By: Nellie Ponce

Did you know the Bible is full of not just spiritual wisdom, but natural wisdom as well?

God has answers for every area of our lives, including skin and hair!

Today, I want to share a beauty secret from the Bible God gave me. You probably already have it in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet! For generations, women have been using it in their beauty regimen to make their skin glow. Having healthy skin is important to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be harmful, toxic, or difficult! 

Keep reading to explore what God has provided for our skincare needs.


Back in April, I woke up and began my skincare routine as usual.


My skin was dry, red, and blotchy.

Every time I applied my face wash and moisturizer, my skin was freaking out! I decided to apply my full-coverage pharmacy foundation to conceal all those red bumps. My breakouts worsened.

After years of struggling to find the right products for my sensitive skin, I finally asked God to direct me to the products I needed. Of course, He came through! He spoke through His Word.


I kept hearing in my spirit over and over what I knew to be a scripture, “..oil to make his face to shine...oil to make his face to shine.”

At that moment I knew the answer: Oils!

People have been using oils since Bible times for everything, including their skin and hair! I always strayed away from using oils. Somewhere along the way I came to believe they were bad for my skin. Coconut oil made me breakout and I was uneasy about using any other oils on my face.

After looking up this scripture (Psalm 104:15) and reading other passages about women in the Bible, like queen Esther, using oils in their beauty regimen, I google searched, “best oils for sensitive skin.” I was floored by how many dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend oils for their clients! Oils like:

●  Jojoba oil

●  Olive oil

●  Moringa oil

●  Frankincense

●  Myrrh

●  Almond oil

●  Sunflower Seed oil

●  And more!

Of all the oils, jojoba oil stood out to me. It has been proven to help with rosacea, redness and bumps on the cheeks, which I had, as well as improve the skin's overall appearance.


During this time I was also searching for a healthy foundation! I wanted one without coconut oil because most natural foundations use it as a base. That’s when I found 14e Cosmetics! Emma Fortini, an LA based MUA, created this lovely foundation using aloe Vera, essential oils and my favorite - jojoba oil! I saw that and I was sold. Keep in mind, I was still praying to find the right oil/face wash to use in my skincare routine. I ordered the 14e foundation from Safe and Chic and guess what came in the mail with my new foundation? A sample of facial oil and natural face wash, with the main oil being JOJOBA OIL.

Again, I was floored by how much God was invested in my skincare. I used every last ounce of that sample up. My skin loved it! My skin was happy and healing. Oils and plants like aloe vera are amazing, y’all! Everytime I washed my face and moisturized I felt the kindness of God. He has provided for us in many practical ways through nature. When God led me to using oils, I did not know the science. I didn’t know the benefits of certain oils, but now I do and want to share them with you. Here are a few all-star oils and plants you should know about:

Aloe Vera-

●  Soothes sunburns

●  Heals small wounds/cuts

●  Moisturizes dry skin

●  Can help with eczema

Jojoba oil -

●  Imitates the natural oils in your skin

●  Helps with rosacea

●  Dry skin’s best friend (great face moisturizer)

●  Anti-inflammatory

●  Hypoallergenic

●  Won’t clog pores if used correctly

Moringa Oil -

●  Antioxidant properties

●  Helps with acne

●  Anti-aging

●  Hydrating

●  Plumps lips (use as a lip oil)

Oil of Myrrh -

●  Used by Queen Esther herself

●  Healing properties

●  Smells amazing

● Great for aging skin

● Anti-bacterial


Those are just a few of the many amazing oils and plants you could use on your skin.

When exploring all these exciting options, remember that everyone is different! Finding the right oil or product will depend on your skin type! Do not be afraid to invite the Holy Spirit in on your skin care journey to discover the oil or product that fits you.

Also, the quality of your skin depends on many factors, such as diet and stress, not just what you apply. I still have bad days where my skin breaks out, but overall I have seen an amazing improvement thanks to God’s leadership.

Don’t forget to have fun, do your research, and most of all, know that you are beautiful simply because you are God’s daughter.

My name is Nellie Ponce and I am a freelance writer, blogger, wife and most of all lover of Jesus Christ! I live in California with my sweet husband Joshua!

You can learn more of my journey health and wholeness journey at @hisladynell and

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