you might be single & homeschooled if...

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This one's for the homeschooled girls. The one's who keep their school days short, their best friends close, their sweaters cozy, their novels thick, their daydreams vivid, and their standards high.

The ones who endure the eye-rolls of well meaning family members at the Thanksgiving table, who don't understand the deep purpose in your singleness.

For the ones who don't keep up with pop-culture because you'd rather watch Love Comes Softly or Pride and Prejudice, than whatever new flick Hollywood is cracking out.

You're the girls who adore literature, have a slight obsession with the Duggar family, actually get along with your siblings (gasp!) and have an instant heart connection with anyone who loves Blimey Cow.

You're the girls who are guilty of thinking you're going to find your future husband at every Christian musical festival or concert you attend (hehehe), are amazingly skilled at Disney karaoke, and can quote way too many lines from Dr Who.

The girls who've experienced the loneliness of spending Friday nights at home in your room, and have gotten WAY too attached to fictional characters.

This one's for the girls who believe that God is preparing their future husband, but sometimes you struggle with the wait.

This is for the girls who know they are destined to change the world, but don't have a clue how. Girls, you're are not alone. God is raising up a remnant of chosen, set apart, radically different young women, just like you!

You, my dear, are like a secret weapon in God's army. Don't allow your heart to be discouraged. Embrace your unique lot in life. God has a grand propose in all of it!

If you're willing and surrendered, He WILL use you to establish His Kingdom and change the world. <3 

you might be single and homeschooled if...

-“Date Nights” at your house mean spending one on one time with Mom and Dad. 

- You've experienced the true struggle of putting an adorable outfit back on the rack at your favorite store because it doesn't meet your modesty standards and might tempt a brother in Christ.

-Your idea of the perfect relationship is Missy and Willie from the Love Comes Softly series. 

-Barlow Girl inspired you to get a purity ring and made waiting “cool”. 

-Your Dad always says jokingly (with undertones of seriousness), “You're not allowed to date until you're married!”

-You already write love letters to your future husband.

-The boys of One Direction are the only males in your life that have ever told you, “You're beautiful!” [Besides your Dad, of course.]

-Your first kiss won't happen until your wedding day.

-You daydream about marrying a Duggar boy.

-Your first crush was Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie.

- Your idea of a dream proposal is one at Disney World.

-If someone asks you what the definition of true love is, you reply; “Cory and Topenga.”

-You can't wait to be a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding. 

-Sometimes you wonder if there's something wrong with you because nobody has ever asked you out!

-Old school Taylor Swift music describes your perfect (or lack thereof) love life.

-You secretly hope that you will marry someone who loves classic musicals and Disney movies as much as you do.

-You kinda want to marry a guy like Flynn Rider. (Yes, you're in love with a cartoon character.)

-You pray for your future husband all the time. 

-You refer to your future man as “Boaz”. 

-You know you're not going to have a small wedding because your family is so big!

-Whenever you go to Winter Jam, you secretly keep your eyes peeled for “the one”!

-You want to marry Josh Hutcherson but know the chances of that happening are next to impossible. 

-The day Jill Duggar got married became a national holiday at your house! 

-There's nothing more attractive about a guy than watching him passionately worship the Lord. 

-Or when a guy runs around playing with little kids.

-”And We Haven't Even Kissed” by Moriah Peters is your love story anthem. 

-You refer to immature guys as “frogs” thanks to Superchick. 

-Every Thanksgiving your extended family makes jokes about your wedding day, seriously doubting that will ever happen, and asking about your non-existent boyfriend. 

-All of your friends’ moms, sweet old ladies at the grocery store, and even your pastor’s wife tell you how beautiful you are...but sometimes you doubt their words, because no guy has ever expressed much interest in you. 

-You think the Lord told you that you might be the next Mrs. Tim Tebow. 

-You and all your friends have nicknames for your non-existent boyfriends.

-While the world is out dating and partying it up, Friday nights are usually spent with your favorite book. 

-You already have your whole wedding planned out on Pinterest. (Don't lie.)

-Your parents always joke about finding you a husband at the next big homeschool convention. 

-You daydream about going on a mission trip and meeting the love of your life. 

-There's so much relationship drama that happens at your youth group, it's hard to keep up.

-On Valentine's Day, you wish everyone, “Happy Singles Awareness Day!” 

-Every Blimey Cow video about relationships pretty much describes your life. 

-You use funny phrases that the world might not understand like “Kingdom joining”, “courtship”, “ and, “purity.” 

-You love the idea of marrying a youth pastor. 

-The majority of your crushes are fictional characters in books, and you find them to be much more amazing than the guys you know in real life. 

-You just read through this list and thought “That is so me!” 

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