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If you missed our last post all about the Secret Superpower of Pinterest, make sure you check that out!

Today's post is Part 2 in our series, as we introduce you to another superhero of sorts, Jenna Christy! 
Jenna also has hidden secret weapon to share: the power of Instagram! 

our interview with Jenna

Livy: Instagram has been a HUGE game changer for authors, bloggers, business-women, and social influencers of all kinds! You're a Brand Design and Social Media Strategist, so we are SUPER excited to pick your brain on some of these topics! Before we dive in, let's rewind a little and start at the beginning. How did you first become interested in these areas? What's your "origin story," so to speak, of how you got your toes wet, initially? 

Jenna: It all started when I was building my online ministry (@jennachristy) through Instagram. My passion was to help equip and empower women in their daily life. I didn’t know what I was doing on IG (what’s new, hey? Haha!) so I delved deep and studied many courses, watched so many webinars and trainings (mostly paid ones because the free ones don’t really give you anything). I realized I quite liked digital marketing. I found that it was easy for me to understand, and I never thought I’d love studying about business or let alone marketing! People started seeing the growth and changes with my Instagram, and started asking me to help me grow their IG’s as well. I also started my own Plantbased coaching business last year too, so it all just grew from there.

Livy: Wow, that's awesome! So, you work with a variety of clients with different needs, backgrounds, and goals. Do you have a "go to" Instagram tip, or secret that you can share with us?

Jenna: I have such a pastoral heart that I always go to the right mindset first before everything else. Success will come with consistency, faith, and all the right strategies applied, those things are really secondary. But having a good foundation is super important in the beginning. Never keep going if you think a lot of followers will be your success. There’s been so many who come to me and say “you have so many followers, so successful,” but honestly, that’s just one factor. Many people can’t handle fame because fame won’t make you happy. It just makes you super busy and lonely. So get your mindset right now, so when you get to your IG success, you will know how to handle it. (Mindset is so much more than just the “success” topic, btw.)

I also want to add - be authentic. Be you! There’s no one else on the earth like you. Stop copying what others are doing. Be inspired by what they do, but don’t copy!

Livy: Yes, so good! Tell us more about how you started your business, "She Strategy Co." What inspired you to start it, and how did you get it off the ground, running?

Jenna: She Strategy Co. is super God-inspired.
I shared earlier that I started growing my own brand through my online ministry, and that’s how I really fell in love with digital marketing. It’s always been a freelancing business that provided me my main source of income.
However, around July this year, I made the decision to focus on the business, as it was ministry as well. I went to register it as company, and now we are offering not just Instagram brand coaching, but logo and website designs, too. You really never know where God will take you. I was just a Theology student last year, and now I have a social media agency! Haha!

Livy: What's your number one Instagram No-No?

Jenna: It doesn’t matter if your IG feed is all-over-the-place with how it looks, but my number IG No-No is “random” all-over-the-place content. Be consistent with your branding.

Livy: Piggybacking off of that Q, what’s your number one Branding No-No?

Jenna: No-No to not having any purpose and serving your audience. It’s such a big part of branding to have your why. 

If you mean branding design though, I simply can’t stand crowded texts. I have made messy graphics before (lol!) and when I look back and see them, I cringe!

Livy: As entrepreneurs, it's so important to invest in ourselves! What are some ways that you've invested in yourself and building your business?

Jenna: Oh man! I’ve invested in so many online courses and coaches. It’s the age of online courses + coaches, y’all. If you want to get into this business, you have to be willing to learn and do what works. Free stuff can only get you so far. It’s about finding the right coach, as well. I’m so blessed (and I really was very prayerful and patient) to have worked with amazing coaches!

Livy: That's great! So what can someone such as myself expect if they come to you for Branding and Instagram help? Are there any unique perks to working with you?

Jenna: Expect to be taken cared of! Not just saying that, but I genuinely care for my clients even after working with me. I care not only about your business success, but most importantly, your soul and spirit! We pray and plan together. 

While I have found Christian life & business coaches, but I haven’t found any Instagram branding coach who only work with fellow Christian women, and that’s what makes me unique! (I do pray more of us boldly step out in faith, we need more of us out there!)

Livy: What kind of goals have you set for yourself and your business for 2021?

Jenna: The only goals God has set for me, that’s for sure! I’ve already sat down with God back in August and started envisioning what 2021 will look like for She Strategy Co. More online trainings and courses, not just about Instagram, but branding + design, as well! 

Livy: Any advice for our girls out there who are making big plans for the New Year?

Jenna: Carve out a time to spend time with Jesus, y’all! Gotta put the Lord first, and expect to see miracles and wonders that He will do through you and in your life. Cast visions out and write down those goals. God can do so much in a year! Woohoo!

Livy: Amen! Lastly, what's your favorite way to spend your down-time, when you're not working on crushing your goals?

Jenna: When I still have energy left, it’s cooking and eating and watching movies/tv series. 

But after a long day of work, sometimes the only thing my brain needs is to get ready for bed and listen to some worship songs.


about the girl boss

Jenna Christy is a faith blogger turned Instagram biz guru. She is passionate about her love for Jesus, empowering women and ethical sustainability. Her business She Strategy Co. is an Instagram branding agency helping Christian millennial women build and monetize their online biz through Instagram. She has worked with Christian influencers, Fashion brands, Music producers, Graphic artists, Coaches, Mom bloggers, and many more. 

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