secrets of royalty 

"Powerful, articulate, and captivating! Secrets of Royalty is a must read for every young woman who has ever felt as though she is worthless, unloved, hopeless, and less than."
-Kim, North Carolina 

"Livy does a phenomenal job of setting the scene and creating a picture, and then applying truths from the story to a girls everyday life. Secrets of Royalty is a compelling must-read for any girl needing a reminder of her worth, beauty, and royalty, as the daughter of the King of Kings." 
-Marjorie Jackson, author of The Greatest Book You've Never Read and Devoted: A Girl's 31 Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God

"This book is for the princess in you - the one who once dreamed of being rescued and loved. It's the grandest fairy tale of them all. A love story for the ages. And the best part is that you are invited to play the starring role." 
~Yelena, founder and EIC of Tirzah Magazine 

What an amazing story that lets us understand we are royalty in the eyes of our King!"

-Karen Shea, Christian Recording Artist

"When you read this book, have your box of tissues ready; the truths that are thick throughout these pages will bring to you tears as you read of the unending devotion of Jesus."
-Zoe, an excited reader

"I was drawn into this book from the very first page. I couldn't stop reading it. I was enthralled by its creativity and the use of speech! It is a marvelous jewel in the world of Christian writing." 
-Kiki, age 14, Florida

"Secrets of Royalty is a book that I think every Christian girl should read. It is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and refreshing read. It gets back to the base of Christianity, and the incredible love and mercy that Jesus, our prince, has shown to us."
-Autumn, a bookworm

"This book is definitely God lead and inspired, and I truly believe it will awaken girls to see their identity in Christ in a new light and live a much bolder life as a daughter of the King. I want every girl I know to get this book!"
-Dechari Cole, founder of Girls Living for God 

 The story renewed my understanding of God's love for me in a way I thought nothing could!" 

-Faith, age 13, Pennsylvania

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Once Upon a Time...there was a dirty little camp, fringing on the outskirts of a dusty town. Muddy tent flaps waved in the stale wind. An intoxicating, damp and musty smell spread through...
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Print: Black and white 
Pages: 354

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Welcome to the Worthlessness Camp. A nightmarish place where helpless captives are held by chains. Here, an orphaned girl grows tired of her tears and desires to escape from the place of her fears. But the powers of darkness are far too strong for her. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope is seen on the horizon. Who is this Prince on a white horse, galloping in to save the day?

As you dive into this allegorical fairy-tale, experience the relentless love of a passionate Prince, who rescues this helpless captive and sweeps her into the royal courts of His Kingdom. But happily ever after has not yet arrived, and this grand rescue is only the beginning. Does this orphan have the makings of a Princess inside of her? Will she become everything the Prince says she can be, and rule by His side? Or will the wicked villain continue to control her mind, her heart, and destroy her destiny?

As you travel throughout this story, you'll uncover the hidden Secrets of Royalty and rediscover what it truly means for you to be a Chosen Daughter of the Most High King!

Following this epic tale is a 31 Day Devotional that will powerfully transform the way that you think about yourself, your relationship with God, and the world around you!

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