Sunday & Wednesday..." (Read More.)

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